hello I am new

Hello I am a mother of a daughter Jordyn 5 years old and a son Grayden who is 2 years old. My son Grayden was born healthy or so we thought. At about 2 months old we realized...


Seriously?!?!? Any suggestions?

I have two kids, a son 3 1/2 and a daughter 1 1/2. I'm currently about 35 -36 weeks pregnant depending on what you go by. Two weeks ago I went into preterm labor. They...



Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a child with Psoriasis? My youngest daughter is 11 and has had it since she was I think about 6 or 7 yrs old. It is similar to but...


Homemade Baby Food

I want to eventually make my daughter homemade baby food does anyone know any or where to find any good recipes or how to do it?


Cries for attention?

Hi ladies, my 11 weeks old baby cries a lot nowadays for attention. He will start screaming fiercely when we try to ignore him for more than 3 minutes.....His screams are very...


3 yr. old attitude??

Hi Everyone.. Im really new to Circle of Moms, but recently my husband and I have been talking about how best to deal with our daughter.. Lauren will be 3 in September, and...

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How to deal with temper tantrums?

My son just turned 3, and he has a terrible temper. For example, just an hour ago, I was feeding my daughter and DJ was playing nicely with a train, when he rammed it into a...

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it is so hard

Here's my story.....my stepson is 9 years old. His mother is one of those welfare mothers who only has kids to collect the money. I know this for a fact as she has told my...

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New mommy to group

Hello, I am Natasha. I am due in April with my first baby. I would love to learn sign but there is so many videos and websites that I dont no were to start. I would love to get...


Measuring large

I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow to see why I am measuring large (40 cm at 37 weeks). My doc said it could be that the baby is large or that there is too much amniotic fluid....