BF on medications - why it's usually ok

I posted this elsewhere, but thought that it deserved it's own thread: "Weaning is only necessary when you're on medication" Actually, this is usually not true! I had surgery...

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what should I say?

Okay, so as many of you know, my daughter's bm hadn't called for 3 months when, on our daughter's 7th birthdat on Sept. 4th, she calls at 9:50 pm (11:50 where bm lives) to wish...

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Pooping strike!

My 8-month old baby girl hasn't pooped in 7 days now, when she used to be regular (just about every day). She is exclusively breastfed; and we've only just started solid...

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bout me and why does my son drool so much?

hi my name is samantha i have a two year old son andrew. hes a pretty good kid. havent seen the terrible twos like everyone talks about. i do have one question my son at two he...

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Does anyone have a preemie with Asthma?

My son was born at 31 weeks and was on the CPap while at the NICU due to his lungs not being fully developed. He received the RSV shots last year. This year he did not meet...

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just tring to understand....

my boyfriends brother's baby mama has cystic fibrosis. she hasn't been to a baby dr around sence she was 6weeks prenant cause she said they all want her to have an abortion......


How big is too big?

Just had our son at the clinic to be weighed and measured again. His weight is stable around the 98% line, but he's growing taller and is now the height of the average 2 yo...


Baby talk

Hello, My son was born on 12/14/2009. He has always been very mobile (rolled over at 10 weeks, army crawled at 14 weeks, started crawling at 25 weeks, sat up (got into a...

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started depression medication

My doctor put me on Prozac due to me being depressed she said it would take 3 weeks to start working well am still waiting for it to start working

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Baby not gaining 'enough' weight?

We've had trouble breastfeeding from the start but we're determined to make it with our second child as we gave up early on with our first child. She had trouble passing her...

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Toddler eating fish

My 16 month old has vomited all night after trying fish twice. Has this happened to anyone else? She didn't have any other symptoms except the vomiting and it didn't seem to...



My doctor wants to put my 13 year old son on intuniv for ADD. This is not in conjunction with a stimulant . He doesnt take any other type of medicine. The doctor said to...