no show to anything

hi im new here im a single mom of an month old daughter. iv been split up from her father since she was 4 days old. iv been going through the court system for child support and...

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My daughter has been waking up for the last week or so crying about bugs/spiders in her bed (there are none, we checked!) Last night she woke up crying that her hands were black...

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Am I too Militant if I think...

I've decided that I believe if you use WIC you should be required to at least attempt to breastfeed. I have been on WIC with both my kids, and was very grateful when my milk...


Not feeding enough???

My daughter is 12 weeks old. Born 7.11 pounds and was 15lbs at her 2 month check up! She's a big girl. About a month ago she stopped taking her late night feed (9-10pm) would...


Scared mommy

I have a 7yr. old little boy and his bio-Father has never been in his life. Well now 7 years later this man wants to just step back in a play daddy. I am going to court on the...



Sleeping- I am having problems getting my son to sleep. Right now the only way I can get him to sleep is by laying him in my bed and giving him a bottle. This is a concern to me...


Another Chance ...

Well, I am 5 weeks pregnant. This all comes as a surprise. 2 months ago I had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the loss of my baby and a tube. We weren't even trying...


Is my 2 year old gifted?

Hi there! First I want to start out by saying how happy I am to find this community. Whenever I would ask questions in my community (may 2009 babies) I would get attacked by all...


no contact

I am finding it difficult, going from a full time, very busy, people interactive job, to hardly any contact with the world outside my front door. I wonder if that has alot to...

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stay at home or go back to work?

I am happy to stay home and take care of my daughter. I decided to stay home so i can be able to discipline my daughter and be here for her. If i go back to work, i will always...

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Socializing Ideas for 8mo old

Hey everyone, I'm new here! With nearly 6k comments I'm sure this subject has been brought up. I have an 8mo daughter that goes EVERYWHERE with me. Because of that she isn't...

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My daughter and i have been battling thrush for 4 months now and i am about to lose my mind! i have been using the nystatin proscribed by her dr, but it doesnt seem to be doing...

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Question for Moms that give their babies Soy Milk

I have 15 month old g/g twins and maybe a month after their 1st birthday I made the switch from formula to regular milk. After a little research I decided not to give them...

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The Motherload!

I have quite a few questions. 1) I stopped breastfeeding when DD was 7 months old. It isn't what I wanted. She got teeth at 6 months and kept biting. I tried everything to get...


Baby mama drama!

Had anyone else had to have their s/o get a restraining order on their child's mother because of harassment and using the kids as pawns? I recently did and although life is...