Child 18 months, starting to potty train

Hi, I have a little girl whos 18 months and i know shes ready to start being pottty trained because she takes off her own diaper and shes already used the toliet twice...once...

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How many oz?

My baby girl is 3 weeks old today and I'm wondering how many oz a day is average? I pump about 20 oz per day.



I'm just wondering if I'm weird for thinking that moms don't have to be perfect? Reading the magazines and I noticed that when a mom goes out and drinks a few drinks she's...

Started by Elizabeth on 10/15/2009 in School-Age Kids

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how long can you pump?

this seems like a silly question, but i am working full-time and i am scared of drying up. I've read all the low milk supply tips and do most of them. but if pumping is not an...


Nap time?!

My son is 3 weeks away from being 2 years old and he has decided that he doesn't want to take naps anymore. Do your kids still nap? What do I do?!

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Anyone hear anything about exersausers being bad for baby development? The girls early step physical therapist recommended we not use them along with the jenny jump up. Guess...



My twins were born early and they will be eleven months in a few days. They just started sitting up and still are not crawling and they do this crazy hand thing...anyone else...

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Convertible Car Seat - Canada

Just wondering what kind of rear/forward facing car seat everyone has bought since our little ones are at that age. Also do you like it? Does it fit in your vehicle well (what...


working mom vs. mom-child relationship

can it really affect the mom and child relationship if moms are working and just have little time for our baby? im a bit scared that she wont be that attached to me anymore when...

Started by Jeniffer on 05/13/2010 in Working Moms

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teeth and breastfeeding... IM TERRIFIED!

my son has 4 teeth now and everytime he latched on i can feel his teeth on my nipple right as he latches on, he has bitten me befor but has since stopped most of the btting, but...

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Pooing in the tub

My son is getting ready to turn 2 in July-All the sudden every time we take a bath right before be he stands up and poo's in the tub-He isn't really talking yet-I get his little...

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Diaper Rash

Ok... This isn't just a typical rash... It is almost considered extreme, it just hasn't gotten to the point of bleeding yet. My 17 month old has had it now for almost 4 weeks....

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How to start peeing

My daughter is 20 months old and we've been working on potty training. She knows when she has to go potty and she'll tell me, but I can't figure out how to teach her to start...

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Weaning off the pacifier

Im trying to wean my 13-month-old off his pacifier. I'v heard that pacifiers can affect the spacing of his teeth, cause a lisp, etc. With him, if its out of sight, its out of...

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husband is showing on the sex offender list

I thought I would feel some sense of justice or relief, but nope. just heartbroken. picture didnt hardly look like him. although who is gonna smile for their mug shot,...

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