Don't be a teacher if you don't like teaching!

Cafemom You can always tell when someone doesn’t like their job. They’re just there for the paycheck and absolutely, positively nothing more. That doesn’t make life any...

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What to do?

I love where I live, but right now my husband want to relocate us again for work. He has family and more friends (personal) in California, Manhattan and he wants to make this...

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K with no pre-k vs. pre-k kids.

I have a 4 yr. old who will be starting Kindergarten in the fall of 2012. I have a 7yr. old (my oldest) who struggled in Kindergarten because he didn't have preschool. We are in...

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Need some ideas

Hello all~ I am new here and have not responded to any posts yet mainly cuz Im having issues with my kids too! lol Our situation goes like this: My husbands ex wife passed...

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Giving up TV, but what about the kids?

First I should say I am a spirit filled christian, 3 boys 7,5, and 2. GOD has revealed to me that I am addicted to the TV, it has taken me away from reading my bible, spending...

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I feel like people think im super woman. That i can do anything. Its hard for me to say no, even if i already have alot on my plate. I don't like disappointing people. How do i...

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family problems?!

conner(9-12) is a happy and surprising obedent,calm, and helpful boy for his age. I very rearely have to punish him at all at home. he does not go to daycare but i do take him...


Over weight

My Daughter she is 7 years old but she so over weight, I want to help her but I cant win last week I put her on diet we did the diet together, but the problem is a work from...


Ladies I need some advice

My son is currently 3 months old and I am strictly breastfeeding, haven't even started cereal yet. He weighs 14lbs and has gained weight at every appt. At 6wks old I noticed a...

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breast feeding constipation

I wondering if anyone else have had this problem I have been breast feeding and love it however my child been not able to poop without help I have let him go for 5 to 6 days...

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at this stage, what foods should baby be eating?

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Colic Calm??

Just wondering if any of you other mommies have tried this stuff and if so did it work and how long did it take before your child didn't need it anymore. Thanks!