My ten month old has had swollen lymph nodes since the beginning of January. He's been sick 4 different times since then. The doctors are running tests right now. I'm so...


I have a problem...

Hi I am new to this board I have a nine month old little girl who has had a cough since december it's worse when she is crawling around at home. We have gone to the doctor at...

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Hi! We're off to Mexico in a few weeks and am wondering if anyone has any tips on taking a 9mth to a hot / sunny destination and if I should pack along jarred baby food (I...


My 3yr old wont eat properly

We have gone from trying everything & always eating fruit/veg to practically nothing. Loves hotcakes at Mcdonalds & nuggets a sandwich sometimes n meat pie. This has been going...


Bloating Baby

We had the flu a couple of weeks ago then once that was over my 20 month old son started to bloat and have diarrhea. He would have a big poop and his bloating would go down. It...


Growing at their own pace

i feel like people are worrying and comparing there babies alot. just because you baby may not be crawling/walking/getting teeth or r a bit heavyer than other babies the same...

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Diaphragms and non-hormonal BC

Are there any moms out there that are using the diaphragm or some other form of non-hormonal birth control? What was your experience? What do you recommend? My husband and I...

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I am having difficulties. My son is 8 months old today and when he was born I couldn't let him out of my sight I was like supermom but as he got older I started to not want as...



My daughter of 12 years has been sick th epast few days because of stomach pains, painfull and full breast, so i thought she will be getting a period soon.. How old do they have...


when should i start giving my baby water?

My baby girl is a month in a half n i been hearing different people saying you should give ur baby water at this stage yet others say its ok i dont know what to do im a new...

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My daughter was admitted to the hospital on June 30th 2006 because she had a low blood count, the doctors did all sorts of test on her, but it took them 2 months to find out...


Overweight Breastfed 15 mo old

My daughter is 15 months old. She currently weighs 28lbs, and is almost 32 inches. I like to think its beause her dads side of the family is all 6ft+ but my Pediatrician is...


my 16yr old every mothers worst nightmare

my 16yr old is they most conniving, lying, deceitful, backstabbing ever i have dealt with of all my kids. i have 5 kids ages 18-3 and my 16yr old is by far the worst. so much so...

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