My son is facing 40 years in prison

My 20 year old son is in jail and is being sentenced in a few days. He is facing up to 40 years. I don't know how to talk to him, or say at this time because it seems everything...

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How do I get my girls back??

I need some unbiased advice. I broke up with my ex/father of my children about 2-1/2 years ago. I moved out a little over 2 years ago, and I asked my parents for help with my...


VBAC or C-section

I am expecting my second child which is a girl just like the first one. I had to have a c-section the first time because my daughter was breach and was not going to move. I am...



any tips for dealing with toddler tantrums my little girl is 21mnths nd turning into a nightmare! especially dressing her and taking her out!

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Hello All!!

I'm sorry I haven't been active yet in this group. I started it to hopefully find more moms going through this and have gotten very busy. I'm a 33 year old mother of a 12...

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I need some help!

have a 5 yearold step son and 9 years old step daughter that I've been around for about 3 -4 years while being with there dad. At first there mom realy resisted against the...

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I've noticed not much is happening here lately... And we have some new members... How about we introduce our selves... I'm Leaha, I'm 27 and the step-mother to a 7 year old...



My 7 yr olds teacher thinks my 7 yr old has add. She is not hyperactive. She is really smart, but just daydreams a lot. The only problem I have at home is attitude. I dont want...

Started by Ashley on 10/22/2009 in School-Age Kids

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YOUR thoughts??

I 13 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl had a baby together and are going to raise her themselves... What do you think about this? Let us know! We'd love to hear your input!


Sons BDAY frustrated with his sperm donor!

My sons birthday is coming up on tuesday and I am getting so frustrated and starting to really HATE my bd even more all i've been doing is crying ..he'll be three tuesday and...

Started by Siera on 11/17/2009 in Moms Under 30

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