Potty training twins! please help

ok so my girls are 28 months old and I am trying to start potty training but I am at a loss.. they are into this stage of taking off their diapers with poop in them and playing...


when yelling at them seems to be the only way

i try so hard not to yell but it seems the harder i try the worst it gets ... i dont want my children to feel that yellling is okay. i know everyone has there moments but i was...

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Well this is confusing

I have a 3yo already, and have had several miscarriages in the past. This month, my period was over a week and a half late. Now, I have cycles every 28 days exactly, so being...

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Home Daycare?

currently i have a 14mth old little girl and am 31wks pregnant with my second...i do currently work part time about 20hrs a week...we have been very lucky that our parents and...


Nightime weaning

I have stopped breastfeeding my one year old daughter durning the day. I am now ready to stop breastfeeding at night. She sleeps next to me and nurses about every 2 hours. It...


2 year old too early to start school?

We recently started my 2 1/2 year old son in day care two days a week (tues/ thurs). He has been going off and on for about 6 weeks. I say off and on because he got sick after...



my son is 8 mo and is still not sleepin through the nite. he wakes up ab 3 times goes 2 bed @ 7 and wakes up between 7-8...ne suggestions...ppl tell me that its bc hes such a...

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My story

8yrs ago, I met the man I am now married to. We're very happy together and have two little munchkins. When we met, M had just gone through hell with his ex. She had cheated on...

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Kindergarten Students Attacked In China

http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/100429/world/as_china_students_attacked TAIXING, China - A knife-wielding man attacked a kindergarten class of 4-year-olds in eastern China...

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I haven't forgotten!

Hey everyone! I tried to do this yesterday and had a long message all typed out explaining everything and then....instead of hitting the submit button I hit the cancel button on...


hi Im new here

I am 40 and don't class myself as an older Mum, I'm not old at all......I have a 9 yr old daughter, we live in tenerife. Been here for 10 yrs now. We also have lots of animals....

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Spoiled 18 year old daughter!!!

I am at my wits end with my 18 1/2 year old daughter and I have no idea what to do. She is such a smart girl, works a part time job, goes to school, pays her car insurance and...

Started by Casey on 10/19/2016 in Moms Of Teenagers

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