single mother of 3 and overwhelmed! :(

I am currently working full time, going to school full time, saving for a car and need to get out of mom's house ASAP not including all the other responsiblilties of being a...

Started by Bethany on 12/22/2012 in Single Moms

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How to explain absent parents?

I am new here, so small rundown on my background. I have a 15 year old son, a 19 year old daughter, and raising my 14 month old granddaughter. My daughter left when GD was born...


terrible twos or other peoples bad behavoir

my child is two about to be three. I live with my mom my step dad my step sister and her four kids. She is very energetic and smart but she is picking up on bad habbits. Most...

Started by Amber on 12/30/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Starting my 6 year old on ADD Med?

Ive read so much on Adderall, and asked sooo many other moms. All the moms i have asked swear by this med. They say it was just night and day with their child. Im scared and new...



Good morning moms. I have a 14 month old son,Seth. Seth's dad and I have been seperated since I was five months pregnant, so I have been pulling through as a single mom without...


Some nights...

As the song for the group Fun says " some nights i dont know what i stand for anymore ..." !! Do you ever get that feeling that at times you dont know what you are really doing...


realtionship right or wrong??

i am a 26 year old mother to a 5 year old daughter who is my world I have been dating an older man for about a year now. he is very good to me and we have such a great time...

Started by Becka on 02/03/2013 in Moms Under 30

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my ex

He continues to trash talk about me with my kids. It driving me crazy cause I don't no how to get him to stop cause all he is doing is hurting the kids. My kids come home after...


How do I explain a big move to my five year old?

I am single mom and for the last couple of years my son has been living with my mom and sister in TX while i work, he is now going to move to CA with me and i am unsure as to...

Started by Ines on 02/11/2013 in Single Moms

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New to this.. but difficult problem..

my soon to be four year old son goes to his grandmothers or great uncles and there are no limits, no set rules, he can pretty much do what he wants, eat what he wants, and get...

Started by Danielle Jade on 02/15/2013 in March 2009 Babies

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teenagers / dating

I have a 14 year old and she wants to "date" I use the term loosely because kids dont really date like we used to. I have the following fears: 1) she will get pressured into...


Feel like running away!

I love both my children, though as of now my son is in that stage of "mommy, mommy,mommy" over and over. Plus he wines A LOT! There are days that are better than others. The...


6 month wont eat bottle or sleep!!

New mom here. So my 6 month old has been refusing his bottle for a few weeks now but would usually take it eventually and always would eat when he was half asleep. But the last...

Started by Karissa on 03/01/2013 in Babies And Infants

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Baby Acne

Have any of you had an experience with really bad baby acne? I feel so bad, my one month old son is just covered. His face/neck/head/chest it looks so horrible and everything...

Started by Leah on 03/04/2013 in Barrhaven Moms

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