Cow milk protein allergy

Anyone has a little one with this allergy? If you are using a formula what brand? Our natural path has us using Nutramigin A+. Its okay but hard to mix and ensure there are...


how to build a relationship with a teen?

I'd like to share a great iPhone application designed to build relationships with teens:RelationTips. It give creative words, actions and date ideas tailored to teens. Check...



Hello My name is Shawn. I am married, my husband (Paul) & I have three children. Kyle is fifteen, Abby is twelve and Elizabeth is 10 going on 20! And Paul has two children...


Son 2yr old

My two yr. old boy, fights me for the big mansized shovel. I have offered small spades, and even a smaller shovel. Thats not good enough for him. He pulled down the screen...


9 days till im due...

well theres just 9 days left now till our girl is due, right up untill saturday night she had not stopped kicking punching and wiggling but all day sunday and today she has been...

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Birth Control Questions

Birth Control: today was my 6 wk check up & we discussed getting Paragard. What birth control are you on? What has it done to your milk? Pros & cons of what your using. Thanks...


Should I be more concerned?

So for the past 2 nights I've been having this numb feeling off and on in my private area, so last night i called the on-call nurse and she said it's nothing serious, that its...

Started by Cassandra on 01/13/2011 in Expecting

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38 weeks 2 days and feeling sick anyone else?

All day today I have felt like I have had the flu, but no fever. I goggled it and I found that it can be a sign of pre-labour. Its the end of day and still nothing. I do feel...

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Anyone else feel this way?

Do you ever feel like that all you ever hear is screaming...it seems like when one of my kids stops screaming the other one is screaming about something....I don't think I even...

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Nap time battles

How do you decide whether to "force" a nap or just let it go as resting/quiet time? My almost 4 1/2 yr old DS has fought going to sleep since infancy. Was diagnosed with...


Glasses for a 3 year old

My 3 year old son just had his first eye doctors appointment today. He needs to wear glasses for everything except playing. I am wondering for anyone else with young kids with...

Started by Brittany on 08/06/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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