Cheating man

Please mums your answers will be helpful, how can I handle him cos am so fed up and tired of his attitude. The most annoying thing is he knows I will always forgive him when he...


questions on extended breastfeeding?

I really want to breastfeed my son until he is two (perhaps longer, I haven't completely decided) but I really don't know how to go about it, like when do I introduce solid...



My LO is 5 1/2 months old and we have been doing great with breastfeeding. I had to return to work full-time when he was 8 weeks old and I away from him from about 9 hours a...

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When to givo homo milk

I was just wondering at what age you can start introducing homo milk? I know a lot of people say 1 year but some people say as early as 8-9 months? Today my doctor said "you...

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how much milk???

my daughter is just over 15 months. the doctor recently switched her to soy milk due to lactose intolerance i was just wondering if anyone knows about how much milk she should...

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my baby has not pooed in the last three days. when he finally he did it was solid and he cryed like he was dieing. he now has not yet pooed for another two days. it sounds like...

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Hard BM

My 1 year is having trying going number 2. I called a nurse and she said to give her suppositories, but my baby some how pushes it out of her butt. When she has to go #2 she...

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using two kinds of formula for bottles help!!

ok so i my 4 month old son seems to have gas when just drinking similac avanced ..so we tryied a few other formulas and the same thing its not like make him scream gas it just...

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A Different Kind of Paci Fairy

I am so frustrated right this minute. My son has 5 pacifiers...FIVE and he's having a fit right now, not wanting to take a nap, because I can't find ANY of the paci's. I do a...

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I started sleep training my son when he was 4 months old because he went from sleeping 3-4 hours at a time at night to waking every 1-2 hours and i kept nursing him back to...