Glorifying teen pregnancies?

So, as I'm sure most of us (Americans) have been hearing, teen pregnancies, after having dropped 34% from 1991 - 2005, are now up again, at the highest since 1971....

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What Do Liberals Want on COM?

I know we discussed this topic before in another thread, but I just have to revisit it. I had an interesting conversation on PDM a few days ago. It began with a discussion...


Traumatic Labour/birth

I was in labour for 55 hours i stayed at home for the first 31 hours then the pain got too bad i went to the hospital the midwife did the examination and accidentally broke my...


Anyone else reading The Smart Stepmom?

Hello everyone! I have found this community to be a great help in my semi-new journey of being a step mom. A while back I read a thread on here about a book called The Smart...

Started by Nicole on 02/16/2010 in Step Moms

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how do you keep motivated?

Hi everyone, this is my first conversation here at circle of moms... just really looking for advice on how to stay motivated... Im finding myself getting a little down on how...

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Depressed single mom

So I am a single mom of a 4 year old and a 2 year old, both girls. I was separated for almost two years and then got the divorce a few weeks ago. I am horribly depressed, my...

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potty training

I am having a hard time getting my youngest to potty train. He will set on the potty for a long time but then gets up and goes either on the floor or in his diaper or training...



I'm a mum of two, my son is almost 8 and my daughter is a hellish 2 1/2. Just wondering if anyone is experiencing demonic personality bursts from their own little toddler girl?...