New Mom

I just had a baby girl and i love her to death. It's such a great feeling being a new mother, but I think when she cries I get over whelmed or something is this normal? Or could...


any tips on getting a newborn to settle..?

My baby is 3weeks old hes great of a day feeds and goes back to sleep but when it gets to about 8pm ish hes wide awake and.feeding constantly and wont settle back to sleep till...

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Child's comforter

So my 3 year old has been extremely attached to my hair since she was just a few months old. I had my hair thinned and got glued it together at the top and put a ribbon around...

Started by Molly on 10/26/2013 in Toddler Moms

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Hello Mommy's! anyone else lonely?!?

Hi mommy's. My name is Amanda, and I have a 71/2 month old (Delilah) is her name. I'm 24 and live in Guelph. I am so very blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to stay at...

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hi my name Emma and suffer from borderline personailty disorder. i am married for 11 years. i have one son with diyspraxia and my marrage is in a little state. in relationship...


hello! introducing myself

Hello, I am 21 yr old mother of a beautiful 6 month old girl. And I am proud to say she has never had a drop of formula! I laughed very hard when i saw the name of this group,...


wondering what to say..

there is a chance right now that i could be pregnant. my husband and i have a 8 month old girl and a 2 yr old boy. we weren't planning on haveing any more. at least not right...

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I have a two 1/2 year old girl. She is great but very hyper. I try not to keep her in her high chair but that's the only time I can get things done around the house. What can I...

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Needing some support

Hello Ladies. First let me begin by saying that I am a proud mother of a handsome little guy name Wesley. I stay at home with him and I am a full time student. My concern with...



my 16 month old litle girl is getting horrible at throwing tantrums to get her way.her doctors says its best to just let her trow it but not give in to her.i just cant handle...


i don't want to be selfish....

ok my family is blended 2 " baby daddy's" 2 "baby mommas" and one marriage.... ours. well there are 9 kids in the mix of it all! about a year ago we moved our family to a diff...


To keep me from crying in front of him

I am writing this mostly just to relax a bit, but any information or advice the step-moms here may be able to provide will be welcomed. I have written a few posts but I have...

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Am I doing too much "For me?"

My question is, how on earth can I balance my education and career aspirations with the needs of my almost 20 month old daughter? And is the level of guilt that Im feeling...

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Dressing for my age/lifestyle

I am 30, married about 4 months, and have 5 children (combined) ages 16, 14, 12, 11, and 9. And I am in a total fashion rut/state of confusion. I am too young to dress "old" but...


daughter sleeps with me and husband....now what

i know i know i broke the rules i started this BUT...it was soo much easier than going to her crib..bf'in then going back to bed...well now she sleeps thru the night...but...

Started by Dani on 06/19/2009 in Moms Under 30

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My little girl Reagan was born 9/27/09, she was healthy and happy. In October she got stuffed up and congested, the doctor said it was just a cold and it went away in about 10...