Weaning for breastfeeding

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to help with weaning. My son is 9 months and starting with two teeth. Some days I can handle it just at times he like to bit. I've...


i need help!!!!!!!!

ok so i have 3 kids, a 7 year old a 3 year old and a 2 year old, my 3 year old has done nothing and i really do meen nothing but screem from the day he was born (after resus) i...


new here

just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. my name is shari i am 39 and a mother of 2 ages 10 and 5 and i have fibromyalgia.


cancelling visits

Help...has anyone ever had their ex cancell nearly every visit with the child? Should I take him back to court to get his visitation reduced so I don't have to try and explain...


im so confused help please

i leave my baby girl matilda with her nan (her dads mum) whill i do tafe 2 and a half days it was all going good till another friend of mine who knows my ex said that he had...


I have a 2 yr old and a1 yr old

How do you feel saine when you have no one to watch your kids and have no time to yourself what can i do to feel like myself again. I am tired of feeling like i wear my...


Arts and Crafts and Activites for toddlers!

I am looking for different arts and crafts activities, plus other play activities for my two toddlers. I have a 1 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. Let me know what your kids...

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Being Pregnant and a US Marine!

i am a little worried about having only 6 weeks off after i have my baby. I dont know if i should continue to breastfeed after i go back to work. The other thing im worried...

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Local Mental Health facility has been providing a group therapy preschool for my son. It has been helpful in that I don't have to pay for as much daycare...but I was hoping that...