Can you PLEASE explain?

I'm sorry, but I just dont understand what Autism is. A few people think my toddler has autism, but they aren't telling me what it is. I'm tired of looking it up, and not...



My husband and I have a beautiful 18 month old daughter. She is the baby and has 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. We don't here to much from the girls BM, but the BM of...

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Have you ever had horrible neighbors?

The ppl who used to live next to us were what most ppl would call trailer trash. (even tho they lived in a house) Their kids were always doing stuff to our dogs. Once I even saw...

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Pumping Question

I have been successfully breastfeeding my bs for 8 weeks. I rarely/but sometimes supplement him with formula in the evening - one feeding. He has been sleeping through the night...

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dont be shy

Hi everyone, I see a lot of new members and would like to welcome you to the group. To all the new members please feel free to introduce yourselves and share a little about you...


I am missing my little one

I am missing my little one i let her go spend time w/ her dad over seas & its killing me that i have not been with in almost a year. To top it all off her main purpose for goin...

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Used and Overwhelmed

Am I right or wrong for wanting free time? My husband wants his son over as much as possible. I sometimes feel used and overwhelmed when this happens because I have two...

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warming up to adopted children

our oldest son and his wife just adopted three children from an orphanage in Colombia. The oldest child 9 is demonstrative and seems to be adjusting the best, which is to be...



I was brought up Church of England and my partner is a Catholic although he blieves the rligion he does not go to Church on a regular basis. | lost my faith some years ago when...

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The fathers family.

Oliver is 10 months old and ever since I got pregnant Oliver's father and his family has done nothing and has sat here and told my what a slut I was and what a bad mother I am...


Clingy little girl!!!

Hello my name is emily i have a 2 year old son and a little girl nearly 10 months. My little girl is incredibly clingy and screams if im out of her sight. She is still in our...

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