Wow, it is cool to find this group. My husband and I have both been described by friends who knew of this as Indigo children. I myself am severely empathic, and I feel he is...



Hi! My name is Stephanie, I am 29 years old, married, and have 2 boys, Garrett who is 3, and Gavin who is 22 months and will turn 2 on November 9th. Garrett is a very active 3...


Big sister hitting little sister

Big sissy (almost 2) hit her little sister (1 month) today. What are some things to do to teach her that she can't hit her sister?



have any of you had to deal with child protective services. Someone has been calling and calling on me. They show up to my house anytime or night. they tell me my house isn't...

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a few things

My son is 18 months old now....and hes completely different than he used to be. I mean hes still adorable and smart...but hes into EVERYTHING! and its driving me nuts..... On...

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Hi all! I am always looking for ways to save money. In the area of employment my husband is in there are constant lay offs. The last lay offs went through all of our savings...

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How to get full Custody

I live in Florida and I've tried calling the court houses and they are telling me it's going to cost me alot of money to get full custody of my older two sons. I moved to...



My husband of 5yrs loves kids, I on the other hand arent so sure. Im the person who babysitts and send the kids back .I go over and over in my head about every detail before I...


People and their rude comments

Let me first start by telling you the miracle of my Son. I have a kidney disease, I was told there shouldn't be any reason I couldn't have children. Well my husband and I tried...


Potty Chair Suggestions

I have a 19 month old son who I have decided Im going to introduce to the potty chair. No expectations of course, but it wont hurt to show him what it is. Ive read really good...

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Not a question, but....

just an AW, please feel free to AW your baby in this thread too! DD went shopping with my brother and me today, and was AMAZING! She'll be 4 months on April 2, and usually...



has anyones pediatrician told them to use adult robitussin for there baby? i am very nervous about this advice. please let me know if you have done this and how it worked out.