My ALMOST 5 month old daughter's burps are starting to stick really bad. It doesn't matter what she's eating or if she's even eating at all, they just reak. I can't even...


just joined the group

Just wanted to say hi as I just joined the group. My youngest daughter, Skye Nomvuyo was born on 6 October 2006 and she is a very sweet, caring little girl who loves to help....

Started by Rebecca on 02/25/2010 in October 2006

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dry skin

my daughter is teething and now has dry skin all around her mouth, what can i put on it that will clear it up and is safe for babies??

Started by Amber on 03/03/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Weaning sucks...

My 8 month old daughter is suuuuper stubborn with eating. She will not eat anything besides her bottle. What are some tricks to weaning her into eating real food? I've tried...



my daughter is gonna be ten months old in a couple of days and still has no teeth. is this normal?


Sudden Potty chair fear?

My 22 month old son had a wonderful two weeks of wanting to use the potty. Now he seems almost afraid to go half of the time. He loved getting his stickers, but now is over this...

Started by Brittany on 03/23/2010 in Potty Training

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I call our 18 month old daughter Iggi, from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes because she is into everything, and likes to have the last word. My husband calls her turtle because...



Good afternoon, Well I haven't posted on here for quite sometime. But I wanted to introduce my lil man Daniel Jacob--though it has been 6 weeks now.. He was born on 3/10 at...


bottle trouble

My 8 month old daughter drinks 3 - 8oz bottles a day. She also loves to drink juice and water from her sippy cup. It seems some days she will drink 5oz of water and 5oz of...

Started by Jacqueline on 05/01/2010 in Babies And Infants

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My daughter is 4 months old and has this condition.... Plagiocephaly......is the head pillow any good...??What other things may I try to help with this...???

Started by Norie on 05/15/2010 in Babies And Infants

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trouble with bottlefeeding

my daughter is 1year and 2months old, she stopped breastfeeding just after she turned 1. i have tried to interest her in formula and cows milk, but she is not interested. she...

Started by Katrina on 05/26/2010 in March 2009 Babies

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nestle Good start soy formula

Having a spitty baby, who is now constipated, wondering what anyone thinks of nestle good start soy formula???? I am on similac isomil soy now, and have heard many people...



Every time I put my 10 month old in the play yard or crib (sometimes even in the ExerSaucer) he screams and cries like its the end of the world. What can I do to stop this...


Change in bowel colour?

My daughter is 2 months old and she is breastfeed and well her diapers have been consistent. Her bowel movements have always been a runny yellow but I just changed her diaper...


Caring for your child when you are sick

So I have the flu, and I would prefer to not get my 9 month old daughter sick. My husband works until 7 or 8 at night and there isn't any one who can help me until 5 pm. Any...

Started by Brittany on 08/24/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Would like to meet moms in Birmingham!

Hi, I moved to Hoover from Florida in June. I live in the 35216 area. I would love to meet some other Moms. I do not know anyone here, my husband relocated for work. My children...


Red Checks

My 21 month old daughter has a very runny nose, very drooly, and bright red checks. Does this mean she has a cold or is she getting her two year molars???

Started by Keri on 11/21/2010 in Moms Under 30

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