i live with my fiance and his parents.

and i need help!! i can't get my fiance to understand that this baby will be here before we know it. i'm 24 weeks pregnant and he acts like we've got all the time in the world....

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Not MY Calling

Hello Ladies... Any of you marry a wonderful man who wasn't a pastor when you got married? That's my story. My husband is a technologically gifted man who was blessed with...


Help please I have a 4 yr old being influenced

by his Christian friends, He is soo sweet and advanced, his name is Zale, recently he had some overnighter friends, children a little older, they sat up all night teaching my...

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Okay so can we all agree that the Media gives us the info they want us to know and that there is some brain washing going on? like whats the wrong and right way to do this or...

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Your child's diet/ eating habits

Let me explain what I saw in Subway then I will ask my questions: I'm in subway waiting in line and I am pointing to the veggie option sign and reading the list to the baby....

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Drama with Bio Mom

My Husband & I have been married almost 1 year. I have 2 kids from my first marriage & he has 1 from a previous relationship. His ex (never married) has recently...


hi everyone

Im Helen, I live in Australia with my husband of 21 years..with our four children: Elizabeth aged 19, Kate and Jordan aged 15 and Andrew aged 13. I was diagnosed with Lupus...


Having to enforce the rules

Help, this is the first time my daughter has caused me to enforce the rule of grades and punishment since her freshman year. She has to get good grades, that is her job and...

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Help on Work from HOME?

I have searched all different kinds of work at home jobs and have come to find that most are all scams. That is unless you have parties with a bunch of clientele, or have up...

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1yr old tantrums ???? Im lost

My 1yr old has a very short fuse he throws the BIGGEST tantrum when he cant get what he wants when he wants it! He kicks , screams, hits my other kids, he will run off grab...

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Not compatible anymore!!!!

Hey ladies serious question... I have been married for 12 years now. At first my husband and I were so inlove we were inseparable. After being married for about two yrs we had...