Asking for help

Im a shy solo mum who doesn't get out much... I feel so guilty at times that i can't do a lot more for my boys (9 and 11). I have no car and I'm to shy to ask for help. They...

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How to you tell the Mother in Law to BUG OFF! ?

okay okay- I really hate my mother in law... well she isn't really even that. Due to financial hardship, my boyfriend and I aren't married yet. My daughter is 2.5 and every...

Started by Kerri on 09/22/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Does tourettes get worse with age?

So my son was diagnosed with tourettes. He is almost 4 years old. So far his ticks are not that bad. Flapping arms, twisting his body, jumping, tippy toe walking and making a...


Rash?? Help!

When I was changing my son's diaper I noticed 2 red rash-like spots just above his penis(not actually on his penis) At first I thought it might just be dry skin or a bit of...

Started by Jennifer on 11/18/2011 in Moms Of BOYS

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Advise needed

Since my son was younger I noticed he acted a little odd.the school repeats testing yearly for his IEP. Since about age 4 they have been telling me he had asperger symptoms and...


I am so frustrated with my daughter's father.

We've had joint custody since she was 3 months old. There has been so much turmoil between our families since before she was even born. Last year we went back to court, his...

Started by Briana on 04/12/2012 in Divorced Moms

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It's going to be a looooooooong night!

Last night was a horrible night. For the past couple months, my husband has started getting incredibly restless in his sleep. He has sleep apnea, and sleeps with a CPAP machine,...


My stepdaughter just turned 13!

Love her with all my heart and she has always been such a loving caring person and always had a great relationship with her father. He has always been there and would do...

Started by Daina on 08/20/2012 in Moms Of Teenagers

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