"Where is My Daddy?"

First a little info: My son just recently turned 5. His father is not involved in his life, he has been great with providing child support but we have no contact with him...

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Whats Wrong

My husband and I lately have been questioning what is wrong with the world now a days? One of our frustrations is marriage. Why dosn't the world promote marriage? When did that...


Bio Mom has more control over MY household than I do

I am so sick and tired of the stress caused by Bio Mom. I could go on and on about this evil person but I will just try to give a majority of the info and try not to make this...

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Just can't Believe it.

I gave out stink on my second pregancy about the care i received by the doctors who put my baby&my life at risk&today i really heard how bad it is in my country, Just heard...


Don't know how to take it

We lost our baby boy in March of this year when I was 7 months pregnant. I developed severe toxemia and did not have enough time to catch it. This past week my boyfriend and I...


help, please?

I'm 19 years old and I feel like I'm drowning. On April 7th, 2010 I lost my second baby. I miscarried Everitt at 24 weeks just a year and a day after his sister, Aiden who I...


Have you used a career coach?

I recently earned a Masters Degree in Education and made a career switch at the same time education budgets were slashed in our area. I taught full time for 2 years and have...

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Concerned--need advice

Last Sunday BM called hubby, seemingly very upset because SS (11) "beat up" his step-brother. My husband, without thinking, reprimanded SS on the phone without getting him to...

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He Basicaly Told me I DON'T Have a JOB!!!....

So my husband and I were walking through the store and he was complaining about how tired he was and so I resond "I'm tired as ever TOO". With a straight face, he told me that I...

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am i wrong?

Am i wrong for being mad at my 'mother'? the only time i hear from her is if she wants to complain or wants to know about something. She got pissed off because i was talking of...

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