What to tell your child

I have several questions some of which I hope someone can help me with. I am a widow with a happy bouncing baby boy who is 4 now. I have pictures of his late father in his room...

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MY 15mth old son, Noah, isn't sleeping through the night like he used to. We moved into a new house at the end of Jan this year but he slept right through from the night we...



My daughter is now 2 1/2 years old. For the past year I have been trying to lose weight to no avail. I eat a healthy diet, and i exercise 5 times a week. i do 20 miles...


How to handle the Grandparents in law

Basically my partner's grandparents stopped coming round after we fell out with his sh*t stirring Aunty (who lived 3 doors away at the time) about 3 months ago. We've not seen...


~CoM Convention Update~

I spoke with the CoM VP of Marketing!! YIPPEE! We had a wonderful conversation about different aspects of the potential convention. The both of us were full of enthusiasm, and...

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hello I am a new mom for the 2 time my oldes is 6 and I just had a lil boy on the 13th any tips on how to make him sleep a lil longer at night?


milk allergy

Hi, my 15 month old has an allergy to milk, not lactose intolerance, an allergy. Its very hard to find yummy snacks for him, he can't have cheese, chocolate, ice cream,...



Hi, everyone, my daughter is starting kindergarten. She has Milk, Treenut, Pork & Beef allergies. She is also contact allergic to all. Along with all the other conditions like,...


That Male Slut I Called My Boyfriend!

ok so james and i have been on and off for the past year. but pretty solid i THINK for 5 previous years. so anyways today i find 5 dinner tickets with his dates phone numbers on...

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rash on chest

my little man is almost 7 months and is bf and on solids, for the past week he has had a rash on his chest/ under chin. i have been told by gp it is a dribble rash, the cream...



I found that Southwest is helpful in getting on the plane early. Also, you can take two check on bags for free, unlike other airlines. And their seas seem to have more space....


sun protection

Hi I have a six month old baby. She is the youngest of three. I had never heard of AP until after she was born. I have since began this parenting style with her because she...

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Fifth Disease, Parvovirus B19

My daughter is nearly 9 months old...and has Fifths Disease, sometimes called "slapped cheek" or the Parvovirus B19. GET EDUCATED on this...I've been told the virus is actually...

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My 17 year old daughter is 35 weeks pregnant n has been put in hospital with pre-eclampsia..i had 5 children and have never had it so i don't no much about it...i feel as tho my...


Infant with cold

Is a two week old baby able to fight off a cold? I woke up with symptoms of a cold this morning and I think I had a fever last night. Now, less than 24 hours later, I have a...

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Anal Dilation procedure-please help..

My 9 week old started getting constipated at 3 weeks. We used laxatives to soften the stools and had to use supositories and/or cotton bud to get her to push it out. This went...