So, this is my baby number 2, but my first child never let me swaddle her after we got home from the hospital. My new little one, however, cannot sleep unless he is swaddled. He...


24 month old not talking

My daughter is 24 mos old and not saying more than two or three words. Had hearing evaluated and had tubes put in at 20 mos and has been in speech therapy once a week for 3...


Confidence and stretch marks issue!

I am 26 weeks pregnant and I just noticed white stretch marks on my hips, Which I was told for years were not noticeable unless you took the time to really look, Till a ex said...


Disrespectful Step Kids

I have 2 step boys who r 14 n a half dey always have sumthing 2 say back when i tell dem 2 clean up r dey not goin outside n dey momble under der breath luke i cant hear dem i...


Daughter with depression

I am out of ideas. My 21 year old daughter, was sick all day yesterday and missed work and slept all day and then decided to go out with friends at 11pm and was out until 4am....


My 7 year old daughter

So, I have a 7 year old daughter who is having emotional and growing issues. My daughter has size 8 foot in woman's shoes. She is also over 55 Inches tall and 92 pounds. AHHH.....

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Has anyone terminated rights to the other parent?

I am new here, and I have 2 wonderful children 7 & 3 (and 3 months). They both have the same father, whom I was with up until I found out I was pregnant with the youngest....

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I'm very nervous about not being able to get an epidural..on time I'm already dilated to 1cm and I'm just wondering since this is my first baby would I be able to get one. On...


vindictive x-_husband

I was a stay at home Mom for the first 5 years of our daughters lives. My x-husband and I agreed upon this. He worked and never wanted to be home. It was hust the 3 of us....


4 children

I have 3 children. 6.5 years, 3.5 years and 4 months. I am currently struggling to juggle between the baby need and the older kids schools & homeworks. It is not easy, but...


Daughter Talking Back

3 year old daughter has begun to talk back. She says she "doesn't like me" or "doesn't want me." Today I said "pull your pants up" and she replied "It's a skirt, duh." She...

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