my todler and mom are looking for new friends

My son is 4 years old. For the last 3 years we've been trying to get pregnant meaning that are last 3 pregnancies we lost. One was a birth defect the other were miscarriages....

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New Grandchild

Hi, well my 16 year old is having a baby in July and I plan to get custody since she is no where near ready to be a mom. She and the father think they are grown and I really am...


2 1/2 and always getting hurt!!!!

My 2 1/2 year old hurts himelf at least twice a month !!Not just minor eather . I am talking stiches in chin ,a broken finger etc .Iam always so carful and watches himm like a...

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weaning off the breast?

i read on here that a few mums have left it to their baby to wean themself off the breast, how do you know when that is the case? my daughter seems to mess around (i only feed...


Loves her bottle

My daughter will be 16 months on the 25th of this month and she LOVES her bottles. She will take a sippy cup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but whatever milk is left in her...


When should I start feeding my son table food?

My son,like the rest of you guys,is 8 months old. When should I start feeding him table food,and how should I do it? I'm just asking because I don't remember with my...

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my babies hair and skin tone?

hi my baby is multi racial her dad is islander black with puertorican he has corse curly hair i have curly hair as well im hispanic but with fair skin and green eyes my baby...


What should I know?

My husband has joined the Air Force, he has a medical job and leaves in a few months for BMT. I have researched a lot of things about graduation and what all I need before...


Soon to have 3 under the age of 3

I am expecting again and I have a 19 month old and a 6 month old and am 7 weeks preg again. Anyone have been or is in this same position or have children very close in age?...

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First Communion Gift Suggestion

My almost 8yo DS is taking his 1st Communion on Easter Sunday and I need some gift suggestions. Growing up I didn't take my 1st Communion until Confirmation but our church...

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Twice Gifted, gifted kid with LD??

In talking with other parents of gifted children is the problems that can crop up due to a gifted child's ability to compensate for problems. If a gifted child has a...


Post Partum Depression?

Not sure if we've talked about this one before...not since I've been here anyway. The recent post about the mom murdering her baby got me wondering if people have any feelings...

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Stationed in Hawaii!

Hi! We're Army and just got orders yesterday for Hawaii. We move in about 5 weeks and I was wanting suggestions on daycare ( I have a 15 mo. daughter) and neighborhoods ( on...