My baby

My baby was born September 24th 2009 at 9lbs 6.9oz. She was 21 inches long... As of today Feb. 26th she is 15lbs 8 oz and 27 inches long. Is that a good weight for her? I am...

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Stockpile or necessities?

Is it better to stockpile thing when you find time for really good deals or just get what you need? My husband is very supportive of my "new hobby" but does not want to start...


False negative hpt

As a preface: I would totally be excited to have another baby BUT I am not trying to make myself pregnant.... but I've been feeling kinda strange lately like something is moving...


crying after vaccines

my 2 month old daughter got her vaccines on the 19th and hasn't been the same. every night since she has been have crying fits and tonight was the worse. her dad was home with...


Custody battle

I am in a high conflict divorce and a child custody battle with my 12 year old daughter at stake. Well, she will be 12 years old in a few weeks. My husband is a compulsive liar...

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My Mom is Absolutely Psycho and Needs help

Yes I know I have a girl's name. I made it up because I'm not a mom and it's a mom's site. Sorry for the confusion. lolSo I know I'm not a parent but I came across this site...

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where is the line

my boyfriend had his kids this last weekend and his little girl (6) was crying and having pain when asked where the pain was she said between her legs, bf wanted me to look and...

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question about sharing medical info w/ex.

I'm suppose to keep my exhusband (we have 2 kids together ages 1 and 3 together) informed with the kids health. So I've always texted him give him updates if one of the kids are...

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My son is 11 yrs old is has pdd an has always been considered mild. i also have two daughters 9,6. he has always hit an picked on the oldest daughter hardly ever the youngest.he...



Hi, I'm new to facebook and especially to Mothers in Wheelchairs but am very excited to have found you all. I'm 34, soon to be 35 in March and am a mother of two beautiful...


My son wont play with me!

My Son is SO independent it's unreal. He just wants to potter about on his own playing and rarely wants serious attention, due to this I find myself getting on with other things...

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Stressed about insurance!

I need a place to vent... My husband lost his job at the end of November. I was about 4 months pregnant at the time. COBRA premiums were WAY too expensive to be affordable on...


Help- Getting twins to sleep on time at night..

Hi, I have 9 month twin boys.... getting them to sleep at night is a major challenge, they drink their milk go to sleep by 10 pm, and then are awake crying by 11 pm, by the time...

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