i feel like i'm disappearing

I feel like I'm disappearing. None of my friends have kids. I stay at home with my 2 kids. I just moved to a new town where I don't know a soul. My husband is away from home...


My son is crabby for no reason today.

I try to feed him, he only wants crackers. I gave him tylenol and baby pepto and still all he does is cry. It's so out of character for him and after a full day I just really...

Started by Shelly on 11/11/2008 in Toddlers

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Hi, I have a 9 month old girl, who recently has started rocking her self back and forth, so often that she has begun crying about an hour after she is put down to sleep for the...


Who are you?

Okay everybody, lets introduce ourselves on here. Please say where you're from, where you're living, how many kids you have (and ages) and whatever else you might want to share.

Started by Melanie on 11/19/2008 in International Moms

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Gagging trying new foods at 18 months?

My daughter is almost 18 months old but she still doesn't like to eat what we eat. She basically eats macaroni, baby food and crackers. She gags when I try something new with...

Started by Angie on 12/03/2008 in June 2007 Babies

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My daughter has the stomach virus...

Hey everybody. My 6 year old Jaden Beth has the stomach virus. My poor baby! She hasn't been able to eat and she is very "unbalanced" when she gets up. Just wondered if anyone...

Started by Wendy on 01/15/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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no period

hi i need some help,i recently had a a baby girl who's now 8months old & just after giving birth i used have my period somtimes twice in the month,but 3months ago it stopped.i...


unexpected progress

My beautiful daughter who is now 5 months old (8 weeks corrected) decided she was going to roll from her tummy to her back last night!! i could not believe it i was soooo happy,...

Started by Cher on 04/21/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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What do you reckon?

I have a 1yr old son Kane Tristan & when the time comes to have our second child we have a girls name chosen 'Abigail Edna Lillian' but I want to know how wrong it would be to...


she just wont take the bottle!

I am going back to work in just 2 weeks and I am still breastfeeding!!!! I have tried everything to ween her off to the bottle and she just wont take it! any ideas???

Started by Jasmeen on 07/08/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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Any Ideas

I am an almost first time mom. i'm due in about a month. I was just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom for a first time mother.


Mommy of a Preemie!

Raquel was born 6 weeks early, born on Nov 14, 2008. My original due date was Dec 21! She's very healthy though and is now 9 months old & weighs 23 lbs! lol


how to stop breastfeeding

i have a 1 and a half year old son. i am breastfeeding him. now im pregnant again...how to stop my son's breastfeed...he cries all the time....he takes good meals but he doesnt...