Is it the baby blues or anxiety...

Anyone been experiencing anxiety since your babies were born? I have a 4 year old daughter and 4 month old twins..I've never experienced any postpartum depression but lately...

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Night Waking

Any suggestions on what to do when my 17 month old wakes in the night and only wants me to come in and lay next to him to go back to sleep? I wish he'd be able to get himself to...


New home..major issues..

Due to finances, we have had to move to my in-laws house for a while. My daughter is 2 1/2, will be 3 in February, and we had her doing very well going potty on the potty chair....

Started by Aime on 11/02/2010 in Toddler Moms

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August 2008 babies

Hi and thank you for the invite. My daughter Shenowa was born 12 August 2008. She is just a bundle of joy, but she does give her 7 year old sister a bit of a hard time. She...


Breastfeeding and Solids...

Hi! My little boy is getting close to 6 months, and seeming to get pretty interested in food, and I am planning on giving him solid foods within the next month. I am just...

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Pre-School Nightmare

I am a mom who just put my 3 1/2 year old son is a daycare/preschool program. The facility is owned by a neighbor of mine who decided to give me a break since my husband and I...

Started by Stacie on 10/24/2012 in Working Moms

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My 8 yr old has anxiety? OCD? normal?

My 8 yr old daughter has been diagnoised with ADHD, and we are thankful for medication. It has helped a lot with her fidgeting, hyperactivity, and focus(like reading...

Started by Mandy on 02/18/2010 in Homeschooling Moms

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My story.

hello, everyone. my name is Amber and I am the mother of an angel son, Dylan Bradley. Dylan's due date was Feb. 24th, 2008. But, he was born on November 7th, 2007. I gave...


Fighting for sleep

So my little kiddo is 4.5 months old, she has always been a fighter for going to sleep. At first she was religious about her naps then they quickly gave away to getting night...

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I was just wondering how many other moms out there have children with anxiety? My son can have full-blown panic attacks with hyperventilating, irrational thoughts, etc. He's...