3yr old with terrible 2's!

I have 3 children all boys they are 9, 6 and 3. It is the 3yr old that is giving me grieve he wont seem to let go of his terrible 2's! I have tried every method i can think of...

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The ongoing ache of depression

Hi im a teen mum expecting her first child, and I suffer from depression and anxiety.. I really want women to talk to who have been through this.. who have perhaps faught it....


Need Advice

Am about to be a new mom in Nov. I was wondering could i handle being a single mom? My ex and I was together for the past two years and this is are first baby.. We were going to...

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hi all iam a mum of 5 and ive had 2 other pregnancies which i lost one at 12 weeks in march 21 2006 and one at 6 weeks in march 25th 2009 iam now pregnant with baby number 6...

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Hi, I'm Mirm *its my nickname that people only know me by*. I'm 21 and preggo with my first miracle baby *i wasn't supposed to get pregnant, EVER.... or so the doctors told...



Two days ago I found an article on Infant toilet training which talked about the advantages of toilet training your baby before the age of two. My daughter is 13months old and...

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Collic Baby

Ok my baby is 2 months already and we have not figured out a cure for his collicyness. What is their to do for it? anyone know?

Started by Alicia on 09/05/2009 in June 2009 Babies

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wrong label???????

has anyone else started to see a pattern of children being labeled with add or adhd only for the parent to continue to look for answers only to find that their child has a...


A monster in babies clothing

My older kids were never like this so i feel at a loss as what to do with Evie. She is a monster lol I say that with love. She doesn't listen at all! She hears you and she knows...


"I don't want you around!"

I am the second of four girls. My older sister, 23, and I live together in the city where I attend college. I will be going home, to my parents' house (4+ hours away) to have my...



My son is turning 1 in less then a month, and I always wanted to stop nursing at 1. I had no problem nursing, and he currently nurses about 4-5 times, and eats solids three...


I need some help... seriously...

Before I met my husband I was a single mother and worked as a CNA and a manager at a Hair Salon. After I met my husband and got married we found out I was pregnant. I was very...

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When to start?

When should I start trying to potty train my son? He is 16 months old. He tells us whenever he needs his diaper changed. If he wets his diaper and can get to it, he'll take...

Started by Crystal on 09/17/2009 in Toddlers

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