I have a question... I have to pump at work. I am not a good pumper - it usually takes me about 30 minutes to have 5 letdowns before I'm empty enough to quit. But the last...

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What can b bothering my baby?

My baby has been sleeping horrible these past few days. She's 3 months old and I give her at night 4 ounces of milk with a little bit of cereal. It's been going ok but the past...


Baby and Food

my son is 4th months old (almost 5), he is full formula no breast milk. I want to know when is the right moment to start with some food. He is not getting full with just...



My 3 year old son was born with Transverse of the great arteries. He had is first open heart surgery when he was 1 week old, and since then he has had 2 more. It's hard having a...


from cot to bed

my son is 14 months and is still sleeping in a cot and when he rolls over etc he bangs his head an gets his feet stuck so wud like to know the best age he shud b to put into a bed


aaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggg!! men!

just needing to vent. my hubby works very long hours at his job and on friday night he likes to come home, have a few beers and 'wind down'. now this doesn't bother me but...

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Un-understanding partner

I am a Junior about to start my senior year of college so I am reaching all of the super hard courses. I'm also a little behind on graduating in time so I have a pretty large...

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Breastfeedng and solids, How much of each?

I have a som who is 7 and a half months old. I feed solids 2times a day (once at night once in the morning.) But he seems to not want to nurse much anymore. I offer it to...



Hello, im a mature mum of 38 with a 6 month old beautiful girl ! She was born 2 September last year so coming up to her 6months. Started giving her two teaspoons rice cereal...


potty training

my daughter is 15 months old and id like to start potty training her, especially since she likes to undo her diaper. anytime i sit her on the toilet [with or without] a training...


Proud Mommy

So since having my son nine months ago I promised my little one I would support him & teach him & love him no matter whàt! I didnt realize he had plans to hit every milestone...


Children with Heart Defects

My son was born with a heart defect and had his first opp when he was just 2 days old. i would love to chat to other parents that have been in the same situation as me and no's...



Almost 59 yrs old, married to a wonderful man, a mother of 3 grown adult children daughter 35, son 31, and my baby daughter is 26. I am also a very proud and happy grandmother...