Terrible 2's already???

My daughter Olivia is going to be 18 months and I swear she is going through the terrible 2s already. She is throwing fits already if she doesn't get her way. I put her in time...

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I have twin boys. One of them will eat ANYTHING and one is super fussy!!! I need some ideas on how to get him to eat food(applesauce, sweet potatoes,etc).... so far i have done...

Started by Shanna on 08/12/2009 in Twins

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how can i control my sons tantrums??

i have an 17month old boy who wont stop throwing tantrums half the time its literally over nothing and its getting out of control i have tried everything but nothing seems to be...

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tubes in ears???

my son is 9 months today and we got recommended to a specalist for his ears by our ped. this will be his second (minor) surgery in his 1 short year... just wondered if anyone...

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Hi everyone! I take care of two children in my home along with my 16month old DD. The 20month old boy keeps biting her and I don't know how to stop it. He doesn't bite the 2...


Eating finger foods.

Ok am I the only one with this problem? My son won't won't eat the finger foods I am not sure if it is a texture thing or what. How did you get your little one to eat them. Now...

Started by Helena on 01/19/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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Naps at 4 1/2?

My daughter has not taken regular naps since she was 3ish... I still feel like she needs to nap once in a while (mostly after an eventful day the day before), sometimes she'll...

Started by Jonna on 10/14/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Infections I can't nurse through??

Okay so I've something going on with my one good producing boob...the other one has always been faulty, but my left is my bread winner. LOL But I've had something going on with...

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How do i fall back in love?

I love my partner dearly but feel that im falling out of love with him. Has any one else experienced this? I really wanna get the feelings back that i used to have for him. Im...


Formula Feeding

Why are we made to feel guilty for formula feeding? Why are we to be judged for either a choice we made because of lifestyle or because it was something out bodies or babies...



Well eventhough my boy is still 14 mths now, we've been thinking of our child education later on. we'll choose homeschooling for him, but we still don't know exactly what is...

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not getting his way

I have a 1 year old son and when he doesnt get his way he crys and screams, and throws a fit, what do i do, how do i handle this? please help, it gets to the point where i just...

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I'm being induced on the !st of April and I was just wondering what it's like? I have heard that contractions and all that are a lot worse than if you go into labor on your own.


How to cope

I have not been very accepting of my son's ADHD diagnosis, have only started admitting it to a few people. How do I learn to cope? How do I help him be the best he can be it...


3rd baby worries

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and cant stop worrying about it. I have a ten year old daughter and a 3 year old son and I am worried about how it will affect...

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