how old were you when you got pregnant ?

How old were you when you first got pregnant ?did you plan your pregnancy ? I want to wait a few more years til I'm about 23-24 before I try for kids but sometimes have the...

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To me.......it's not about Republican or Democrat...........it's between right and wrong............!


How to cope?

My daughter was born 7 weeks early. Her first birthday is in less than a month! She's a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl and I thought I was over the stress of her birth,...

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pets, prayers and asking for a miracle...

I just found out that my furkid (dog)Abby has terminal lymph node cancer and she is fading fast. This bilnd sided me and I'm broken hearted and very depressed. My just turned 9...

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Sit Down Please!!!

My daughter, Jasmyn, was born on Dec. 25, 2005. The problem I have is her constant movement. Okay, before anybody goes crazy on me that she's only 3 and it's normal... I know...


Awkward situation with son.

Im sure this is situation other moms have had to deal with so would really apprciate your experience and help. The other day my 10 yr old son walked in on me undressing. Id...


colic ,fussy baby or just normal?

My daughter,Savoia is 2 months old today and is sleeping 9-11 hours through the night. Great right?! During the day she is fussy and doesn't sleep or has a very hard time...


Temper Tantrums

So my 15 month old has started them already! If he's over tired or wants something he's not supposed to have, when I take it away he'll start crying, throwing himself on the...


3 year old peeing in her bed

Please help! I am at my wits end with my 3 year old daughter who has been going to her bedroom and peeing in her bed some time during the day. She is able to use the toilet and...

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Cutting A Parent Out Of Their Lives

I am posting this in two circles, so if anyone is thinking, WTF? I just read this, that is why. I am a mom to five amazing children, four of them are biologically mine and one...

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