Help! I don't know if I can do this!!!

I have 7 wk old twins (boy and girl) and a 2.5 yo girl and I am so overwhelmed. My husband was staying at home but found work and my mom just left to go back to home (about 10...

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Weight Gain...

Hi Ladies, At our last few CF appointments, we have noticed that our little one isn't gaining weight very well. At our last appt. we upped her enzymes, and started some...

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Can I file abandoment charges?

I have a situation, the biological father of one of my kids has been texting me telling me i need to tell her that he is her father, but yet she has only met her 3 times and she...

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Need help with terrible two's.

My daughter is almost Three. And she acts like she just turned two. Since she was one I have had problems with her hitting her head on the floor, throwing things, hitting,...


How can I help my angry child?

i have an 11 yr old stepson in 2010 he came to stay with us. He has major anger issues he lies one right on top of another. Every single day he was getting trouble at school....


What can they eat/not eat?

the twins will be 9 months in like 2 weeks and i am unsure if i am feeding them enough or the right foods. i talk to other moms who are feeding them juice and are eating those...



Help, My son is two on the 31st October and he is into everything, he climbs onto the TV cabinet onto the dining table, he trys to lift everything I mean everything Im sure he...


co-sleeping vs. Cribs

When my daughter was born I was in a very small cramped apartment so my husband and I co-slept our daughter in bed with us. It made it easy for the late night feeding, I was...

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Human Rights..

Recently, there have been 2 muslim women expelled from government funded french classes in Quebec because they choose to wear their Niquab. It is an interesting topic I feel,...

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Where to begin: Curriculum

Hello Everyone, My name is Rhonda. I am a Mom to three boys age 12.5 and 7.5 year old twins. I left the USA at the age of 23 to live in England. After 18 years in England we...


Son doesn't want to go to Dad's house anymore

My son, who is almost 11, doesn't want to go to his Dad's house anymore for his "weekend." He says that he has no friends at his Dad's house and he really feels like he is...

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Adoptive Parents Want To Give Back Son

http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Parenting/tony-melissa-wescott-oklahoma-return-adopted-son/story?id=9387389 Melissa and Tony Wescott are afraid of their son. They're so afraid of...

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Frequency of nursing

My daughter is 2 months old... She, for the most of her life, has wanted to nurse anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour and a half at each feeding. Then most times she only goes...


Bad and disrespectful Neighbors

Does anyone hate their neighbors?I have several right around me that are constantly causing problems .All night traffic as they sell their drugs and play the loud banging music...


Throwing tentrum

My 17 months is forveva throwing whateva comes her way how can I control it e.x her bottle, my selfone is that normal....