Pets & Children...what do you think?!

Hey, I'm 24 and have 4 children ages 7,4, almost 3 and almost 2. We also have 2 large dogs and 1 kitten. My oldest son was attacked by his grandmothers dog while he was visiting...

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Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts regarding parents who bring their child to childcare when they (parents) have the day off (due to holiday etc)?


baby sitters

So some may think this is really dumb. I have been able to get my family (mainly my mom) to help me take care of the kids if I have something come up for my company. Well it has...


Dry skin on the butt---what to do?

My son has developed really dry skin where the cloth diaper is. I have tried creams etc. Has anyone else experienced this problem with cloth diapers and if so what did you do?...


Cat in the crib

Here is my problem I have four furry babies, two are cats, one is to old to jump so he is not a problem but the other one has caused me distress. This cat never showed any...

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TIRED! Please help

I am almost 21 with a son who is almost 2. I feel tired all the time, unmotivated most days and just all around sluggish. I am currently on cymbalta and was on zoloft. My son...



Help, My son is two on the 31st October and he is into everything, he climbs onto the TV cabinet onto the dining table, he trys to lift everything I mean everything Im sure he...



I love to try to keep a clean and tidy home ,but with one active and very curious child I need some tips on how to get it done in a semi-fast and a effective way.Anyone...

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birthday party ideas?

my daughter will be 4 in April and i was trying to think of something fun to do that would involve not only the kids but the adults as well. usually what we do is put up a party...

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