slow labour

i am 37 weeks pregnant and have started labour again for the 3rd time this pregnancy and this time the hospital is letting it run its course as she has a better chance of being...


My little man turns one today!!

Wishing my very gorgeous little man a very very happy 1st Birthday!!! To celebrate the fact it's his first ever Birthday, he took four very big steps all on his own to cuddle...


Toddlers refusing to eat!

Hello Moms, My younger twin daughter has been refusing to eat quite a bit lately. Although she's teething, she only wants to eat snacks. How can I entice her to eat something...

Started by Jessica on 04/01/2011 in Twins

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Advice on getting breast implants?

I had my first baby a year ago. I am a young mom and I feel like it totally wrecked my breasts. I feel very self conscious and embarrassed of my breasts. Its like there is like...


People trying to give things to your toddler

Does anyone else have a problem with strangers trying to give little toys or candy to your toddler? How do you handle it? My son just turned 2 and ever since he was 1, we've...

Started by Cori on 06/18/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Anyone with a middle school aged child having difficulty with the homework load put onto today's children and how your family/child deals with it. Looking for suggestions on...


1st time breastfeeding

I'm expecting baby #3 in June. I didn't breastfeed #1 for numerous reasons. Tried with #2, but he was born with a condition called pyloric stenosis which caused him to...


Hi and Thanks for joining!

Hey all, Thanks so much for joining! I didnt imagine anyone would ever find this group so I am so super excited!! What do you all do around here with your kids for fun? Do...


Going back to work

I have to go back to work in two weeks (Nov. 16). I am excited, yet nervous, yet scared. I am concerned with the state of my class and what my sub will be leaving me with. I...


Is it wrong?

My husband and I have been living together for about 10 months and was wondering if it's wrong to miss church one day, our first Valentine's Day. I have a 2 1/2 year old...

Started by Raysha on 02/13/2010 in Step Moms

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finger food...

Any suggestions you all might have for food introduction for my little girl...? She takes Gerber foods right now, will eat the puffs, cheerios, and the first stage "Cheetos"...

Started by Leanna on 06/16/2010 in July 2009

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feeling down and "stuck in a rut"

i don't know what it is but for the past few days i just feel really drained and bed time can't come fast enough!! maybe it's a touch of spring fever? it's warming up but still...

Started by Dawn on 04/10/2009 in Christian Mommies

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Nervous but excited at the same time...

After meeting my husbands 2 daughters about 2 months ago for a onfe night get together. We are now due to have them all summer long. I guess that this makes me happy and all...

Started by Amy on 05/19/2009 in Step Moms

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