BM won't sign the agreement!!!

So, we went to mediation with my daughter's bio mom in the middle of July. She lives over 1600 miles away from us and called into the apointment. An agreement was made (after 4...

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Six Years

Six years, and still I grieve my dad. I was definitely a "daddy's girl". Although he passed in May, this time of the year is the hardest for me because he loved the Christmas...


Time out in public places...

I'm a believer in time-outs whenever and wherever it is needed... Lately I have been getting horrible looks from people when I have my child take a time out in the middle of...


Why I didn't formula feed

I got a good laugh from this posting I found on the Breastfeeding is Legal, Keep it that Way fb group: Reasons I Didn't Formula Feed By Marilyn Everywhere I go, formula...



Hi, I have four children in total but only two of them have kiddies of their own. I often get accused of showing favouritism towards one or the other!! I really don't think I do...


Starting solids

What is the best way to decide when to start solids? Depending on the source 'experts' say anywhere between 4 and 12 months. I always thought I would start when my daughter...

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Hate leaving your kid(s)?!

My son is 10 months old and I absolutely hate leaving him! I only work until 12:30 and most of the time I go straight to get him from grandma's. When I'm not working I spend...


Percentile dropping...

Our daughter at birth was 50th percentile across the board, now her head/height is 75th but weight at four months was 25th. She is just 5 months old now and is now in the 10th...

Started by Mary on 11/09/2009 in June 2009 Babies

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Finding GOOD friends?

I'm having such a hard time finding GOOD kids for my 9-yr-old son to hang out with. It seems like everyone I know with kids his age has girls. And the few boys in his class are...


Marrying older?

I am 26 and my husband is 45 .. I get a lot of crap from people cause of our age difference. I love him and he adores me.. I am very happy and I know thats all that...


Helicopter Parents

We should all be aware of the news that has been coming out lately about a hopeful end to the helicopter parent. As teachers, we see firsthand how an overly involved parent can...


Breast sheild?

I've never really had an issue with my son eating but now that his top teeth are coming in towards the end of his feeding his teeth REALLY hurt. He doesnt bite, it just rubs...

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Going Crazy

I am a single mother. My baby's father and I have not been together for a while. He refuses to give me child support, and the only time he spends with her is when he has to and...

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Scared to go back to schooL!!!

I just recently had a babyboy who is now 3 months old and I go back to school in January (next month), I am scared to leave my baby. I mean I carried him for over 9 months and...

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Christian School vs Public School

I know this is an age old debate but my 14 year old made the comment the other day that public school has gotten ridiculous with its teachings and that he wants to go to a...

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