So this is my story... Oh how i need guidance

So.. here it is.. I am from Windsor Ontario(Canada) I was 16 when i met my sons father we lived together since i was 17 and at 19 i became pregnant. I had a healthy baby. But...

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The Enlightened Mom

Hi, moms! My name is Terri Amos-Britt and I am an intuitive life coach, otherwise known as a spiritual coach. I am a mom of two teen girls, 15 and 17, was married to their...


9 month old schedule?

I have a 9 month old son and have been wondering what other peoples daily schedules are for there 9 month olds. Everything from when they wake up, eating, activities, etc.

Started by Denise on 04/03/2010 in July 2009

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Tired Mommy

My name is Stephanie, my daughter is 11 months and her father is in Iraq. She started sleeping threw the night at two weeks old but now that she is teething so she is up every...


Just wanted To give everyone an update.

I have been on my new meds for about two weeks now and They seem to be making me feel a little better. It has been helping me get to sleep at night. Thats the great thing. I...

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How do I ween him when he sleeps with us?

YES I made the mistake of letting our fist born sleep with us and I breastfeed. It was just easier to lay down with him breastfeed and then go to sleep. He just turned a year...


4.7.2008 and weaning

Hi, I have absolutely lovely daughter who will be 28 months in two weeks. I’m still breast feeding her at bed time to help her to fall asleep and sometimes during the night...

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Is my 9 month old eating enough?

I was just wondering what kind of feeding schedule your babies are on. My sons eating habits have gone haywire since he started cutting teeth about a month ago. Its a struggle...

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Letting Go of one to try and save four

I am a divorced mother of four children, my oldest is 16. It has been a constant battle since she turned 14. I feel I've neglected my other three children trying to help my...

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Finding Time

I try to find as much time to be with my daughter, but working and then getting her from daycare etc....it wears me out when we get home I do not sit down for one minute until...

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(no subject)

my son is 13months old im trying 2 get him 2 use a training cup he uses it then goes 2 his dad and all my hard work goes to pot


maybe another child, maybe not?

Well Lachlan is 21 months . He is very full on as are most toddlers but we are thinking of adding to the family only problem is we are dairy farmers so hubby not around that...

Started by Sarndra on 01/01/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Baby not Sleeping

My baby is 7.5months. He is going through vases at the moment and keeps getting sick, so now he's not sleeping during the night due to constant coughing and runny nose and...


my 4 mths baby did not sleep well

after mid nite she will wake up and it is not easy for her to sleep again after that for example she wake up around 12am then sleep around 4am. no problem during day time. is...