Its not behavioral.... I don't think...

I have a 10 1/2 month old who screams and screams every few hours throughout the night. His doctor say it may be night terrors, but then I was told he was too young for that....

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I am still breastfeeding my 2 year old daughter (birthday 1/31). Does anyone have any good ways to wean her? She doesn't nurse alot, mainly at night and for comfort. She may...


help and support with ADHD child.

Hi i was born with a number of very serious heart problems, i am now so ill i require a triceptic valve and conduit replacement that may or may not work, my 12 year old daughter...


how to control ur child who hits?

i want to know how u can control ur chld if he hits other child .my son is not very aggressive and i dont find him hitting everyone but one.and that to he likes pulling his...

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My little boy my hero!

My 7 year old little boy is my hero and this is why.....2 1/2 weeks ago my son was diagnosed with a Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma (a brain tumor) within 24 hours of the find he...


Hard to Get to Sleep

I have a nearly 3 year old daughter who struggles to go to sleep at night. She settles but then startles herself and screams. She tells me something is in her room, but no...


Help with weaning from the bottle

My 18 month old refuses to give up her bottles of milk throughout the night...She usually drinks about 2 bottles a night, but recently has started waking up and wanting 3-4! i'm...



My son is going through the "Mummy can't leave my sight or i'll scream" stage, any idea's on how to focus his attention elsewhere so i can actually do housework properly and not...

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mommies i need advice at 7 years old i was molested by my mothers boyfriend whom beat her everyday until this happened to me a part of me feels that i saved her life when this...


Night Shift

My Husband just went to Nights 12 hour shifts. I really could use some up lifting advance!! Anyone we also have a 4 year old.


Attached to my hair?

My son is 19 months old and ever since he was born he has loved my hair. He would always run it through his fingers and hold onto it while going to sleep or cuddling. Now he is...

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Does anyone use FLIP diaper covers?

I have FLIP diaper covers that I recently bought and so far I absolutely love them. Love that I don't have to change the whole diaper w/each diaper change, only the insert....


Controlling mother in law

My daughter is now two months old and even since before she was born my mother in law has been very controlling about the baby. When I was pregnant she would tell my husband...


Keeping the father away

I found out I was pregnant in August 2013, I told the only man that I had slept with that I was expecting his child. He and I never dated, I made a poor decision, and got a...

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