My daughter got kneed in the vagina :(

Hey ladies can use please help me so I was in the room cleaning and my daughter had to of her friends over and they were mucking around and one of her friends grabbed her and...


Sleep training

My son is five months old I have been nursing him to sleep and co sleeping however it is To the point now that he wakes up the moment I lay him down and wants to comfort nurse...

Started by Cassie on 08/11/2013 in Breastfeeding Moms

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playing with makeup

i have always found it weird seeing young girls wearing makeup and my daughter is not allowed to touch my makeup. im really anal about it lol anyway, lately she has been...


teen age wars

Help!!!!! Ever since my daughter turned 13, she is permanently in a mood and i dont seem to understand her. She has bcome so rude and wont communicate with anyone. She wont even...


Late period ...concerned

I'm hoping I can get some advice from other mums My period is now 9 days late. I've had all the usual ... I guess you could call them pre warning signs that my period was...



id like to learn about digi scrapbooking, i really want to make a scrap book so my baby can look when she grows older, but i lack creativity. help me.

Started by Jessy Lou on 09/08/2013 in DigiScrapping Moms

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Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post something to introduce myself. My name is Niki and I am expecting my first child. I am only 13weeks along but have had quiet the journey so...

Started by Nicolle on 09/17/2013 in First Time Mums

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ive been breastfeeding my daughter forn4 months now and I still see no difference in my weight, I have searched and searched for ways I can lose weight, I go for a few walks a...


Hard making friends

Hi I'm Tee :) I'm 19 years old and due to have my first child in May. I'm having a hard time making new friends because most people my age are trying to "turn up" and stuff all...



My 9 month old son is constantly fussy, i understand that he is teething. But it seems hes never satisfied, hes constantly fussing and crying, doesnt matter if hes playing,...


Healthy pregnancy

Hey guys just wondering what is healthy and good to eat during pregnancy like the start 1st & 2nd trimester ? It's my first baby and I need help lol


PPD / Anxiety

Hi everyone, new to this so I may not know correct wording etc! Bit if background, I am 24, found out I was pregnant a few weeks before my beloved mum passed away. Gave birth (...