Six Month Old Cries Constantly, Why?

Cries when being held, when not being held, when eating, when bathing, when playing, ALL THE TIME!! What do I do? He acts a little better when up walking w/him. I'm out of...

Started by DeAnna on 02/25/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Is it normal?

My 8 week old is a very regular pooer and recently she has been not pooing for so far 2 days in a row. this is the second time this week and she seems very distressed by it and...


I can't sleep

Is anyone else having this problem? I'm exhausted a lot of the time, but my mind just won't shut down. When I actually fall asleep it seems to be short-lived. If something wakes...


baby wont eat textured foods

Hi! my son is 8.5 months old. He will not eat anything except for baby food - stage 1 stuff. He also "Eats" toast and crackers. I dont think he actually gets much in his mouth....

Started by Lanabreanne on 02/24/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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teaching babies to sleep

Hi everyone, i just joined this group and I guess I'm putting this out there because it is something I come across with almost every mum I meet. It is the issue of whether...


Eating, sleeping, and bottles...

My son, born 8/14 doesn't seem to have a huge appetite. He had a Nissen Fundoplication Procedure performed when he was a month old, and I don't know if maybe that kind of works...


Family Meeting

I read a book, which I totally recommend, called "Breaking the Good Mom Myth". One of the things she talks about is a weekly Family Meeting. It is a time where you can discuss...


Husband scarred

I am not the only one scarred by the experience of having a c-section, my partner was completely traumatised by the whole experience to the point where is totally not interested...

Started by Sarah-Rose on 02/02/2009 in C-sections

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sleeping issues

my little guy 7 months old is on this kick where he sleeps through the night great for like a week and then gives me like 3 wks from hell. Any suggestions? I don't feed him when...


dad and baby

My husband is getting really frustrated, boderline depressed about his lacking ability to calm my son down. The problem is that when he gets home from work, the 2-3 hours he is...

Started by Kristin on 08/27/2009 in Babies And Infants

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My 6 week old has colic every 1am and lasts till 4am... what do i do to stop this?



Naps I read in “Healthy Sleep Habits” that children get the best rest when they are not moving. Well… my son wasn’t taking naps so when he was about a month old I...


Starting solids

I know that it's recommended to exclusively breastfeed until my baby is 6 months, but my little girl TOTALLY wants to eat solid foods... she watches my husband and I eat like a...

Started by Melissa on 01/08/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Refusing Bottles...

My son Max is almost 6 1/2 months old. He started eating solids at 4 months. Since then he has slowly started refusing his bottle feedings. In the past two weeks it has gotten...

Started by Heather on 07/26/2009 in Teacher Moms

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Not sleeping in her crib..

So, my daughter [who just turned 1 year old at the end of December] is usually always a bit fussy about sleeping in her crib, but usually will sleep in it without much problem...

Started by Mandy on 01/06/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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