Anyone Else Already in a Halloween Mood?

Ok I know I'm not the only one! You bought a costume (or 2) last year ahead of time, but you're still looking at more for your little boy or girl! You are planning out the...

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How can you work, go to school and have kids

Im a single working mum with two kids and want to start my law degree next year. I no iam capable because ive seen other women in similar cases do it regardless of a time frame...

Started by Mirry on 09/13/2010 in Working Moms

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waking up hysterical

My two year old has gone down to only one nap a day about 4 months ago now. We have a new baby in the house, for the last 3 months. This last month, almost two, she has been...

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Mean sisters

What do u do when ur nine year old is mean to her five year old sister someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by Mary on 02/15/2011 in School-Age Kids

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toddler sleeping through the night

My daughter is 3 and STILL does not sleep through the night. I lay down with her to help her to sleep but she usually wakes around 2:00 and wants me back. She will not let her...


What do I say when she asks why she has no daddy?

I sole custody of my one year old daughter. Her father has seen her maybe three times. She is just starting to talk, so I know this is a ways off, but I have been dreading this...

Started by Julia on 01/23/2012 in Single Moms

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This drives me crazy!!!!

I hate it when moms/grandmothers etc. pick there kid up and coddle them everytime they fall or scrape their knee or something really minor. I think there is a good time and a...



My son's pediatrician said he should be saying 40 - 50 words. He is saying maybe 20 at the most and a lot of those are words hes only said once or twice. He comprehends really...

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Anyone out there?

My son hit 14 and it started, he is now 16 and a good kid but mouthy and a mind all of his own, i know nothing...Was i ever 16??LOL!

Started by Kim on 11/19/2008 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Hi Newbie

I have a 15 year old daughter who has autism spectrum disorder, looking forward to chatting with you.


how does teething affect nursing?

My lo is 4.5 months old. We are bfeeding exclusively. Recently, her bottom two front teeth have made an appearance. I have psoriasis, and I have also had an oversupply...


Update on my situtaion

My daughter finally decided it was time to get her own place....She went an rented a 2 bedroom house (not an apartment) because she wants to start taking her 2 year old, whom I...


Sleepless nights

My daughter is 28 months and will not sleep through the night if she is in her own bed. She will wake up and cry for me, when i lay with her she goes right back to sleep. She...

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Do you Like to use Pullups??

Trying to Potty Train my 2.5 Year Old... He wears underwear when we are home but whats best for when we are Out and About? I want him to know that its alright to go Potty...