cord accident

I am the mom of twins boys how are 2 and half. On 6-2-09 I found out I was expecting our third child. We were so excited. On 7-10-09 I had my first prenatal visit and ultrasound...


anyone else feel like their own kids take a backseat?

I know this is terrible to imagine but I feel like my husband favors my stepson. He is 5 years older than our oldest and he only comes to visit us during summer vacation. We pay...

Started by Ann on 10/21/2009 in Step Moms

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Traumatic Labour/birth

I was in labour for 55 hours i stayed at home for the first 31 hours then the pain got too bad i went to the hospital the midwife did the examination and accidentally broke my...


i dont know whats wrong with me?

ive got 12 weeks to go before the end of my pregnancy, im 16 and turning 17 this thursday and all i can keep thinking is, isnt having a baby meant to be a special and happy,...

Started by Danelle on 04/17/2010 in Expecting

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I really have no one!!!

I am 21. I have a 20 month old. I am pregnant due in mid october. I have a boyfriend (my kids father). He works all the time. He is a regional man., so hes always working. When...


how do you keep motivated?

Hi everyone, this is my first conversation here at circle of moms... just really looking for advice on how to stay motivated... Im finding myself getting a little down on how...

Started by MANSI on 10/07/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Need Advice Please!

Ok my husband and i moved to savannah, ga in june and then he left to meet up with his unit down range in july. everything was great and then all of a sudden in september, he...


PVL and CP support wanted

Hello, My daughter Miriam has reciently been diagnosed with PVL and CP after a MRI. She will be two in a couple of weeks and we have always known that something was not right...


What limits should my 14mo have?

I can't believe my son is no longer a baby -- time goes by so fast! So far he's been a mellow todder, but he's fast approaching 18mo/terrible twos, and I would like some advice...