"marriage" should I stay or should I go?

 I will start by saying I am 21 years old my husband "has some years on me" we have been married 3 years... We have two boys together, one 16 months and one 5 weeks old, and he...

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any help

I am 19 and my son will b a year in a couple of weeks. I am soon to have no house. i have no job no car and no licence. i feel like a failure to my son and to myself. i am not...


Please pray for Ukraine

In two days, July 16, I will be leaving for Ukraine on a missions trip, along with my husband, three of my sons, and some other people from our church. I covet your prayers and...

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Controling behavior with diet

I have a 3rd grader who has been a fantastic student, reading at a 5th grade level when she was in 1st grade, really ontop of her game. Her second grade teacher was very lax,...


is it strange?

Is it weird that i want to have my second child by the time i am 25? i mean, i understand that i probably should wait just because i am still young but i want to be able to...

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Church Fundraising

HI! SO I've been going to this church, and I love it, but its sad to hear that financially they are going under. I need church in my life (having other christians around me...

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Hi Everyone, I am Catholic. I was raised Catholic, went to Sunday School, even taught it for awhile etc. However certain things have me confused. I am on birth control, I know...

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Starting Solids

It sounds like several people are starting solids already. My public health nurse said that I should start her at 6 months unless she does not appear to be doing well with the...


funny breathing noises! plz HELP!

My son gabrial was born making these really cute sqeeky sounds and the doctor said it was his voice box making sqeeky sounds because it was not "fully" matured. They said it...


Any gamers out there?

Do you have any games consoles? Do you use them or are they just for the kids and the hubby? We've got an x box and a wii, I play the wii occasionally, I have wii fit but never...

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Casey Anthony?

I am just curious as to what all you moms think. Do you think Casey Anthony is guilty or innocent and why?


Our baby's will be 2 this month...

What has been the best moment of this past year with your little one? How much does your baby weight/how tall? What all can you think of to brag about your little one? (Let's...


Question about crying....

Hi everyone, I have an 8 month old who is a wonderful baby, doesnt really cry except when hurt hungry or tired...doesnt cry unless he has a reason too..Like right now hes...


Sorry.. it's a longish rant. =)

I'm glad this group was started! My in-laws are definitely crazy! Well to start with MIL is an alcoholic, has been since my hubby was a small kid, my FIL is a psycho but is on...