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Hi July baby mom's! I have seen a lot of great questions about sleep habits, schedules, routines, methods, etc. in our community. I have also seen a lot of misinformation...

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Why Is my 10 month old a Light Sleeper?

My 10 month old still sleeps in her cot in the same room as me (due to the fact she still wakes up once a night and we have to currently wean her from breast to bottle) due to...


Ban on Homework

I was looking up helps for my childs homework and came across two articles one from Toronto and one from San Fransisco. Parents have gotten together and erged their school...


A day of sex or a day to your self????

Im just wondering how many of you would rather have a day of sex (with breaks in between..LOL) or a day to your self minus the hubby/partner and children/babies??? Me…..I...


When to shower alone?

I'm a single, stay at home mom and have very little (actually no) alone time for myself.. (My son still to this day sleeps less than six hours a night and it is non...

Started by Hope on 10/30/2011 in Raising Boys!!

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unspoil a baby

My daughter is spoiled i can't leave her alone i always have to hold her i cant sleep at night and she's only 6months i need help please


Not taking bottle!!!

My little girl is 2.5 months, and she just hates the bottle! Maybe I missed the window to introduce the bottle to her, but she was only 6 weeks old when I started....


Overactive let-down reflex! HELP!

I'm a working mom, so I have to double pump at work, and I pump one side in the moring while he eats the other side. But I think this has made my supply too strong! Now when he...

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My Daughter takes medication for ADHD at the moment she has it morn and lunch to help with learning I am thinking about including an afternoon dose to help her with routines at...