Cystics fibosis

My newborn was born with a bowel obstruction and today we found out that the blood test came back on the border of having cystic fibrosis. What are the chances she may have CF?


Sleeping in a crib

Hi there. My problem is this, my little guy is almost 16 months old and he is still sleeping with us in our bed. He cries when I put him in his crib and sometimes he cries so...

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Dont Know What To Do!?!?!

Hi Everyone, My name is Kristin and I am the proud mother of 4.... one includes my stepson.... he is truly a piece of work... he is 5.... Ok long story short... i leave in...

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My baby girl - Osteo Sarcoma

This isn't really a question... just where we are I guess. My youngest of 3 was diagnosed at the begining of Novemeber with Osteo sarcoma (bone cancer). She is 10 years old. It...


Need some advice on my baby sleeping?!

I have a 5 month old son and he is havin sleep trouble. i ave literally tried everything. I have giving him cereal in his bottles since he was 3 weeks old. I have tried giving...

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help me please

Can anyone help me out... I gave my son a warm bath with bedtime soap n lotion n a warm bottled of milk but he has this thing that he wakes up ever hours n wants to eat n...


Breastfeeding and baby weight

Are you breast feeding? Formula feeding? Do you feel either is helping you lose the baby pounds or keep them on? I lost all of my baby weight in the first 2 months and all but...


Wiccan Mom in a Christian Family

Hi, I'm Rhianna, 22 years old, with a 20 month old daughter. I was raised in a VERY Christian family. While my mother didn't drag us (myself and my older brother) to church...

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my son 14 went to live with father

I need help. My son 14 went to live with his father on Sunday. His father never took care of him, not even a single child support check and my son adores him. After years...

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Torn about child support

Ladies, I need your help. My stbx and I are in the process of divorcing. So far we have agreed on everything, such as time-sharing and debt/asset splitting. The only problem we...

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Child support arrears

I am the custodial parent of my 3 wonderful children. Their father has walked away from his daughter, age 14, and sees the boys ages 13 and 5 every other weekend from 7:30 pm...

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Hi I am Jessica and my baby was born on Patriots day in 2008. She is one now and still is not crawling. It may be because I did not let her get on the floor until she was...



Hi my name is Holly I am from Northern Kentucky, I just signed up for this site last night and I have no friends or no how to find any, if there is anyone out there that can...

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Hi my name is Edwina im 22yrsand i have 3 beautiful children, Jaden4 yrs , Jasmine 21 months and Jordan 8 months. My husband is white and I am black. We live in Missouri in a...


Do you think this counts as Parental Alienation?

Yesterday, we get a call from BM saying she was going to be 15 minutes late because SD was protesting having to leave her. We both thought it was pathetic of BM to allow the...

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