Mommy of a Preemie!

Raquel was born 6 weeks early, born on Nov 14, 2008. My original due date was Dec 21! She's very healthy though and is now 9 months old & weighs 23 lbs! lol


how to stop breastfeeding

i have a 1 and a half year old son. i am breastfeeding him. now im pregnant again...how to stop my son's breastfeed...he cries all the time....he takes good meals but he doesnt...



My son is 8 months old and likes being on his feet but is always on his tip toes does any1 know when he will stand with feet flat to the floor? x



My daughter keeps umlatching and fussing. I am not sure why she is doing this. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?

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I'm New Here

Good Morning everyone, I have a 15 month old baby girl name Kamora, and she is a little under weight for her age. I'm not that to concerned because she is gaining weight, I...

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c section

Allright ladies heres a question for those of you who have had c sections...I had my daughter 19 weeks ago my csection area is swollen still and I still have a numb bottom belly...



I like to knitt. I've been doing it since i was 16. I cheat because I use a loom. But is it odd that I like to do it? I mean I can only make hats and scarfs... but it's way...



My little man is nearly 11 months old and he just got his first tooth through today. Does anyone else have a child whose teeth are just starting to come through?


hi every one

my name is natasha and i am the proud and single mother of an amazing beautiful baby girl who is 9 months now and am enjoying watching her grow

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Hi with a question :P

I am a mother of three , two girls one now finally one boy ! I am hoping to read many things posted by many great people ! I as for a question am dealing with my 4 month old...


Not interested in breastfeeding

my little guy has started nursing for a few minutes, then latching on just so that he can pull himself back off. He refuses to lay still. I try to hold him tight when he starts...


18 need friends

hi im marina im 18 and married and my daughter liliana is almost 11 weeks old and my husband is a marine and at the time being we're in pensacola fl. and we will only be here...