Feeling unappreciated

I am a 24 yr old stay at home mom with a 7 month old son and a soon to be 5 yr old daughter...I do all my wifely and motherly duties as expected but lately I've felt as if thats...

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My daughter, Jolie, was borne only a month early and in every other stage of her development is on schedule or ahead of schedule, except her walking. She is now 18 months and...

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still on breast milk

hi to all the mums with jan 2008 cuties...i have a question in mind , my baby girl is still on breast milk , she uses it as a comforter for sleeping time only , and if she...


MMR at 13 months

I was thinking that this is only round the corner and wondered on what peoples thoughts are on this ? I have friends who have had the MMR and also those that have paid to have...


Not moving much

Does anybody else have a baby this age who isn't moving around much? We have made an appointment with a pediatrician but we have to wait 3 months to get in to see one. Our son...


My son is almost 2 and suffers with croup.

My son will be 2 in May and suffers with croup. He first had it in July 2009 at 14 months and has since had it again twice. On 2 occassions we had to phone for an ambulance, the...

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My kids

I am so blessed to have two beautiful children. My daughter is a sophomore at UT Austin and my son will be a senior at JEHS in Edinburg, TX. They have been involved in our...


weight loss....help!! is this normal??

I always heard that you lose weight when you breastfeed. well i gain 70 lbs with my son. i was 97 and weighed 167 when i delivered. and weighed about 150 when i left the...

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My boys are 7 & 3 and can't ever get along. They are wonderful with other children and when alone (usually!) but are awful together. I don't know what to do with them and I get...



What is the earliest that a baby will start teething and how would i know he is teething? My son has been extremely fussy and running a slight temp most of the day. If he isnt...

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Early Riser

Ever since getting sick two weeks ago, my son has been waking up at 5:00am, ready to start his day. Any recommendations for how to get him to sleep any later? I don't feel...



So the other day (Monday) I took my 2 year old son to the local ER because he was turning a shade of purple/blue after waking up from his nap and snuggling with me...he is NOT a...



Hi my little guy was born August 5, he now weighs just over 11lbs and he goes to sleep between 7:30-8:30 and usually wakes around 1;00 and then he is up either evey hour, every...

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Traveling woes

My son is 9 weeks old and he sweats horribly in his carseat. I am also wondering if he is uncomfortable in it . I have no idea but traveling is virtually impossible and I live...