venting about sil

I'm really just venting but any advice is welcome. My boyfriends family and I are very close I love them as much as my own family. His parents have been nothing but amazing to...

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Need help finding what to make?

Ok so its been hard to cook after i had my little one, Is there anyway some one can send me a recipe thats fast easy and yummy at the same time, im up to try anything new just...


When to stop night feeding - HELP

I have a questions for you moms. I am looking at weening my almost 7 month son. I have heard many mixed things about doing so. I have a 18 month daughter who I weened at 10...

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Not a debate...a rant!!!

Does anyone get annoyed when friends without children assume that because you have a child you are unable to go to anything....I keep finding out I've not been invited to things...

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Hip Arthritis and Delivery

I have severe hip arthritis in my left hip. I had a scope done in Oct. 2005 where they removed part of my labrum that was causing a lot of pain. My range of motion is very...


potty training advice

i just wanted to know, i have 2 boys 1 & 2. is it bad that my 2 yr old isn't potty trained yet?what would you do? i know they say some boys don't start till later like 3-5 yrs old

Started by Shantel D. on 06/25/2010 in Moms Under 30

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H1N1 flu

Have any of you guys had this in your house? If so have you found it hard to keep your kids down. All mine want to do are play and run around even thought they have a fever and...

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Child Custody from another state

I read all the blogs about domestic violence and seeking primary custody, but I have a granddaughter who has been in Florida for 4 months with her 2 year old. The plan was for...


Potty training!

She started well, but now she refuses. She just wants to ware a nappy. I know she is still too young but why did she start well and suddenly stop?


Changing poopy diapers?

So i have a 13 month old son and am 14 weeks pregnant and the changing of the poopy diapers are really getting to me. I have never experinced this before because when i had my...

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What Do You Wear as a SAHM?

I'm not trying to be creepy haha Just curious as to what other moms wear for the job of a SAHM? For myself, it's usually leggings a comfortable shirt. Usually I have my hair up...

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I am a single mother of course not by choice. I came back to my home to visit family for a month and found out I was pregnant after spending a good deal of time with my high...

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why cant i let go??

this feelin cums && goes. we r 600 miles apart so y cant i stop thinkin about my babi daddi??! my daughter will b 3 n may. the last time we saw him was n october. its really...

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Need suggestions badly!!!!

I have twin 20 month old boys. They are saying words, but it seems like they are crying and whining for everything...I try to give them everything they need, but I think it's...

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What is going on with me? So confused!

I will try to make this short. I had my second daughter last july. She is my second living child but was my 4th pregnancy. I have pcos which is controled with metformin as well...

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just need to vent lol

i don't have a question..just got a lot of stuff building up and need to let it out. I'm a single mother of a 2 year old little girl, we live with my parents and my 2 brothers....