struggling at school

hi i'm new here but wondered if there were anyother mums with girls aged 8 who are struggling at school. my daughter is struggling in all subject matters and is getting more...

Started by Amanda on 04/30/2009 in 2001 Birth Moms

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Hey moms out there!! Bring your love of surfing to the table! Surfing to me is so invigorating, so fun. Surfing gets all my creative juices flowing.Its where you can let loose...

Started by Tara on 05/06/2009 in Surfing Moms

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going out!!!!

being a busy bio mum and(or) stepmum, do you make sure you have time with your hubby?? its hard to find time but i feel its very important to keep the excitment alive!!lol...

Started by Francesca on 05/07/2009 in CoM Friends!!

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waking up in the night

my 5 yr old wakes atleast 4 times a week in the middle of the night. She is wide awake at 2 in the morning and refuses to return to be she throws the biggest of temper tantrums...

Started by Michelle on 05/16/2009 in School-Age Kids

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beaker training

hiya.....I've probably created a rod for my own back here but my daughter Eleri Mai will not drink from a beaker or drink anything but her follow on milk. Eleri is nearly 10...


sleeping through

my daughter has recently turned 7 months and has now stopped sleepin right through the night, i can only get her into bed at around 11.30pm and she will then wake up during the...


New to Circle of Moms

Hi, I am 43 and I have a 2 year old. I am one of the many the doctors said would never have children, boy they were wrong. I am so happy. My daughter is precious and I love...

Started by Jennie on 05/25/2009 in Moms Over 40

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Death in immediate family of 3 year old.

My husband and our 3 year old daughter and I have lived with my mom for the last 4 years in the same house to help her out. She went on vacation and died suddenly while on...

Started by Patti on 05/27/2009 in Working Moms

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All about me for once.

I know the subject is abit harsh. But sometimes i don't feel like anyone sees me as a person and all they see is a mum. With my husband being in the navy and him being so far...

Started by Katie on 05/30/2009 in Moms Under 30

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After my operation...

I hav recently had a operation and have been told im am not allowed to hold my 8 1/2 month old daughter for 4 weeks n im so worried that i wont keep the bond with her. I have...


water birth - fantastic!

i had a water birth with my second son and it was the best decision i ever made! having had a home birth, hospital birth and a waterbirth this has definitely been my favourite,...