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hi everyone! since im usually the one reading and replying to the odd post i thought i would write my own post! Just a few questions really my baby boy is 5 months and...

Started by Zoe Louise on 08/04/2010 in Cystic Fibrosis Moms

Last update on 09/22/2010 by Zoe Louise


Our Story

I found out I was pregnant on June 27, 2007. I was scared to death because I knew my husband was scheduled to deploy to Iraq in December of 2007 and I wasn't sure how I could...



Kadey is 5 months old and teething, i think...she has the whole drool rash on her chin and is gnawing on anything she can get in her mouth and has become increasingly cranky as...

Started by Laura on 02/16/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 02/16/2009 by Shanyn


Mirena to Birth Control, still no period??

Okay, so I am new to this but I need some thoughts. Here is a bit of the back story, I had my daughter in October 2008, soon after I had Mirena put in (January 2009). The first...


PLEASE Help 4 yr.old who rambles

My 4 year old daughter gets up in the mornings and instead of waking me up will ramble through the house and get into things. This morning I woke up to find paint everywhere all...

Started by Tina on 05/10/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 05/10/2010 by Tina


handling others and breastfeeding

ive seen others conversations on breastfeeding, and im sooo glad to hear im not the only one!! And that there are others still feeding past a year!!! My son is almost 18 months...

Started by Malorie on 09/30/2010 in April 2009 Babies

Last update on 11/03/2010 by Nicki


Refuses to eat

My 4 year old is very strong willed. If he does not want to do something, he won't...regardless of consequences. He particularly plays the power struggle with food. He does...


i need advice

hi i have an 11yr old son who has recently started high school. the first week he was fine getting up off to school ok and he was ok when he came home. this is his 2nd week and...


My almost 3 year potty proublem

So my son will be three in may. About a month ago he was doing amazing with potty training he had went a full week with only 2 acidents. I was about ready to take him out of the...


Can I solely use a breast pump?

What are the negative aspects to solely pumping? I want my baby to have breast milk, however she refuses to eat from my breast. Pumping and giving her a bottle has been so much...

Started by Emily on 06/26/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 07/20/2011 by Elizabeth


ADD and Anxiety-Need Help!

My 8 year old daughter was just diagnosed w/ ADD. She also has always been an anxious child. The beginning of every school year she would cry not wanting to go to school. They...


Setting a schedule?

Hey all, I am the proud mom of a new 5 day old, and due to issues with me, I really didn't want to breastfeed, but want him to get breastmilk, so I am starting to figure out how...


Top Ten Things I Hate About Pregnancy

1. Turning into The Hulk. When people ask me, "how are you feeling?" I'm tempted to say I feel like kicking everyone in the nuts just so they can feel my pain! And if I'm not...

Started by Eve on 06/26/2013 in Expecting

Last update on 08/19/2013 by Enna


Crying baby!!!!!

My sister had a little boy six weeks ago and she is having a terrible time with him, he just wont settle. He is fine when he is in my Mums but as soon as she takes him home she...

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