He wont sleep through the night! Any advice?

My son is 2 and he wakes up so thirsty in the middle of the night. He wakes up crying for his sippy cup and as soon as I give it to him he knocks right out. Im tired of being...

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distended abdomin

Ok heres the deal my son is just a little over a month old and he looks like he is really distended in the stomach. He looks a little like a pear. The top part of his chest...


Real reactions to a mom adopting at 48

What are people's real reactions to a mom who adopts at 48? Read Christina's story at FPM: http://www.flowerpowermom.com. Direct to this blog:...

Started by Angel on 06/11/2010 in Moms Over 40

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Growing pains????

My 3 year old daughter woke up at 1am SCREAMING and crying that her leg hurt's!? I thought she fell off her bed, but she said "no" so we got up laid on the couch and I massaged...

Started by Tiffani on 12/02/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Need advice from other moms

I didn't get pregnant till I was 29 and had my first child at 30. Since I was pregnant I would pee when I sneezed cough or when I did certain excerise. I just thought its...


HELP!! 12 mo. old and 1 mo. old.

I'm not really sure what's going on with my boys right now. I'm really beginning to feel overwhelmed. My 12 month old, Jack has always been so mellow. He would only cry if he...

Started by Cynthia on 11/23/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Stay-at-home Daddy... and the reaction! lol!

When we had 2 girls (almost 4 & almost 2) and I was 7 months pregnant I went to work "temporarily" to help out my mom's boss (a friend). The job was great, I loved it, but I...

Started by Alice on 08/26/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Birthday Cake Recipe

Hello ladies....my sons 3rd birthday is coming up and he is allergic to the following food allergies: eggs, peanuts, hazelnut. I want to make a cake or cupcakes for his...


16 children die in one week

Quote: ATLANTA (Oct. 9) - Health officials said Friday that 76 children have died of swine flu in the U.S., including 16 new reports in the past week — more evidence the new...


Is it normal?

I am pregnant with my third baby...this one being the first boy... I am scheduled to be induced Monday morning...Is it normal to be nervous being it is my third...I feel like...


Friends without kids

Hi young moms! I wanted to ask if anybody has experienced some of their friends downing them for having kids so young. I have a 16 month old daughter and I just turned 24 on...

Started by Melissa on 03/31/2010 in Moms Under 30

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coming home

My son has been in the nicu since he was born in may. He will be coming home soon and I'm really nervous. He's my first and i haven't had him home. Any suggestions on how to...

Started by Damaris on 08/17/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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