It is called TAPP...I believe it is located in Louisiana. It is a school for young teenage mothers, so they can finish their high school. What do you think of this...good idea...

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Thank You!!!

I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the stories that have been posted to Mother Of Grown Children/Grandmothers.It is nice to know that there are so many women in...


Narrow minded religious people drive me crazy!

Religion can be a really great thing for a lot of people, especially those who are intelligent and open minded enough to understand that there are many religions in the world...

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Good grandmom names

My 25 year old just told me she is pregnant. Does anyone have any suggestions for a grandmom name? I don't want Nannie, grandmom, or mom-mom.

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Baby talk.... seriously???

So Im in the grocery store with my 1 y/o son and I hear a woman talking "baby talk" to a child, I turn smiling, expecting to see a newborn (were trying for another so I love to...


Family thinks my baby's name is too long.

So on march 6 2010 i had my beautiful baby girl Elizabeth Alexandra Clendenin. My fiance and I love the name! But both my side of the family and his refuse to call her...

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What are your kids saying?

My son just turned 1 2 weeks ago and only says lala, or dada- or vareation of. I am starting to get comcerned that he isn't saying more. And I am anxiously awaiting to hear mama.


Have your baby on Solids yet?

Aubrie is almost 20 weeks and I introduced solids 2 weeks ago. Just wondering your habits with it,...I have heard/read it is best to do rice cereal in the am or pm before...