Retention in school

Does anyone have any experience on grade retention? My son is in first grade and they are talking about possible retention. I do not like the idea of having him repeat first...


Family member dying!

My sister is dying. She is very special to my kids! I am not sure what how to help them through this. I have explained that she is very sick and that she will soon be going to...

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Hi there this is my first question.... i am the proud Mum of a gorgeous nearly 11 month old boy. I have really enjoyed feeding him ... until the last 2 weeks when he has started...



My son is ten and a half months old and has recently started biting...so far just me and dad but I want to stop this before he bites another child. I have tried stearnly...

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Just starting

I've just recently started using circle of moms, not really sure what its all about. I have an 8months old (11/12/08) named Kilik. He was born at 31 weeks 4days. He's going to...


Can I still BF?

To make a long story short, my daughter is 1 month & she has been eating mainly pumped milk. For the past 2-3 days though I have pumped only once a day.. =/ I guess I was just...


Any Lupus sufferers??

Anyone else living with Lupus? Would love some info on how you prevent/handle flare ups, especially in regarding to chasing young children during a flare up!! It sure can be...


How do you keep your sanity?

I have been a single mother for a while and i have been doing a good job. Things have gotten really hard for me. I am struggling & feel like i am sinking under! With no...


Should we have a second child?

My husband and I are a Christian committed couple, and are older parents to a 5 month old. I am 37 and he is 42 and we married a year and a half ago. I was told that I would...

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My son Ryan has autisum. And had a family party for his 8th birthday nothing big just the grandparents . So,my grandma told me that my mom thinks we shouldnt give Ryan any...