Screaming fits at bedtime

Hi everyone. My 22 month old little girl has for the past two weeks crying herself to sleep. I put her down at around 8:30 everynight and she cries and screams for at least 30...


Braxton Hicks Contractions

Well Im due September 9th. So as of today Im 26 weeks pregnant. Its a little girl. I already have a 2.6 year old boy. But I was wondering if anyone else who is expecting, if...

Started by Ashley on 06/03/2011 in Expecting

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Teenage sex fiend.

My grandson is sixteen and thinks he's a man and everytime i turn my back he is in bed with his girlfriend. I don't want him to ruin his life, he is a great kid.His mom passed...


Traveling with the kids?

My husband and i will be traveling on a cruise with the kids. The first half of our journey will begin in the airport, and then the ship. So, should we invest in a twin...

Started by Rosie on 01/15/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Can I get your opinions please??

A few days ago my friend was over with her two kids, I babysat them for an hour and then she stayed to visit. She had parked her new Mazda 5 on the side of the road. While she...


Eight year age gap

My two boys have an eight year age gap, which create constant war in our house!! I need advise on how to keep the two of them at peace, at least some times, and to get...



What is a normal nap schedule for a 9-month old? My son rarely takes naps at daycare (i.e. all day, 5 days a week), but then crashes at home, and takes 3 naps per day on the...

Started by Alicia on 12/15/2008 in March 2008 Babies

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Hi there!

My name is Myroslava and i am a mother to a beautiful baby girl Sophia Grace, who is almost 6 months old. Before she was born, and even while i was pregnant i never...


Hi all, still nursing?

I am new here, so hi to all of you! Ok so I am still nursing and was wondering if there was anyone out there still nursing? I am trying to stop but am finding it hard to get my...


feel like a failure

Hi Wen my daughter was a year old i was diagnosed with pnd. I have been off my meds for about 3 months and really struggling, and just wondered if theres any others out there...

Started by Kirsty on 09/28/2010 in April 2008 Babies

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My son can not say words

My son is 2 1/2 and cannot speak words. I have a 2 year old girl cousin who can speak words everyone can understand a lot better than my son. He has maybe 3 words I can...



Hi im new here and i am in need of some advice. I am a mom of 2. 1 boy and 1 girl. My little girl is almost a year and half and my son is 3 months. I am having issures with my...


Advice on motivating the dad-to-be?

The father-to-be is very excited and proud about the little girl we're expecting. But his hours keep getting cut at the job he has, (plus he just enrolled for health insurance,...