Out of control!

My 2 & 3 year old girls are out of control! I don't know if they were spoiled too much as babies or what is going on, but they've got myself & my boyfriend at our breaking...

Started by Thea on 10/18/2010 in Tyrannical Threes

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how to get child support

i am 16 year old with a 1 year old daugter my friend said i can get my daugter dad for child support but my mom dont want to bec he would go to jaul my question is if he gose to...

Started by Rowan on 04/27/2012 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Needs advice.....

Alright, I need some advice... My ex and i broke up about 3 months ago. We have a 5 year old and a16 month old. It was definitely not a clean break up. Anyways 2 weeks after we...

Started by Heather on 12/06/2012 in Moms Under 30

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Should we have another child?

My husband and I have always wanted three children, but lately I have been wondering if we should be happy with the two beautiful, healthy ones we have now. We have a three year...

Started by Becca on 12/03/2008 in Moms Under 30

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Judgemental mommas!

Okay I might get some negative feedback from this but here goes. I am straight up pissed off about how defensive and single minded I have noticed so many people being. Isnt...


16 Weeks preg with triplets & have so many questions

Not sure I know where to start. I am seeing my regular OBGYN and the high risk preg. dr every two weeks. They put me on modified bed rest at 14 weeks and said I could get up to...

Started by Melissa on 06/17/2010 in Triplets

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Screaming Nightmare!

there is a child who I watch who demands to be held constantly. I have fed him, changed him, rocked him, played with him, etc. He screams all the time, he demands to be held! I...


my son is eating his crib

My Son is almost 17 months, and we noticed little teeth marks around the top edging of his crib since he was about 1 year old. We just kind of ignored it and thought it was due...


questions about moving to a bed

over the summer, my 2 year old tried to climb out of his crib. he failed, and his head met the floor. that was the last time he tried...until he figured out how to do it very...

Started by Melissa on 12/23/2009 in Toddlers

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Umbrella stroller FRENZY

Some opinions needed, please! I am obsessing over which umbrella stroller to buy. My little girl is just over 18 lb already, and that infant carrier is getting HEAVY!!! Any...



I am a bio mom to two lovely boys. My first born passed away at the age of 17 months in 2008. My second born is almost 2 years old. I am a step mom to a beautiful almost 5 year...


Should I be keeping the sperm donor away?

My ex was not around for my whole pregnancy. He said he did not want the baby, and did not want me to have it. I refused to get an abortion or give him up for adoption so i'm a...

Started by Haley on 10/09/2010 in March 2010 Babies

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First time mom

I am a new mom of a two month old baby girl. I am undoubtedly blessed to have her in my life but i always feel like something wrong might happen to her. She has acid reflux and...

Started by Habiba on 12/31/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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5th child at 43 when also a Grandmother.

I had 3 sons and a daughter by the time I was 25. We were happy with 4 children and didn't plan on anymore. However, almost 18yrs after having our 4th, we were blessed with the...

Started by User on 03/29/2009 in Moms Over 40

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