Alter Ego;s

Do any of you have THAT personality that you warn people about(alter Ego’s), like when your about to be pushed to your limit and go off on someone, or for some its when they...

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Prayerfully Yours, Me

Last night I talked to my daughter about 2 really big topics. Salvation and Forgiveness. I talked to her about the importance of forgiveness and exactly why we're called to...

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HI everyone i just wanted to know how you feel about teen mothers considering i am 1 myself i am 15 with a 5 month old i got pregnant when i was 14 and had ayden 2 weeks before...


the things having kids changes in you

who else has noticed after having kids certain things have changed. what i am talking about is like my emotions i never use to be so emotional and now i cry about things that...


Do you ever get sick of your hubby?

I mean we have gotten into fights before. That is normal but this is different. He is just bugging the fuck out of me. He is so annoying and needy. I am just sick of his way or...

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How do u know if ur child has autism?

How do you tell if ur 20 month old has sighs of autism? As my son doesnt talk to people, lives in his own world from the moment his awake to the moment his asleep, he never...

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Standing up to bullies

My little girl is almost 22 months old and my son just turned 3 a week ago. We were at a McDonald's play land and a big boy (8 or 9 about 80lbs) was being a bully to my son. He...

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Share your story...

You are invited to share your story, in whatever way you feel comfortable with. This is not only a domain for seeking advice, but also a support forum and a place to share,...


Trouble in the Step mom world...

Ok Where do I begin. When I got with my husband 5 years ago his daughter was 3 and he had lived with his mom for the first 3 1/2 years of her life in which she had no dicipline...

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ADHD and aggression

I don't know what to do anymore. I am at my wit's end. My son is 5 years old. He has not been "officially" diagnosed with ADHD because he is apparently too young. I am...