When it comes to religion, vegetarianism, politics, smoking, drinking, everything in life really - a mothers view gets passed down to the baby. Well I've been thinking and I...

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13 month old won't sleep thru the night

my daughter used to sleep thru the night just fine, 10-12 hours. the last few weeks she's decided to only sleep in 3 to 4 hour increments. she goes down at 8, but is awake...

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i think i need a break..what do you think???

okay..this may get crazy, long and confusing but it has been on my mind...so let me lay it out for you ladies in detail....okay the problem...i am tired...and here's why..now...

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snobby breastfed baby!

Ok so here's my problem-i have several! lol First off I've been EBF since birth and now my daughter is 7 and a half months old and refuses all bottles, and sippy cups and we've...


Confused and lonely

Hi I live in away from my family and don't have any friends. I am a SAHM and have been for the past seven years. My marriage of 15 years has been tough; I have been...

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Epidural, to do or not to do?

So my question is mainly, for all the women out there who opted out of having the epidural, or were too far along to get it, what did you use instead, and did it help? I'm...


The Shaving of the Legs - When to say OK

Latina children are just plain hairy. My daughter is 11 and this year we started shaving her armpits. She wants to shave her legs. I say she needs to wait mostly because when...

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His last name! Is he crazy!

Me and Tj had been together for eight years. He's not a good role model for anyone. He cheated on me a year and half before our eight years together and we tried to work it out...

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Trying too get 6 month old baby too CRAWL

Hi i am needing some advice on how too get my son too crawl he is 6 months old , 7 months in 2 weeks i keep trying too get him too crawl he knows how too roll over etc ......

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development at 10 months

What are your babies doing these days? My son will be 10 months old on Sat. and I'm wondering if he's on target. He is scooting on his belly but not crawling. He can sit for...

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Animal abuse or training?

Do you use force to train or correct your dog? Or cat? (I guess I'll include cats, lol) Is it okay for someone to kick a dog, smack it in the face, pop it on the nose, rub it's...

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