Breastmilk and formula

I am currently on Reglen to help me produce more milk. The problem seems to be the volume of milk that comes out. My baby has to eat for an hour straight to be full ( 7...

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Favorite reads?

What is your favorite parenting book and why? This can be fiction, non-fiction, any age groups, gender, genre, etc. What book have you read and gone "ah, that makes so much...


how to ease the stress levels?

please no rude or bad judment about my situation. im 17 and, my husband is in ait and we have a 4 month together. we argue a lot over stupid things but i try to be supportive...


doesnt want to breast feed plz help!!

My son is 8 mths old hes ben off today...crying more then usual im not sure if he is teething or if there is something he didnt digest well. He had hes normal food 3 meals a day...



I have a 3 and a half year old daughter, Maggie. Since she was 11 months old, she has been very defiant, selfish, and out right MEAN. Being a stay at home mom, she has been...


HELP Very Concerned MAMMA!!! with two concerns???

my daughter's 3 year old check up was today. we just switched her to a different practice because her doctor was highly recommended but close to retirement age and we found to...

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Balancing nursing and being a mom?

Anyone having a hard time trying to spend time being a great mother and a great nurse? Sometimes I feel that I am neglecting the kids with all the overtime i have to put in,...


Need help

My 3 month old daughter hasn't been feeling well lately and so she's been feeding every two hours again like she's a newborn. I feel like my breasts aren't able to keep up with...

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"I'm More Infertile Than You"

This was a weird blog that I came across and I wish I could find the link for it. It was actually a link from a message board forum. There was a woman posting her struggles to...

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my story

i lost my baby due to miscarriage on january 26th. i woke up @6:30 am in labor intense pain and spotting blood. i called everyone that i knew, and my friend Darwin...


Helping myself to Help my Stepson

I am absolutely to the end of my rope with my step-son, I honestly don't know what to do. My 5 year old Step-son keeps peeing on my 18 month old sons toddler bed. He did it...

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Just a quick hello

As the mother of three who lived most of her life struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, I feel that it is necessary for moms that are in recovery to reach out to other...