Biological dad issues

I just need little advice. I'm 23 and I have two children from a previous relationship. One is 2 and the other just turned one. The issue I'm not facing is with their father....


New to PCOS

Hi! I've been newly diagnosed as having PCOS. I've been horribly irregular since I started having periods, so I'm sure that I've had PCOS all along and it just went undiagnosed....


Anyone ever been pregnant while on mirena???

Ok this may or may not sound crazy lol. My daughter will be 2 on tuesday and I got Mirena when she was about 4 months old. Feb will be two years since I got it. Lately I swear I...

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Yes this post will end up as a question but just bear with me. I am at my wits end. I just don't have an answer anymore. I have two teenage sons and 4 other children 10 and...

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Is my 2 year old gifted?

Hi there! First I want to start out by saying how happy I am to find this community. Whenever I would ask questions in my community (may 2009 babies) I would get attacked by all...


Should we have another child?

I just got married to the most wonderful guy, but we have an issue, we dont agree on any disciplinary actions towards our kids. he has a boy from someone else, as do i. his son...


find a job working from home

I am a single mother of two, one disabled.My daughter has so many differnt needs, that it is impossible to keep a job, due to the fact that i have to miss so many days of work....


Marijuana and seizures

This last year I found out that my son who is now 17 years old has been smoking pot. He has had seizres sence he was two. He was on a heavey dose of Depakote before and would...


Have NO motivation and ADD!

I am halfway through my degree and am taking the two classes that I like the least. (I am not very good at) Accounting and history. I have ADD, not hyperactive, but I have...

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Pediatrician Appointment

So i took my 6 day old son to the pediatrician for his first doctor's appointment . They checked his weight blah blah all that stuff they do & than she did a little bit of...


Does your kid curse?

At some point as a parent, you may notice your innocent little bundle of joy producing colorful language you’re not so thrilled about. Some moms and dads take a hard line and...