Best way to transition from a bottle?

My daughter is almost 16 months old and still refuses to drink her milk from anything but a bottle with a nipple, at least when we're at home. If we're out at a restaurant and...

Started by Jessica on 11/17/2011 in July 2010 Babies

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trouble at night with my boyfriend & twin girls

I have been with my boyfriend now for 7 months and have known him for a few years. I havent been introduced to his twin girls untill a couple weeks before we made things more...

Started by Marlee on 11/18/2008 in Step Moms

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Losing my mind -- venting.

I'm sure a few of yall might remember my post from a few months ago. I'm losing my mind yall. My little girl's daddy, my fiance, died in April. I know I'm only 20 years old, but...

Started by Kristy on 09/10/2010 in Single Moms

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new baby conflicts... help!!!

In desperate need of input... I am a 31 year old stay at home mom of two.. We have a five almost six year old and our new little guy which is just hitting three months... My...

Started by Vicki on 02/17/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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how do i get my 1 year old to sleep through the night?

My 1 year old boy goes all day refusing bottles until evening, then he has 1 after dinner and wakes up through the night for bottles. how do i get him to sleep through the night?

Started by Stacey on 06/12/2010 in Toddlers

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potty training

My son is almost 20 months and lately has been constantly taking off his diaper. Even with pants on, he'll pull them down and undo his diaper. So I figure that he doesnt want to...


How can I break my baby from nursing to sleep?

My exclusively breast fed 4 month old baby girl has become dependent on nursing to fall asleep. She has never accepted a pacifier of any of the 4 kinds I've tried. I try to lay...

Started by Ooashx3oo on 07/13/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Help me in this step-mess

I need some advice....my fiance & i have been together for almost 4yrs..my son is now 10 & we have a 1yr old together. My fiance has a huge issue with respect & i have a huge...


No Touching

Hey Ladies, Our daughter Lidija is 3 now and fully potty trained YAY!...lol...my husband and I feel that it's time to teach Lidija about touching and how to know the body...


Breastfeeding Disappointment

My baby girl was born on October 5th, easy delivery, no major issues, calm baby. We were discharged from the hospital 24 hrs later and were told that she will not have jaundice....


Best way to wean my baby

My baby boy is 10.5 months now and I want to have him off the breast by 12months (which will be 12 March). I am getting married in April and want a 4 day honeymoon (would be...

Started by Jessica on 01/31/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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Damn neighbour

So last night we did fireworks for the kiddies. My husband was working July 1st and 2nd (fri and sat) on nights so we didn't get a chance to do fireworks until sunday. We were a...

Started by Jenni on 07/04/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

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