I use time outs for disapline but they don't seem to be working any suggestions?when she doesn't listen she gets a time out or when she hits or anthing she does that is...


Need an explanation please!

I have a son who is almost 7, and he started seeing his bio dad a few months ago, and he hadn't seen him in over a yr. He was abusive to me so I left with my 2 children I had...



I have introduced myself and told you a little about my story and shared some testimony with you. Now I would like each of you to please do the same. Please tell me a little...


Gentle Parenting Approach

Just wondering how many of you prefer the gentle parenting approach with your children, ie not participating in controlled crying, but rather responding to your baby's needs and...

Started by Megan on 01/23/2011 in March 2009 Babies

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Bad Temper!!!

I have a 4yr old girl and a 2yr old boy and my 2yr old has a very bad temper. When he gets into trouble or is bored or can't get his own way he bites, hits or pinches. What can...


Goodness help me..

I have a sweet 4 yr old daughter, to an australian man. Im getting married and having our first child to a wonderful macedonian man, my daughter is blonde and me and fianc'e are...


15 Months and Bad Tantrums

my 15 month son has started with the high pitch screams and if he don't get what he wants he hits, bites and throws thing at me his mother and any one in his way he even started...

Started by Paula on 08/14/2013 in Toddlers

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HELP with my 6 year old

Hello everyone, Some of you have read my posts about my relationship problems and have offered me great advice which finally gave me the strength to leave that unhealthy...


In-Laws & Birthday

My husband and I met my senior year in high school, where I had gotten pregnant and had our first baby. He joined the Marine Corps and we got married a year later. He is now out...



Hi, I'm Jen and my son is three weeks old. Rollins was born Sept 14th. He's my third. My concern is my first had a severe reaction tohis vaccines and the pediatrician skipped...