baby with stretch marks

My 9 month old was getting a bath and I noticed pink horizontal lines on her lower back. I thought they were marks her diaper had left but noticed them again at her next bath...



I recently created this community for moms and dads with children that are considered to be failure to thrive. There are many reasons for this diagnosis and may head aches too....

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Respect and Organization

Those are my 2 biggiest issues w/ my 11yr old daughter. She doesnt seem to have any respect for our house rules or my things. She does as she pleases and thinks nothing of it....

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My 10 year is out of control! HELP

My 10 year old has always been.. I guess you can call it Spirited as the doctor has called it. She at times is out of control. Kicking, screaming and I mean SCREAMING, mainly...

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need to start potty training

I have a little girl that is two how do i start getting her to use the potty i am not sure how to begain or what to do. i know that she is ready. I just need a little help!


Should I drop the child support case?

My ex left me when I was 4 months pregnant. After our daughter was born I filed for child support. I went to the meeting in December that he was supposed to be at too (and of...

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prayer request

please please i need some christian moms to pray really hard for my request, my son and his wife just told me that they are moving in one week from ut to wisc., they have just...

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Trouble with the boyfriend mom

My boyfriends mother HATES me and I don't know why! I have never gave her a reason not to like me... She said Im not aloud over at her house and she told him that he can just...


Fuzzy Eater.... :(

Hi AlI, I would like to know if anyone have any suggestions with a fuzzy eater. My little one is 20 months, and only eats a hand full every day. The only things she eats is: All...

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Does anyone's child have pigeon toes?

My son turned 2 on May 10th, and has been walking since he was 11-months old. I've noticed that my son trips and falls, but not often, however, people have commented on my...

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Another potty training question?

My daughter was doing amazing at potty training about a year and a half ago. Daddy was deployed and as soon as he got home, she decided potty training was the worst thing in the...

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I am a stay at home mom.. and sometimes I get so stressed out taking care of my daughter all day and night!..She is usually a very good baby... but I hate staying home I wish I...

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Seperation Anxiety

Hello, I am new to this community and I have a question about seperation anxiety. Allison, my little girl, just turned 1 on the 7th of this month. She is my second child but...


5th child at 43 when also a Grandmother.

I had 3 sons and a daughter by the time I was 25. We were happy with 4 children and didn't plan on anymore. However, almost 18yrs after having our 4th, we were blessed with the...

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