Fuzzy baby of mine.

My Son only eats certain foods, he don't like sticky like con gee (porridge) He don't like mashed potato, sweet potato carrots and etc. all he wants is rice the normal rice that...

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just wondering

i am 41 and have twins that are nine, does anyone else out there feel too old to have younger children? or am I going thru my midlife crisis??

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what age should i start potty training

i have a 2 year old girl and i just start with her but iv seen alot ppl not start till there kid was 3 iv been told buy some mom im start her to soon am i??

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potty training....will it ever happen?

me and my daughter have been trying 4 a year to get the whole potty thang in tack. I feel that if she is arounf more kids and see them going to the potty she will want to. This...

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i really dont like my step daughter she is a winny lil brat i dont know what to do with her she dont listen to me she causes fights between me and my boy friend ... and im so...

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teething and throwing up

My daughter is 4 months old and has been teething for about three weeks. Today she was especially fussy and when I went to feed her her bedtime bottle she threw up everything...

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Ok...is it just me or is it hard for a single mom to find 'the one'? I can't seem to go out without feeling guilty even though it is the kids weekend at their dad's! I have been...

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Hi, I had a Caesarean section for my 1st baby as she was breach and the obstetrican said it was safest. All went well. For my 2nd baby the obstetrician has said I can choose...

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Care plan for babysitter?

I am leaving my boys with a babysitter for the first time on Wednesday. They are almost 3 months old and I want to make sure I have a care plan outlined for the day. Does...

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2yr olds and nose bleeds

I have twin boys that are 2.In Oct.one of them broke his arm.and two days after that when we where to go to get his cast on he woke up with a bloody nose i called the dr.they...

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what if....

I've tried sooo hard to be a good mom...not too nosey but helpful and all we get is....ignored when we call her on the phone she never answers...only when it's convenient for...

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Starting baby nh Homo Milk 3.25%

Hello, i just have a question to ask, my daughter is 9 months old. She doesnt really seem to be intreasted in formula anymore. She would just rather eat solid foods. She is a...

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mother of 2 and soon to be 3

My name is katie I am 22 years old, i hadmy children at a young age, and have another on the way, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in theworld but also one of the most...

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