Im very young but i have two children, The father of my children decided he wanted out of the relationship and i just need some support or advice on how to cope with everything....

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Looking for a job!!!

Hi I am a stay at home mother and my husband and I need some extra income. I do not want to go back to work and send Layla to daycare because I want to be the one to raise her....

Started by Vanessa on 04/14/2010 in Work At Home Moms

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so frustrated

Ok, so I asked my county for some living assistance and they ordered me to go after my son's father for child support, even though we "are" together. When he found out he...



I am a new mom. My daughter is just two weeks old. I am trying to beastfeed for the first year and am beginning to have doubts as to if I will be able to do it. It just seems...

Started by Erica on 10/22/2008 in Nursing Mothers

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Let her see her dad often as i do??

My daughter is going to be one within the week... I let her father see her when I have the time mostly whenever he asks.. I am not with him because of personal problems that do...


Sciatica ... now what? ****UPDATED****

I just found out that I have this. I've not heard of it and my doc says that tylenol and heat will take care of it ... but so far that hasn't proven to be true. There are...


C- Sections at Ft. Riley

I may regret asking this question, but I guess I am scared and curious: Has anyone had a C-section at Ft. Riley, and if so what was your experience? I will be having on in...


Need Advice

Am about to be a new mom in Nov. I was wondering could i handle being a single mom? My ex and I was together for the past two years and this is are first baby.. We were going to...

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Any Diabetics??

I was diagnosed with Diabetes a few weeks ago (a little early because I had all the symptoms) and am now insulin-dependent. The docs are unsure if it's just gestational or if...

Started by Melanie on 03/30/2009 in July 2009

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Mystery bumps, turn into monster boils

My daughter, Allison, is 17 months old. She started sleeping in her own crib & room when she was almost 14 months old. Shortly after that she started getting bumps, tiny...



So it all started today. I woke up feeling great! I had to get ready for my gyno appointment that I had today and that I have been waiting to schedule. This appointment was...


When dad won't do diapers

Consider yourself lucky if your child’s dad does diaper duty. In India, 86 percent of dads say they would never touch a diaper because it’s women’s work. According to a...

Started by Katherine on 05/22/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Let\'s get this thing started!

Hello!\n\nI thought it would be fun to have a place to post stories, seek advice, or just share our hearts about our children. Please feel free to invite others! I am...



Am a working mother of a 26 months baby boy. I have noticed recently that wen I get home he starts misbehaving like throwing things at the babysitter, wen I try to stop him he...


Overwhelmed and irritated?

Anyone else finding that the overwhelming amounts of "advice" is just slightly irritating? I mean seriously, I've never in my life had so many friggen people tell me how WE are...

Started by April on 05/18/2010 in Expecting

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