7 Month Old Feeding Schedule....

Hi everyone!! Just wondering if I can have some opinions about this. These feeding schedules and how much formula to give my daughter are always a bit confusing...I was...


learning how to breastfeed

I am just learning this whole breastfeeding thing and it is challenging at time. Dou you have any tips or advice?

Started by Jena on 07/12/2013 in Christian Moms

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Scope for reflux?

My son has been dealing with reflux symptoms for his entire first year of life. He's been on Priolosec for about 5 weeks. After the first week it seemed to have helped, and...


Helping a windy baby

Hello to all the mommy's out there. My 8 week old little boy has recently started struggling to latch during breastfeeding, and it seems to be as a result of winds. I try and...

Started by Bianca on 12/10/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Dinner Time

My little guy (DOB 3/25/10) is still primarily eating Stage 2 and - some - Stage 3 baby food. He only has two teeth, so I didn't think he was ready for table food yet....

Started by Jennifer on 01/23/2011 in March 2010 Babies

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im new

my little boy is doing so well with everything apart from sleeping all night!!! i found him crawling up the stairs about a month ago and now the is no stoping him. i think its...


such a good boy!!!

i have a 15 months old boy named riley he has always been a good boy since being a baby he is really trying to talk he can say loads i was able to ween him really easy he only...

Started by Kaleigh on 01/22/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Baby rice????

My 11 week old is finally in a routine of bed at 8 and up in the morning around 7. He still wakes up every 5 hours wanting a feed and he his drinking between 100-150mls with a...



my twins are 1 year 2 months.they go to bed by 10:30pm.but lately, they have been going to sleep between 11pm and 12 pm. i would like them to be sleeping by 9pm.plz help!!!

Started by Minaaz on 04/11/2009 in Twins 2008

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how long should you let them cry, he wont go to sleep unless its with a bottle, and if that doesnt work he will just cry and drink more till he falls asleep?


weaning nightmares!!!

Hi! thanks for the invite, Ive been trying to wean my youngest daughter since she turned one!! Its not going well at all. Shes always feed alot more yhen my oldest, esp. if she...



My daughter is turning two tomorrow and I would love to start getting rid of the dreaded bink. I hate that thing! She is super attached to it and will not let me have it. Anyone...


Weaning Help??

My daughter is 14 months old and I am wanting to try to start weaning her. I just don't know where to start. She has never had a pacifier,bottle, She does drink out of a sippy...


Baby Weight Problem.

My daughter is close to five months and can't seem to get her weight up. At birth she weighed 8 pounds and 12 oz. now at 5 months she is only 10pds 11 ozs. I have taken her to...

Started by Sharon on 12/18/2009 in July 2009

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