Terrible 2's, HELP!!!

My son will be two in May. He has already started the terrible two stage where he doesnt listen, tells you no etc. Sometimes my patence runs out trying to get him to listen to...



I know I am not the only one with non verbal child. My son was in preschool and I honestly got the best feeling with his teachers,no bad vibes or problems at all. He now is...


He is gone AGAIN!

Well my hubby is an OTR truck driver for about 1 year, this is hard but i know this job really makes him happy, Im so blessed to see there is a group of wives who battle and...


Custody of newborn

I'm about to give birth to my first baby in a few weeks. I'm no longer with my ex boyfriend, who became increasingly verbally and emotionally abusive during our relationship...

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New Step Mom

I just married my highschool sweetheart and he has a 5 year old daughter. We dated before she was born and the birth mother was his girlfriend before we dated and after we broke...

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staying at home can seem a thankless job sometimes.. as everyone can take you for granted from time to time.. especially when the economy is doing so bad.. I feel the pressure...

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tryjng to fall pregnant part II

A little bit more information: I've been trying to fall pregnant on and off for about two yrs now, I am 26 yrs old and my periods are irregular by irregular periods I mean...

Started by Liz on 01/28/2009 in Moms Under 30

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More of a closed adoption...

Hi! I'm new here. My husband and I adopted our son three years ago (we brought him home at 9 days old). We waited 3 1/2 years to receive the phone call that changed our lives...

Started by Julie on 03/30/2009 in Adoptive Mothers

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Naps and teething and gin and tonics...

Thought that would catch someone's eye! So here's where we're at in the craziness of 8 1/2 months. Etta's teething, pretty wildly I assume, and I fear that everything I have...

Started by Emily on 04/28/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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How can I as a sngle mom create the perft. balance

How can I as a working single mother create the perfect balance between working 40 hrs. & being able to spend more time with my precious son? How can I create the perfect...

Started by Tanya on 05/30/2009 in Single Moms

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Getting a little lonely at home.

Well my husband is in the military so as of right now we are both thousands of miles away from our friends and family. I have made some friends here in Texas, but when I had my...

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Anxiety without medication?

I was diagnosed with anxiety, panic attacks, & PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). From the beginning I told my therapist I didn't want to be put on medication. She insisted...


Is the Stepmother overstepping her boundaries?

I am a mother of a 15 year old (turning 16 this month). My ex-husband married the woman he had an affair with while we were married. I do admit that for the first year after he...

Started by Trina on 12/10/2012 in Toddler Moms

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