has anyone else experienced this??

ok so the dr said that sharp pains like runners cramps are normal and its because of the uterus stretching to accomodate the baby's growth, but on a fairly regular basis, i wake...

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Just For Fun, Redux -- Beauty Crimes

Just to piggyback off the other thread...what are the worst beauty crimes, either committed by yourself in the past, or that you've seen on others? For me, it's: - Not...

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What to expect? - 4th baby 1st home-birth

I was wondering what I would need to expect to do to prepare for a home birth. I am seasoned in giving birth but what will I need to provide. Is there special plastic sheet you...


Do you open gifts at a children

Aloha! My daughter is turning 1 on the fifth of May and we're having a party for her on the seventh. My question is... do we open her gifts at the party? As a child I...

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for the past month I have been on anxiety meds. After having my forth baby and even after my third, but even more so now... I get angry easily with my kids am on edge, freak out...

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How do i get my 14month old to drink milk

My 14month old will not drink milk or formula except breastmilk & directly from the breast (not expressed) I need HELP, i feel like i'm going insane. i have tryed flavoring the...


finger foods

When's a good time to start giving finger foods? My 7 month old doesn't have any teeth but I've heard it's okay to go ahead and give her finger foods. I bought a box of Yum...


Odd habit from potty training or what???

I have an almost 3 year (December, she'll be 3 years old) old little girl and it has officially been a month since we first started potty training. She is doing great!!!! She...


2 and 3 yr olds routine

10 months 2 weeks apart.. they are wonmderful together and tend to play together bond niicely,they are wonderful happy well behaved polite fun gorurgeous kids. ...why is it...

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Nursing strike - any experience?

Pubby is 4 month old, and went on the nursing strike. Two days now I offer the breast and it’s met with fussing and twisting away. If I press the matter I get an earful of...

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Salmonella poisoning

My son (1 yr) was just diagnosed with salmonella poisoning. He's been having diarrhea, vomiting, and high fever once up to 103 but Tylenol isn't helping it goes away and comes...


Potty training 25 month old

We've tried a couple months back but I think it's time to start again. Everytime she pees she immediately takes off her diaper. I take her to potty , she sits an gets right off....


Russian Adoption

I've been reading quite a bit in the news lately about the little boy sent back to Russia alone, by his adoptive mother. I was just wondering how other adoptive parents felt...


Is this normal after Mirena removal?!

I had my Mirena removed exactly 2 weeks ago. (I had Mirena for 2 and a half years, and didn't get my period the last 2 months with it.) I bled a little the day of. Then 3 days...

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