Looking for custody advice

I'm a single mother of a 2 year old. Her father and I have been split up since she was about 6 months old. He hasn't given me any child support since we've been split up and up...


Cloth Diaper Newbie

I need all tips i can get from all you amazing cloth diaper moms! I have considered Alvababy and Sunbabys pocket dipers since they are a good price and I have heard alot of good...


Punishment at both houses?

Wanting some input on something... My SD (whom is 12) lives her mom part or the time & with us the other part.(we have her mon., wed.,every other fri., sat., sun. and she ie...

Started by Jamie on 03/06/2012 in Step Moms

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2.5 y/o boy won't eat any suggestions?

My 2.5 y/o is such a picky eater and only will eat pbj sandwich's and pancakes. He used to eat all sorts of food and now he won't and haven't since after his 2nd birthday. I've...

Started by Kristen on 04/25/2012 in July 2009

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Am I overfeeding my son?

I took my son to the pediatrician at 8 weeks and he weighed 14.9lbs and measured 24 1/2, she stated that he was too big (fat) for his age. At that time, he was drinking 5oz...


Help with dry hair

I am raising my great nephew he is 15 months and his mom is african american and his dad is white. I just read i am washing his hair too much but i have been trying mixed chicks...


Having trouble with my 15 year old

I would have never thought i would be sitting here desperately seeking advice regarding my 15 year old daughter. I am so deeply in love with her and yet i can barely stand to be...


I want a fourth child ...am I crazy?

Hello ! I have three lovely children, two boys 9 and 7 and a girl 5Now the thing is I've always wanted four, mainly cus I want mydaughter to have a s sister..I have always...

Started by Chi on 10/20/2012 in Christian Mommies

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ex wants their son to hate me

my husband and i have been married 3 yrs. He has a now 10 yr old son. I don't dicapline the child, just spend time with him when he's with us and treat him really well so he's...


4 year old behavior is worrisome!

Hello, so I've decided to join "Circle of Moms" out of sheer desperation and fear for my 4 year old daughter. To start off, she's not the only child and has a 2 year old...


My teenage daughter

I am the mother of 6 children, ranging in ages from 22 years down to 2 1/2. All but one of them is male, which starts my problem. My daughter is 16 and has recently decided it...


Feeling Neglected by Husband

Iv'e been feeling very neglected and unhappy with my husband for the past year. He never wants to spend time with me or do anything outside of our home with me or our two kids....


I need some extra motivation!!

I know alot of us moms out here have this goal to lose weight, especially me. I have two kids and since I have had them I put on more weight than I like. I mean I used to be...