Sleeping in the swing

My 1 month old son LOVES his swing...so much so that that's the only place he'll sleep long hours. If I put him in his crib, he sleeps around 1-2 hours. Then he'll wake up very...



My son is 9 yrs old,hes been on vyvanse since he was in the middle of 1st grade,hes on 30mg well now hes in 3rd grade this year he's got all these ticks from the medicine,he...


the home stretch... are you ready??

we should all be down to single digits now for the weeks to go, hopefully everyone is doing alright and trying to stay as relaxed and caught up with everything as possible. I...

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so overweight I need help

Im 26 years old and im overweight I started gaining weight after I had my daughter, I realy need to lose weight coz its affecting my self confidence and I think my hormones too...

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A concerned and worried Momma

My son Jorey had surgery in June 2009 to repair his palate.. he was eating great.. now what he does is he puts food in his mouth and stores it in his cheeks and sucks on it till...


How is everyone doing?

I am now 37w3d after 14w+ of bedrest. I am starting to do more, but get very tired quickly. I have 4 other children and am hoping the baby hangs out until this weekend. I am...


Money problems?

i have a job that doesnt pay much...my boyfriend and i want to get a house soon but we cant with the amount my job pays..i keep looking for another job or even a new one but no...



I have to go back to work in a week, but my breastfed baby won't take the bottle... I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


rash on my legs

Ok, my son is 8 1/2 months old and starting when he was 6 wks old I developed a rash/pimples on my thighs( front and back) all the way down to my knees and on my butt.Acne...


Anyone else heard of geographic tongue?

My daughter has always had white spots on her tongue. First the doctor said it was a film of breastmilk & to use a cloth to wipe it off, it never came off. Then at 6 months I...


Won't go to sleep

My 17 month old used to go to sleep easily for me but recently he takes over an hour to put down and he screams and fights it. I've tried putting on videos, changing nap times....

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baby cant poop

Hi My 3 Mon old is having problems going number two. It has been this way now over a month. At her two month check up they notice she wasn't really gaining weight and was still...



I gave birth via C-section in october 2011 and after 7 months, got pregnant with my 2nd child and gave birth in february 2013, then 7 months thereafter, i took the pregnancy...


Can someone please help me out... 😕

So I'm on the Nexplanon, I been on it since this past November. I haven't had any symptoms, I did have a period twice a month though. This month I didn't get my period, I been...

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