Plastic Surgery

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

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stress in childs life

my 15 yr.old daughter and I get into frequent arguments and she told me that I am all the stress in her life,her friends think I am unreasonable.I told her I will send her to...


Potty Training

no matter what i do i can't get my son to potty train he knows when he has to go but he won't tell me or go on his own, i heard that seperation from a parent sometime will make...

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Samantha is still not walking......

First of all. Thank you for inviting me into your network. I'm a little concerned. Samantha is not walking on her own yet (Her twin...Adriana has already been walking for 3...

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Introduce yourself and your current project(s)

Hi My name is Tiffany, I'm new to quilting, and loving every minute of it. I'm definitely a fabricoholic, and can't be trusted in a fabric store. I currently live in England...

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This may sound stupid, but I' a mom to a little girl who will be a month old tomorrow. I love her to death. Every day and nite, she won't sleep unless she is being held or...


Spoiling the baby?

Hi! My baby is now 7 weeks old and she is such a queen in our house! Should i worry about her being spoiled as early as now? Im worried that she might end up being spoiled...


My story

when i was 14 i fell pregnant with my daughter hannah it was the most amazing experience in my life.When i was 16 i fell pregnant with brianna it was very hard to leave the...