Losing My Marbles!!! >.<

Hi, I'm 23 yrs old and a soon-to-be "ish" StepMom to three kids, 7,8, & 9 yrs old. Only reason I say soon to be ish is that the ex and my man have been seperated for nearly 3...


Teenagers and Homework

How do I get my daughter to understand (she is 14) the importance of doing your homework, and when done, TURN IT IN!!! I cannot and will not stand over her every night making...


I'm completely stuck!

I am a mother of a wonderful son. But my problem is as a daughter! I have a younger 17 yr old brother whom treats my mum like crap to put it bluntly. She has problems with...


anyone else loosing grip

Ok, one of two things are happening ... Option #1: I'm totally loosing it and my hormones have turned me into a horribly grumpy over demanding spoiled brat who wants her...


Anyone out there dealing with CPS

I finally left my abusive ex for the third time mind you. He kept bugging to let the kids go over there. So, I finally did. While they were there the girl he has cheated on...


Dating and Socializing

Even before I chose to become pregnant, I considered what my social life would look like if his dad and I parted ways. I considered that because the father and I were not...

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i just need to vent...

i feel like im a single mom. i have been with my guy for over 3 years and he still cant fucking do anything right. my son is 7 months old and he has barley helped me within that...


moving issues?

I have recently got back in touch with my mother after 7 years. She flew over here and is currently staying with me and my kids. I am due Jan 6th with b/g twins and i already...


whinning and tantrums

what do i do with my 2 year old daughter that started daycare and shortly after she started daycare she started whining and having tantrums when she wants something or does not...

Started by Sarah on 11/02/2010 in Single Moms

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Trying not to give up!!!

I am separated and a mother to a 11 month old baby girl. I don't have many friends, mostly just family members. I have isolated myself from the world. I know that I need to get...


Need Help!

My four month old daughter is exclusively breastfed. I have been trying since she was 6 weeks old to get her to take a bottle (of either breastmilk or formula). but she want's...

Started by Cheryl on 12/06/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Childhood Memories

There's one thing that every one of today's parents has in common: we love reliving our childhoods with our kids. Waxing nostalgic about what our kids miss out on is our version...

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Possible autism

I run an in-home daycare and I have a 4 yr old little boy in my care that I think may be autistic. He is obsessed with objects being the same or different, has occasional...


I AM READY TO SLAP A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sick of a friend of mine she is useing herion and I have custody of her son because she is too fucked up to te care of.Even if she wan't high she would be drunk. Well...

Started by Constance on 06/19/2011 in Want To Vent?

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