1st illness

so my son is sick with his first cold :( He's 4 1/2 months he's recently started solid foods (cereal,squash,sweet potatoes, and green beans so far). I could use some...


My drama queen!

My daughter, who is almost 3, has always had an issue with sleep: She doesn't! That's the issue, and lately she start throwing HUGE fits about things right before bed. So my...


New parent of FASD Child

Hello, my name is rachel and i am the parent of a child with FASD. She was diagnosed 2 years ago while living with her grandparents. Despite the diagnosis, little information...


Bedtime on his own

I was wondering if anyone had any interesting or good advice on how I could get my son who's almost 2 to go to bed on his own. I got into the bad habit of laying w/ him for Nap...

Started by Hallie on 01/20/2010 in Toddler Moms

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No sex drive after 6 1/2 months!

So, this is really awkward, but I was hoping for some advice... My husband and I had a baby 6 1/2 months ago, via c-section, and I am still waiting for the "spark" to return....


Any Weaning Advice?

Hey everyone. I'm a stay at home mom and we actually started a slow weaning process when my son was 8 months old. He loves food (eats 3 meals a day plus snacks). We have...

Started by Traci on 08/24/2011 in August 2010 Babies

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work outs

Are there mom's who have tried to work out at some point in there daily lives? I have been trying but I am finding it hard let me know any tips you may have


always hungry

My 8 1/2 month old is not sleeping through the night anymore. He wakes up hungry, but eats plenty throughout the day. Here is his schedule....what else can I do?? 8am -...

Started by Tricia on 11/19/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Praying at the age of 2

I have a 2 year old (will be 3 in June) and a 2 month old. So with me being new at being a mommy I've learned quite a few things. Me and my husband have been going to church...

Started by Darla on 02/27/2010 in Christian Mommies

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Getting baby to nap in crib.

My 5 month old had colic for about the first 12 weeks of his life. For all those will a colicky baby you will understand that my husband and I would do anything to get him to...


New mommy

Hi I am a new mommy of a baby boy born Jan. 6th 2009. He is so wonderful I feel sometimes he makes motherhood easy.... Yet he doesn't like to sleep to much during the day, he...


sepration anxiety in a 3 1/2 yr old.

My daughter goes to preschool one day a week on wednesdays. her nana takes her and has since it started (dad and i both work) She did wonderful the many first weeks except now...

Started by Theresa on 03/28/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Does anyone use FLIP diaper covers?

I have FLIP diaper covers that I recently bought and so far I absolutely love them. Love that I don't have to change the whole diaper w/each diaper change, only the insert....