Potty Training help!!

My daughter is 2 1/2. I started potty training her right before she turned 2 and she did great .. we were almost 100% but had to go out of town a couple times close together...

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Any opinions on dealing with visitation?

I've been divorced from my ex husband for 6 years and we have a nearly 7 year old girl whom he's finally decided to do the real visits with last year (either because his wifey...



Hi I am a mother of 3... my LO is 1 month old, my middle is 19 months, and my oldest is 4 1/2 years old. I am currently BF on demand and it is kicking my A$$ my oldest 2 are...


Starting over :(

My little boy was born with clubfeet and has does the casts, tendon release, casts again, KAFO braces, therapy along with constant pulling and stretching done by Mommy....


questions about spoon feeding

My son Michael was born October 14, 2008. He weighed 8lbs., 6oz. when he was born, and at his last doctor’s appointment (the first week of March) he weighed 16lbs., 10oz....


I am at a loss.

My son, recently learned how to climb out of the playpen. We took the playpen down, because he almost landed on his head. He is so inquisitive, it is really unsafe to leave...


Changing my sons name!?

I had my first child in December with my fiancee, and I have since left him. I have been gone over a month and he has since seen his son for only 15 minutes, during which he...


Fort Wainwright/ Fairbanks, AK

My husband just recieved orders to Alaska. We will be moving there in January after he finishes AIT (he's reclassing). I was wondering if anyone else is stationed or has been...


Need some help with his side of the family?

So I get a call from my son's grandma(dads side) they dont really get to see him much and she called me today to see if my son could go to his aunts wedding on the 7th but the...


Single moms with MIA fathers

If your childrens fathers don't care about them or put them second to their other children how do you handle it?

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First Time Cloth user..

Hi moms! I am six months pregnant and my spouse and I have decided to go green as in bank account.. With my first we used the throw aways and I hated everything about them. We...