how do ya like your man???

rugged and rough....a real mans man....scratching and spitting, or do you like mr. sensitive who will cry at least twice a week.always at the end of my girl and tell you when...

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Good age difference...?

We have a 4.5 yr old daughter (who is not my hubby's biological daughter, but they sure do act like it! :) ) and we have a 3.5 month old son. We had thought I might have been...


Postpartum depression??

I'm dealing with postpartum depression. I take antidepressants but feel like it isn't working. If you have postpartum depression how are you dealing with it? and why do you...

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20 months and 22 LBS

Ok so here it goes. My son is 22 Lbs. Since he turned a year old he has only gained about 3 Lbs. 6 months was when his weight started to taper out. That was also when we started...


Addicted to Mommy

My son is addicted to me right now! While there are sweet moments where it's so nice that he wants his mommy, it is becoming very hard for my husband because it can get pretty...

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My little girl is 7 days old today and for the past few days she's starting bringing quite a bit of milk back up after feeding/during winding. i was just wondering if this is...

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Getting my baby off the bottle

My son will be a year old in a few days, and he's still pretty attached to his bottle. I've never had a problem getting my other two to eat regular food when they got to be this...

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Should I stop potty training?

My son just turned two and showed all the signs of being ready to potty train just recently, but as soon as we started he stopped all the signs and is deathly afraid of the...

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Three weeks and one day to go! Everyone ready? What do you do for Christmas day? Does anyone have a white Christmas?

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Formula companies make me angry

I believe that every mom should have the choice to breastfeed or formula feed. I also believe that a woman should not beat herself up if she's not able to breastfeed. However,...

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