What do I do about my MIL?

My MIL does not like to follow our house rules. Once she puts my 8 month old son to bed she feels the need to watch him sleep and if he rouses she immediately tends to him and...


Funny Labor Stories to Share???

I sure got one! Since I was going into preterm labor, my husband was a wreck! Plus, it was our first baby. I had driven to the hospital by myself, checked in by myself, and my...



My little girl Reagan was born 9/27/09, she was healthy and happy. In October she got stuffed up and congested, the doctor said it was just a cold and it went away in about 10...


changing from formula to cows milk

Hi All, I have an 11 month old (1 year in July) and i'm not sure when to move him over onto cows milk or how to even do it?? He currently is on Soy formula and is starting to...

Started by Tamika on 06/27/2010 in July 2009

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Getting daughter to sleep again?

My daughter, Ella has been a perfect sleeper. Goes to bed and sleeps through the night even when we put her in a toddler bed. I told her once not to get out and she was fine...


My 3 yr old doesnt sleep ...

I have a 3 yr old that just doesnt sleep... well she does just on a strange schedule. She will stay up as late as I allow her too, usually means bed time is at 8pm . And this...

Started by Jessica on 06/12/2009 in Children Of 2006

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My son used to be a beautiful sleeper. He'd lay down at 9:00pm and sleep the whole night. Then he began teething and that was shot to well you know.. Now he is such a light...


How to get my baby to sleep

Hi there I have a 3year old baby..for some reason i am struggling to get her to go to sleep lately...i had the same routine since birth...play a little, eat, take a bath and...


Go the F*ck to sleep: A new book

Adam Mansbach's toddler wasn't thirsty. She wasn't hungry. And she definitely didn't need Dad to make up another story about farm animals having a picnic and dozing off. The...


Attire for a SAHM?

I was just curious as to what some moms wear at home during the day being with their kids. I try to be "feminine" and I do wear VERY casual clothes at home since i'm always...

Started by Ann on 12/26/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Still breastf feeding, but no more pumping.

Hi all. My son turned one today. :) I still plan on breastfeeding, I'm not sure how long, but I know I'm not planning on stopping yet. However, I'm not pumping anymore. I...

Started by Momof1 on 11/17/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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