My son cannot have dairy, wheat, soy, nuts corn, eggs seafood and gluten. What should I give him for breakfast?


Unspoken mothers grief

1 1/2 years ago I discovered my b/f of 7 years had been sexually abusing my 14 year old daughter. We walked thru hell keeping her from self destructing and getting him sent...


Husband is drawn to facebook women

I'm numb already about all his nonsense. Whenever we are in the same room all his does is check on his phone. I found out that he still adds random women and even chats with...

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Gestational diabetes and delivery

I am about to have my third child and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with this pregnancy. I have been doing really good with controlling my sugars as a matter of fact...


don't kiss my son

I am desperate for suggestions. I am having a hard time with people who just kiss and hug my son without giving him the time to get to know them and getting to like them. I just...

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F***ing Octomom

Please tell me this is Reporters being Reporters and running off at the mouth and misquoting her. "I hate the babies, they disgust me" The troubled mum even admitted she...

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hi we lost are daughter jade in 2001 she had hurlers she was 11. it was her birthday on the 24 may .im feeling angry that some of my family dont go and vistit her i sent a text...


Any suggestions would help..

Any suggestions would help.. How do i stop a 19mnth old throwing tantrums when he doesnt get what he wants or we dont pick him up when he wants to be picked up cause im 8mnths...

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New daddy...how to explain to her??

My daughter is only 7 months so she wont be asking for a long time. But for when the time comes... my fiancee has taken over the daddy roll almost since day one with my...

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12 year old son and the computer

Hi -- I'm fairly new to this and looking for advice. I recently found my son looking at some inappropriate things on the computer and don't know what to do. I know that boys go...

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deadbeat dad

My oldest son is 15 and his dad is the true meaning of deadbeat. He is an alcoholic, does several "street drugs" and has been in jail/prison more often than not during my...