Anyone's child taking Metadate?

My daughter has tried Focalin and Concerta and now the doc has prescribed Metadate. Focalin all but made her stop eating. She all the sudden could no longer swallow the Concerta...


Looking for a diet that works for kids

I have a nine year old that is 4"11 at 135 lbs...nothing works. The less i try to give him the more he wants. He loves to watch TV and walking is always a problem...eats...


Belly Babies

My son loves to sleep on his tummy. I only let him nap this way and with me. I have not yet let him sleep through the night this way. He can't stand to be on his back if I...


Prayer for Encouragement

i would like to ask for prayer. I am a first time mom and my daughter is 4 months as of yesterday. About once or twice a week I feel soooooo attacked by the Enemy. I doubt...

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Alright, we're nearing the end of March, and very soon it will be time for short shorts, tank tops, and ughhh....swimsuits! I am starting a new diet regimen which means I have...


is this normal?

I was told today my four year old daughter tried to cut off little 'johny's' ear today. Luckely just with the play scissers. When the teacher asked why she would do such a...

Started by Bronwynn on 03/26/2010 in School-Age Kids

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Speech Problems

Hello there~ i am new to this site. My daughter was born on June 27, 2008. She is my little princess. I try and try and do all the right things for her. I also have a son...

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Worried about being taken off work

hey everyone i'm just kinda stressed and need to talk. So ive had a pretty bumping pregnancy so far with severe vomiting then it turned to sugar problems and now im having...

Started by Chelsea on 01/22/2011 in May 2011 Babies

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Birth and R&R

I am trying to decide on having a VBAC or another c-section. I had to have a c-section with our first baby but this time I am thinking about having a VBAC. The only problem I am...



So I have been feeling real sick lately. I'm tired all the time, I can't seem to eat, I have constant headaches, and I just seem to be sad. I think I have postpartum and I'm...

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Just saying Hello

Hi everyone!!It is so nice to have a place to come to whenever you have a question or need support about our daughters.My youngest daughter Shelley (5) was diagnosed with Turner...

Started by Libby on 11/09/2009 in Turner Syndrome

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New Mom

Well I am super careful with my little one... from giving her up to 2-3 baths a day to just being extra extra careful with everything I just want her to be okay and I am way...

Started by Kristian on 11/30/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Hair being pulled out?

Every morning and after a nap I find balls of hair all over the floor or just in clumps. But it happens every night and and every afternoon. She doesn't make a sound when she...