dealing with older children

I have three grown sons and my oldest son has the most children I raised one of his for 6 years and recently gave her to him and told him it was time for him to take her. that...

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child support issues

Ok my Daughters deed beat father is suppose to be paying child support to a child support agency and they are suppose to be sending me the money but when I ask him (my daughters...

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how do i know when my son (8months) is ready for the next stage of babyfood? he can easily eat two jars in on meal (of stage 2 foods). i have started adding a little cereal to...

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Ann Elder

My daughter has this girl a school saying nasty things about her i have told her not to say anything back as she will not stop i have also told her to tell the teacher i have...

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Non-terrorism terrorism

What's up with the recent NYC incidents? The RFK shut down the other day with the abandoned UHaul and this my inbox from CNN tonight: -- NYPD official: Suspicious package...

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PTSD anyone?

Anyone here with "older" preemies still feel like they have some post traumatic stress? My twins are 10 and the "baby" is 5. But when I have to go into the Children's hosptial...

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Hi everybody. I live in New York State. I recently had baby boy and I would like to work from home. I am realy good in bookkepeing and preparing taxes.Any suggestions where I...

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problems with school, help please!

ok, my boys are 6 yrs old in kindergarten. they have been switching on people since they were 2 yrs old. i had asked for them to be in the same classroom, so the teacher could...

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How can I prepare my 2 month old for HIM?

I want my son to chose the right path for himself but I would like to show him the light and teach him of the Good Word and who GOD is and the things he has done and will do!...

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breastfeeding exclusivly

Isn't there anyone else out there who breastfeeds exclusively past a year? I was just at the pediatrician friday and she looked at me like I had three heads when I said my 11...

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Anyone using g-diapers?

Can anyone give me advice on the g-diapers? We're using microfiber cloth diapers now, but find them really bulky and they're constantly wet which can't be comfortable for babe,...


Speaking of Mobile Phones......

Check Out this News Article. For those who are not aware 000 is our equivalent of 911. I have concerns about this on so many levels, and I do believe it is becoming typical of...

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Oh the memories...

I want to take a step away from all the criticism and putting down that I've been seeing a lot lately in all the communities I'm in. I also want to take a step away from all...

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where & how to start?

when my daughter was 1st born i was a credit exc for a major corp, worked long hours & missed many 1st's...by the greace of God on my daughters 1 year birthday the corp closed &...

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Alter Ego;s

Do any of you have THAT personality that you warn people about(alter Ego’s), like when your about to be pushed to your limit and go off on someone, or for some its when they...

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