She's driving me to a breaking point!

Please help, my 3.5 yo gifted daughter is SERIOUSLY driving me to the breaking point! She absolutely REFUSES to listen to anybody unless we yell, threaten or spank. I hate being...


2 year old talking back

My two year old has recently begun to yell back at me or scream 'no' when I tell him something. He'll tell me to be nice in a snotty tone or point his fingers in my face. I've...


How to get a father more involved?

My husband seems to only scream at the kids all the time and not interact with them. How can I get him to be more understanding and involved with them? Any suggestions? The kids...


Kids burned the park...

I'm just so mad!! A couple of boys around 13/14 just set fire to the playground down the road from me. Breanna loves going to the park and just started enjoying climbing up and...


Using the Potty, Going Diaper Free?

This morning I got a little potty for my little boy. We're going to see if he can tell me when he needs to use it. Went three times today, two pees and a half-poop LOL, that...


How do you stop breastfeeding?

My son is almost 15 months old, I've never given him a bottle because he wouldn't take it. I love doing it but I think it's time to stop. He only takes it when its time for him...

Started by Jessica on 09/29/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Do we need another election??

http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20100709/tories-fall-election-100709/ Just a snippet: Conservatives are playing down the prospect of a fall election, despite threats of a...


Dentistry and baby teeth

If your seven year old had two cavities and one baby root canal, would you fill them or let them fall out on their own? (All baby teeth){:+) shannin tipton


Screaming outbursts? What is causing them?

My little boy Adrian is 13 months old and for the past few months he's been letting out a scream of frustration and will sometimes even ball his fists up and shake them every...

Started by Teresa on 07/22/2011 in Toddler Moms

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I have an Aspergers child

My 6yr old son has Aspergers Syndrome... It has made him wonderfully different and full of life! He is his own person and the greatest thing that ever happened to me!


Dog/ baby help

I have a 2 year old and a baby due in April. AND I also have a 7 year old pitbull that until recently has never shown any type of aggression. Well, on Christmas I gave him a...

Started by Vanessa on 01/06/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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NOT Taking "Treatment" for Cancer

Hi, Elizabeth 42 yrs old. DX in August 2008 with: Advanced/Invasive Squamous cervical cancer~Stage 3B/IV inoperable and in my lymph nodes. I decided NOT to take "Chemo/External...


Post Partum Depression?

Not sure if we've talked about this one before...not since I've been here anyway. The recent post about the mom murdering her baby got me wondering if people have any feelings...

Started by ME on 07/28/2009 in Debating Mums!

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Medical neglegance???

Hello everyone, I wondered if anyone else experienced medical neglegance to their baby whilst they were in the NICU?? My daughter was born at 27 weeks and became extremely...


What to do?

So I am in a relationship where I have two step children, ones 7 and the others 8. I also have two children, which is there step brother/sister... to their father. I'm to the...

Started by Amy on 06/29/2011 in Step Mums

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Dairy for under 1 yr olds

Hi all, I have an 8 month old and know that he isn't aloud cows milk till after he is 1 (not actually sure why though) but I am wondering whether if I were to use milk in some...