1st Time Sharing With Anybody...

Hello All, well where do i begin? I am twenty years old and i'm a single mother. All these years of waiting for the right man to come along and i get the worst father for my...

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how do u deal with school work and a toddler and a baby on the way without stressing out??

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Dating a Single Mother

Okay. So I confess. I am a single man. I am not here for a nefarious purpose. I am here to find an answer to a question. That question is how do I maintain or start a...


Fighting for Me and my baby!!

My son is 10 weeks old today. I am currently fighting with his father, which is nothing new. from the very start he was a manipulative liar, o and did he fool me. At the time I...

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12 Week baby boy does not sleep!!

Hi I see that sleep is a problem for alot of baby's!! I have my 13 week son and he doesn't sleep longer than 30 min during the day, if I am lucky 2-3 sleeps a day and is waking...



and completely miserable. i am 41 weeks today and am losing my mind waiting for this baby. i am cranky and depressed and just plain fed up. i can't sleep at night and am busy...

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This time around has been so FANTASTICALLY different than with my now 3 yr old. Ethan, born in March, is already sleeping through the night. He is the calmest, happiest little...

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hi im new

hello all you country fans
my name is sally and im a massive country fan, i was brought up on country songs, i remember been sat near the fire on a night with my mum and...

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potty training

I never thought I would have this much fun with a boy. I love how he is a mama's boy. Potty training is a night mare. I am so sick and tired of changing a stinky but. I have...

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binks and a baby on the way

I have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old and am pregnant again. Both of my daughters have binks and I would really like to not give the third a bink. What is the best way to break both...

Started by Tasha on 05/10/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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How do i get my aby to quit Breast feeding

I am actually finding it very hard to get my baby of breast feeding, she refuses to sleep at night without feeding She is begining to get her teeth so was just wondering how i...

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