how to deal with my baby's father

well i have a 3 month old baby, i broke up with her father at 4 months pregnant when i found out he had a fiance waiting for him overseas. after putting me through hell...

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passing out??

my daughter is 1 year and has just started something that makes me worry, she fell down and instead of just crying she held her breath until she passed out. i tried to get her...


anyone else having a hard time letting go?

my first baby and i have to go back to work next week. does anybody have any advice on how to 'let go' and be okay with someone else watching over my little one all day while i...

Started by Lauren on 08/04/2012 in Working Moms

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Getting rid of the pacifier

He only uses it for naps and night time so i am not sure how to go about this. I have heard several suggestions, but they seem to apply to kids that use one all of the time....



Im 22 with 3 kids and one on the way. my last baby wont sleep throught the whole night no matter what im scared that by the time my next one gets here he would still be on the...


night time fits

My son is 16 months old and is still doing the 5am feeding. I have no problem with this but he is starting to just want to suckle longer and longer and after about 30-45 min...

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dealing with a cold

My 15 month old son and I both have a cold. We have runny noses and I have a slight sore throat and I am guessing he does too. I am looking for any home remedies to help him...

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My baby suddenly REFUSES to nap!

my 5 1/2 month old was a PERFECT napper. She would would rub her eyes and then we would put her in her crib where she would quietly and peacefully drift off to sleep. She was...


sons behavour with father not around

i have 3 kids all boys my 2 eldest kids have a different father to the youngest i haven't been with their father for about 3 years my 7 yr Nathanual seems to be fine but my 5 yr...


Welcome to the club!

You really don't have to stand alone in this. I know how hard it is to have a child at the age of 11, then find out your pregnant again after all this time. It's really like...


Skip school. Is it normal .....

My girl is 8 yrs old and she always give excuses not to be in school. In one week she would miss one or two days. Whenever she's at home, she either sleep or watch TV. I did ask...


Am I going to lose custody?

I have a beautiful 7 ur old girl who has lived with me since her father and I have split 6 yrs ago. About a month ago she wanted to stay with her dad because she got in trouble...

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Girls with ADD/ADHD, how do you deal?

Looking for moms of girls with ADD/ADHD. My 8 year old has the inattention form, she's not really hyper (any more than a normal 8 year old can be), but does have issues with...


Step mum in need of coping advice

I am a mum to a 4yr old, and step mum to a now 9yr whom I've been in his life for over 5yrs now. After 5 months of keeping my distance from my stepson due to increasingly...

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