best place to raise bi racial kids

My 17 yr old daughter is half black, half white. She is experiencing racism at school. She has always felt very self conscious because we live in a mostly white community. I am...


rude bi-racial comments

i am white and my soon to be husband is Mexican we are expecting our first child in no time due May 2011! My family really loves my boyfriend and they know he will be a great...


Bi-racial hair

My daughter is half black, half white her hair has more of the white texture to it. As her grandma says she has good hair. But the problem is her hair isn't black or white. The...


Describe your family!

I am Caucasian and am married to an amazing man from Zacatecas, Mexico! I have two fabulous little girls who are 5 yrs and 3 months old right now.