How to Start..?

So my daughter is seven months (my first) and I would like to start sign with her but Im not quite sure how to do it. I read a lot and was hoping someone could point me in the...


What does your family do in the evenings?

I am wondering what to do in the evening with my son now that it's winter (which around here is cold, WET, dark, and just plain icky--and of course we have no sidewalks to just...

Started by Heather on 01/22/2009 in Small Town Moms

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should i let his father see him or not?

my son has only seen his father twice in the past yr and a half.....he went there over labor day weekend, was there for three days...his father didn't bath him the whole time he...

Started by Jeannie on 09/13/2011 in Single Moms

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Help Me!

My oldest son is seven and is the only one of my four boys that I am actively homeschooling. At the beginning of the school year he did great. Hardly any problems at all, just...


Feels like I'll be nursing forever.

So my son is almost 16 months old and he is about 20lbs. He still wakes 2-4 times in the night. He has been great at nursing, we both caught on from day one. Now here is my...


How do you stay organized and not chaotic?

I'm new to being a stay at home mom. I have 3 girls ages 12, 11, and 2. My hubby and I have always shared the household responsibilities. Now that I'm not working I am...

Started by Tiffany on 08/24/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Should we ever wake bubs to feed?

Hi everyone :o) My little man is nearly two weeks old and breastfeeding is going great. At first he was a little jaundiced and sleepy so we were told not to let him go longer...



My three month old boy doesn't want to sleep he just stay awake, what can I do to get him to sleep??


Foster parent or Kinship parent

My boyfriend and I have just taken in or 4 month old neice, my sister in law lost all of her children for a temp period, of 6 months. I am finding it hard because I also have a...

Started by Andrea on 06/04/2009 in October 2008 Babies

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Getting a little lonely at home.

Well my husband is in the military so as of right now we are both thousands of miles away from our friends and family. I have made some friends here in Texas, but when I had my...

Started by Lorraine on 09/18/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Sleep help

I need some advice/suggestions regarding my 3.5 month old daughter’s sleep. At 2 months she was waking twice during the night to feed but in the last 6 weeks she has changed...