How did you pick your child/children

I always love to hear how everyone picks what to name their child. I picked mine from family. Billy is named William Lawrence. William is his dad's and great grandpa's on his...



Hey All! Anyone been to the Republican/Conservative community on COM? I just went there...big mistake. Those women are nuts!!! One of them was saying that Obama shouldn't...

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Unusual boys names?

I an due on the 25th Feb, still unsure about names, Hill is ths sername, any ideas of short unusual names, my other son is Luca, Italian theme which we are keen to follow....


names of your children

how did everyone come up with the names for their children?? were they named after anyone? my son Evan Stewart Lee...the 2 middle names are the names of my 2 grandpas. his...

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not another baby name post

just recently i have seen 2 posts where mums are asking for help with very specific name reqests personally i like sibling names to have similar feeling, but not too matching,...

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Un-Original Names Aren't Boring!

I keep hearing or reading post criticizing "common" or unoriginal names and it's kinda ticking me off. I have a common name and I still feel like an individual. I feel like my...


Do you like your name?

It's a simple question, but if you are willing to go into an explanation of Why you like or dislike your name? Have you always felt this way? If you dislike it, what name would...

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Birth stats, name listing

Michelle Anderson, son Elyas Sylvester born April 28, 7:48am 6lbs 10oz 19inches! Stina Johnson, daughter Violet Rae born April 28 7:57am 9lbs 15oz 21.5inches! Lauren Newman...

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Baby Names

my husband and i have been talking about having another child. one of the 3 things we need to do before we have another is choose a name. i am kinda picky... and names are so...


Unique Baby Boys Names

Ok well I love unique boys names I have 2 boys who's names are Ethan Xavier and Marcus Phoenix. The problem I have now is that my partner wants to name our next son Peter but I...