My Lo is 7 weeks & she always has an extremely hard time falling asleep. The only time she nods off is if she goes for a car ride or I'm holding/rocking her WITH her...



Hi! Im 27 years old and a SAHM for the most part I am employed again but just PRN. I have a 14 month old sweet baby boy that co-sleeps with us still due to night time nursing...

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A breast-feeding question....

My son is 14 1/2 months and he still is on the "boob". He has it at night and if he or we are home during the day he will get it to take naps. So on average he is still...


Bottle trouble????

I have a 1 year old that is about to be 2. He is still on the bottle any suggestions on how to get him off the bottle.. Due to the fact that i also have a 2 week old and it is...


HELP! Baby Up at 3AM-TO PLAY!?

My daughter (9 months old) is normally great at getting to sleep at night. In fact, she'll sleep for a long time. Since she was born, she's been very good at sleeping all...

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Sleeping for 2.5yr old

Alright ladies, i need some major help! My son is 2.5yrs old. He eats well, plays well and drinks well. He gets up around 8am every morning, sometimes earlier, but never later....


Sudden seperation anxiety at age 3.5?

My DS is 3.5yrs old. He's a middle child, if that makes a difference LOL. He has an older brother who's 5, and a younger sister who's 2. In the last 2-3 weeks, Tristan...

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19 month not in own bed

Hey all, My son george will not sleep in his bed! He wouldnt sleep in his cot from 9 months but we didnt have any problem b4 then! I dont mind him sleeping in my bed but its...


Need Help

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my 5 month old son. But, about a month and a half ago, he started doing this thing where he would want to eat, so I'd put him to the...

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Fed up with my 4yo

My daughter os 4 (well, she will be in one month) and we have been trying to potty train her since she was about 26 mo. We started with the 3 day method, then went to using...


Severe BPD...looking for hope

To recap Natalie's story I pPROMd at 15 weeks and had low fluid during the time of critical lung development. We made it to 33w3d but her lungs are like those of a much younger...

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can anyone hllp me with potty training?

My son is almost 3 and we are trying to potty train him.. Ive been noticing that when i see him playing with himself i ask him if he needs to potty and we go. But just the other...

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Challenging husband!!!

I'm having some major issues with my husband! I do love him very much, but he's like a ticking time bomb, which can make life pretty difficult! We have 2 young children... Noah...


what age?

I was just wondering at what age did u all first stat to think that your child had ADHD\ADD? and what were those first signs?


I need potty training advice!!!!

My son is 2 and I want oo get him potty trained but I dont want to force him into somethng hes not ready for, am I right to wait? And I was wondering, is there a "better,...



Ok I know all mom's tend to see thier babies as "advanced" and special. Well I was just wondering how do you know if your baby really is advanced for his/her age? My son...