no idea..

Well like most of you moms, you all have mother in-laws and/or grandparents to your son or daughter. Well i have major issuse with my mother inlaw. Her and i got along very well...


Broken Teens

I started reading a book called "What Your Daughter Isn't Telling You." I've only read the first chapter so far but I teared starting at the introduction. I've always had a...

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Young child starting Adderall

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new here and this is my first post so bear with me. My son was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD last year at 2 1/2 years old. Now I'm told he may be showing...


entitled to half income tax?

So we filed taxes about a week ago and i am a stay at home mom. I stopped working because i was having my third baby in 3 years. therefore it made mroe sense to stay home than...



I start work next week and when I pump to try and save some milk for the sitter I don't seem to get much (1/2 to 1 ounce). Is my baby getting enough to eat? He seems...

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Bottle weaning & ...

Okay so I'm looking for just ADVICE; don't want any negative remarks. The ONLY way without doing the CIO method that we could get our daughter to sleep was rock her to sleep...


Bed Wetting

Hey everyone, I have a 7 year old step son, who still wets the bed. We have consistantly been to his pediatrician about this. He has put him on Murilax to help with his...


please help

if anyone on here knows of anyone who is a personal trainer or anything along those lines that i can at least email and get some type of advice on how to lose this weight PLEASE...

Started by Kortney on 07/27/2010 in Christian Moms

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How do I get my son to eat?

He has a snack at 4pm at daycare. Then at 7pm we eat dinner. When we go to eat dinner he may take 3 to 5 bites then will refuse to eat so I try to let him feed him self and he...

Started by Bridgett on 12/15/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Broken family & Desperate for Advice!!!

My daughter's father and I were together for 4yrs and just broke up maybe 3months ago. Earlier this year, we made a decision to relocate to NC because there was a lot of turmoil...


Overactive let-down reflex! HELP!

I'm a working mom, so I have to double pump at work, and I pump one side in the moring while he eats the other side. But I think this has made my supply too strong! Now when he...

Started by Sharana on 10/09/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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I have 2 babies one 13 months and the other 1 months and im over whelmed! I just dont know how to divide my time. I try but im feeling like i might be not giving enough quality...



We have two toddlers and no money so I started working, just a temp position to pick us back up. Well... I have NO TIME!!! No time for the babies, the hubby, the house, the...

Started by Heather on 01/30/2011 in Working Moms

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Anyone else a lonely mummy?

My daughter is 14 months old and Im a SAHM with my partner as he is my carer (I have Cerebral Palsy.) we've just moved to Cornwall from Manchester and although I love my new...