Jo Frost - Supernanny

This debate is stemming from the co sleeping debate. It was interesting to see the various opinions on Jo's sleeping techniques, I am interested to hear what everyone thinks...

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Sleeping in their own bed.

I know we have a few attachment parents here, so I was wondering what you all do if your 6yr old was still wanting to sleep in the same bed as you. This is how Jo Frost aka...

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Helpful Homework Tips

My child is a teenager and she doesn't like doing her homework. Ever since her dad bought her an iPhone5, she's always on her phone and thinks that she doesn't have to do...


Spanking is abuse but Time Out is not?

Thought just popped into my head. I’ve seen time outs demonstrated on T.V via Supper Nanny and by a Clinical Psychologist on Tiny Tearaways. Now that I think about it, the way...

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Binkies and Binkies oh my :)

so I watched the nanny last night ! I know, I know...despise her ! But, their were two sibligs on their 4 years old; and they still had their binkies. Now keep in mind. They...

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