7 months old & No More Reflux

Ok please read and take this very seriously. What I am sharing with you could potentially bring happiness and rest back to your home. My son is 7months old. Since he was put...


Cheating "Vows" Story Causes Scandal

WHAT happens when love comes at the wrong time? Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla met in 2006 in a pre-kindergarten classroom. They both had children attending the same...

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one or two children which is better?

I have a one year old little girl. I am completely happy with her. I am happy with how our family is and to me it feels complete, but at the same time I don't want her to be...


baby #2 on the way with SUA worrying and scared

i have a 3year old daughter and other then a few complications at the end my first pregnancy went great! ive had a ton of problems with ovarian cyst and was told it would be...

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How to deal with child's father having a new baby

Hello, I'm new and looking for some advice. A few months ago I had a baby by my ex boyfriend. He broke up with me when I was 3 months stating that he wasn't in love, he didn't...

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Any ideas on building up immune systems!!!!PLEASE

My little Miracle Ian was born 9 weeks early due to me having preeclampsia!!! He was 2lbs 10.5 ozs! He was only on the oxygen for a couple hours and CPAP for 2 days he was on an...

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Sleeping Habits~~

Hi mums from the other side of the world~~ i have a big sleeping problem with my lil one who's turning 1 in 2 weeks~~!! not sure how it's like in other countries, but in HK...


When family wont listen

So today was my first day back to work and on the days that i work nights my stepmom picks up both my 3 year old and 6 week old from daycare, when i droped off milk this morning...


Lesson 9--------don't laugh

When you first become a parent, you’re often bombarded with quotes on motherhood and child-rearing and some of them are very helpful, but more often than not they are so...


Do I Keep My Kids Away From My Mom?

My family and I were recently living with my mother and step father while looking for a new home and during that time I noticed a very big change in my mother from when I had...

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I recently had my son on methadone and ladies,,,,,watching this is so hard...I blaim myself, hes been there for what will be 2 months, my advice get ready for this,,,,its so...


Kids are kids

Although my children are all grown up I still and will always see them as my babies.The first day of school has always been the hardest on me as a parent.I throughly loved...