Thanks for the invite. I'm a 45 yo mom with 7 yr old and 4 yr old boys. I waited to have children. The "baby bug" didn't bite me until I was 37. LOL



I am a mommy four children . My youngest is 8mths old. He has four teeth and never sleeps. He still gets up two to three times a night. I am so sleep deprived and cranky. I...

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How to nap train difficult nappers?

Dear Fellow moms, My twin boys are a bit over 4 months now. While we have settled on a routine with them, we are still struggling with difficult sleepers. They nap 20-25 mins...


Losing Baby Weight!

I had my son 6 1/2 months ago and I'm having trouble losing weight. I gained only 18 lbs when I was pregnant and lost everything 2 weeks after having him. Now I've put on 5lbs...



ever feel like your life is only for the ones you care for!

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Hurtful Words

So, this morning on the daily ride to school my 15 year old daughter told me she can't wait for me to drop dead so she won't have to deal with me any more! Oh, here's the...

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Low body confidence

Hi Everyone! I have a two year old boy and ever since he was born i have really struggled coming to terms with how my body has changed. To the point where i get very down and...


help! my yr old is drivng me crazy

he has started throwing fits the past 2 months, maybe less, for 1 reason- i will not pick him up and hold him all the time. i find it very strange for him because he's always...


Often feels like I am losing the battle...

I guess I just needed a place to vent where other people understood me. Thats the problem. NO ONE understands me. I am a stepmom to 1 SD (5) and 2 SS (13 & 12) and mommy to BS's...

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hi all, im Deb, i have 5 sons, and im currently tandem feeding my 2yr old and my 7mth old... my 4th & 5th children. at first, when i became pregnant with Harri (now 7mths), i...

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everything is wrong

Im a young mom, 21 years old. and feeling more and more like i cant cope. Everything is going wrong at once and my life feels like it is spiraling out of control. When i was 6...

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Being a step parent is a nightmare

My husband and i have been married for 8 months together for two and he has a 14 yr old daughter 13 yr old daughter 10 and 8 yr old boys the girls walk all over me every chance...

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It's been 7 months since I had my son, and before my son was born my husband and I were...well...like bunny rabbits in the sack. Now we have sex maybe once every week to two...