How could I do for my son ?

How could I do that my son who is 16 month do not like to listen the story. Every time I bring hime to the library to join the story time but he do like to listen it and like to...

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Still not sleeping through .... help needed x

My baby is 7 months 1 week today and is still not sleeping though ... he has a perfect routine dinner bath bottle story ... bed he never cries about being put to bed but he...

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What formula would you suggest for gassy babies?

My son is about to be 1 month old...for the first two weeks I was able to breast feed him, and since that had been my long term plan, I had never put much thought into formula....

Started by Amber on 07/24/2014 in Moms Under 30

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It figures - question on cold meds

So I'm getting induced Monday. Wanted to finish up house cleaning in case father in law etc comes home with us the day we bring the baby home, and figured I've got two nights...

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Redux Plan

Has anyone taken the military's redux plan. I've read that if you don't need the money, don't accept it. Well, my husband are in debt up to our ears and we decided to accept...


potato recipes

i started with fruits when my LO was 4,5 months. She loved apple, peach, banana and pear. Now she's almost 6 months and today i started with veggies. I chose potato as the...


She love her milk even when sick

Ive just had a very sick little bub she didnt feed much for about 3 days but has started to feed again now and boy is she feeding. At 8 months she is a tiny girl and lost wieght...



HI im a mother of a nine month old girl name catherine she was healthy intill the day she stopped breathing we got sent to albany medical center and found out she has a...

Started by Linda on 01/14/2011 in Heart Conditions.

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Challenging 4 year old

Hello. I'm new to this forum. My soon to be 4 year old daughter is smart and witty. Since about 18 months old, she's been having angry tantrums. If we took something away, she'd...


Summer school

Well, we're one week into summer school and all is well in school. WHEW! After weeks of meltdowns and whining leading up to it about why he has to go, he is actually having a...


how do you do it?

i find it extremely hard to do, when seeing my (step)son call someone else "mom" after i have been raising him for 5 years.


Age appropriate chores

Normally I wouldn't ask for advice, but I have one that I could REALLY use some help with! I have three 5 year old children (2 girls, 1 boy) and one 7 year old (girl) at home....