Separation Anxiety? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, my daughter is 11 months old and it seems that she has developed separtion anxiety issues. She wants to be with me or hold her ever since she was sick for a period of...



Does anyone have experience with this? I truly believe it to be legitimate, but I am still feeling doubt about my decision to use this birth method. I am in my last...


Sleeping probblems

Hi, my Mia was born n December 20th so is 4 months old now. She is breastfeeded. After birth she had very regular feeding/sleeping pattern - every 4 hours. With approximately...


Do you have a birth plan?

I thought it would be interesting to see how many of the moms that are due the same month as I am have a birth plan! If so, what is it? Example: This is my second boy and I had...

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in laws

I've been married for almost five years. My husband works in the family business with his mom, dad, and sister. They live 20 minutes away and my family lives 1,000 miles away....

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Intro fun I hope you'll read!

I know that a lot of the time people ignore introductions, but just in case I felt like saying hello before I make comments on other people's threads. I'm 25, had my first...

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Allow me to start

After having two nearly perfect, term pregnancies, I never would have thought that I would have complications during with my 3rd. At 9 weeks, I was sitting in class when a huge...


Turning Point

Hi, I'm a mother of two! My oldest is 3 and I am going back to work in January! I have mixed feelings about this, but my objective is to start part time and find extra income...

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1year old seems unhappy

Need help. I have a soon to be one yr old. She throws alot of tantrums and will not let anyone hold her but me . When her grandparents try to.hold her she pushes them away and...

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My little boy is going to be seven this month. We are so happy with him and don't feel like our family is incomplete in any way. However, my husband and I go back and forth on...


feeding/napping schedule

i'm just curious what schedule u guys feed and nap ur babies on. my baby is 5 1/2 months and eating solids (cereal and slowly introducing foods) along with nursing and i'm...


Still up all night nursing!??

My little girl goes down about 8pm then is up usually by 12 for a feeding, then back up by 4 for another feeding and is up by 6 to start her day. I have gotten used to this...


How did you find out?

I would love to hear interresting stories of how you found out you were pregnant. My husband and I had just evacuated to North Louisiana from Hurrican Katrina. We really had...


Advice needed ASAP..please!!

My 8 month old daughter has decided that her new bedtime is now between 2-4 in the morning. She is given her bath at around the time every night and is pretty much on a nightly...

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Sleep Issues... Suprise Suprise

Okay so I have 17 month old Twin Girls. One (Madeline) generally sleeps like a log, she doesnt really have issues. BUT Lorelai (the other one) is horrible for sleeping. She...


15 months and no sechedule?

is there any other moms who stay at home and didn't really have their child on a schedule? Im beginning to think i might have to put him on one but dont want it to be like by...

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