Stay at home vs working mom

I would love to be a stay at home mom, I really think it's best for kids to have their mom (or dad) at home with them, rather than being raised by a babysitter. Unfortunately,...

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Weaning too fast?

My little guy turned 1 on the first of February. I wanted to start weaning him slowly, making sure he was nursing at least once or twice a day throughout the rest of the...



Hello Everyone, My husband is going to join the navy and I was just looking for any advice I could get. I think I pretty much have an idea of what to expect, or at least as...


Nipple shields?

I have tryed EVERYTHING to get my son to take a bottle. Different bottles, sippy cups, breast milk, different formulas. Different temps. Leaving him with someone elts....


i hate myself

lately i have been hating myself. i get angry all the time at my husband for no reason and then want to go cry, i hate my body, within the last month i got a belly pooch and my...



My husband and I had our share of problems in the past 5 years we have been married and we decided to try and have another baby and now I am 7 weeks prego again and he's back to...

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Recommendations for pram with 2 kids

Hi, I currently have a 15 month old daughter who will be lucky enough to have a sibling in April so she will be 20 months old - at the moment I have a standard single seat...

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Pregnant with #2 and hubby problems

My husband as a really great Dad to our 20 month old daughter but now that I'm pregnant again (17 weeks) and still having all day sickness, he thinks i'm faking it. He's been...


Baby Blues? what's normal?

My daughter is 5 months, and I can't seem get past my baby blues!! I don't know what to do?? All I seem to want to do is cry, or over protect my child I've isolated myself from...

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Anyone with a middle school aged child having difficulty with the homework load put onto today's children and how your family/child deals with it. Looking for suggestions on...


1st time breastfeeding

I'm expecting baby #3 in June. I didn't breastfeed #1 for numerous reasons. Tried with #2, but he was born with a condition called pyloric stenosis which caused him to...


Hi and Thanks for joining!

Hey all, Thanks so much for joining! I didnt imagine anyone would ever find this group so I am so super excited!! What do you all do around here with your kids for fun? Do...


Going back to work

I have to go back to work in two weeks (Nov. 16). I am excited, yet nervous, yet scared. I am concerned with the state of my class and what my sub will be leaving me with. I...

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Is it wrong?

My husband and I have been living together for about 10 months and was wondering if it's wrong to miss church one day, our first Valentine's Day. I have a 2 1/2 year old...

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finger food...

Any suggestions you all might have for food introduction for my little girl...? She takes Gerber foods right now, will eat the puffs, cheerios, and the first stage "Cheetos"...

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