Best way to wein

I will be weining my daughter off the breast when she turns 1 n july i need some helpful hints and ideals



I am 32 weeks pregnant with my second daughter...i was sick for the first 3 months...tired all the time, throwing up, and keeping up with my 4 year old just seemed to wear me...

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i need some advise

in the last month and a half, my boyfriend (my sons father) has been going on websites talking to other women, like untrue.com and other ones, he doesnt know that i know, and...

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Do you teach abstinence to your teenage children?

I feels some of the teenagers of today should wait before having sex. I see so many that are clueless about their bodies, and emotions as teenagers. So I feel they have plenty...

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Rear Facing is the Safest Way to Travel!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear-facing for as long as possible (to the limits of a convertible seat) for the best protection, which would be to 30-35 lbs....

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Weight Loss

When I first got pregnant with my daughter i weighed 180 lbs, in the first 3 or 4 months i lost 20 pounds and ended up at 160. I then gained all the weight back plus another 40,...



I am an exclusive pumper! i have been for 11 weeks now! i pump every 2 hours for 20 minutes a time, day and night, lactation consultants orders. I decided to do the math and...


Is it too soon ?

Okay I'm 21yrs old with a 11 month old baby girl, I got pregnant with my high school sweetheart. We had been together for 4 years. I got pregnant with him and I don't want...

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how to cope with being lonely

i'm the type of person that has to be around people a lot. ever since i had my son, i had to move in with my parents due to becoming a single mother, not having a job at the...

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Supplimenting with goats milk.

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried to give their bf baby goats milk as a suppliment, and if so how it went for them. My child is almost 5 months, on solids and I'm...

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my mother in-law is driving me crazy

I have a beautiful family, two precious daugthers, the oldest one from a previous relationship, no in-laws there. My second is first for my husband's family. They love both my...

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mom again

hello im tracy mom to three grown children last one in college will graduate in may but it seems like im starting over my other two children have children the oldest one has 6...

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well i have a nine year old and a four month old.. i am a single mother and i am a stay at home mom.. that can be hard by times, there are some days when i don't think that i...