I have been home on and off through the last five years, as in working some and not working most of the time, since she has been born! I have been really lucky on getting to...

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I am just so frustrated!

How do you appeal to an ex-husband on your child's behalf when he is so consumed in himself and what he wants? I see my son's emotions all over his face. I hear what he says...

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ADHD or Just an active child???

Is there a difference?? I have one daughter who will be five in Nov. Everything was going well as far as her behavior goes until she was about 2 1/2. That's when I first started...


My 8 yr old has anxiety? OCD? normal?

My 8 yr old daughter has been diagnoised with ADHD, and we are thankful for medication. It has helped a lot with her fidgeting, hyperactivity, and focus(like reading...

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What to buy for twins when I have older kids already?

I am 9 weeks along with twins and I have 2 sons (almost 3 and 18 months). I am wondering what "extra" things I need to buy on top of what I have already from the other 2. What...

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I am feeling so frustrated!!! I have been reading Jenny's books which are a great inspiration, on learning what could be best for my child. Also learning what doctors are not...


Rice Cereal

My 5mth son is starting to need more then just formula so I'm going to start giving him the Nestle brand rice cereal. I know some people mix in the rice cereal with the formula...

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We're all so lucky!!

Just want to take a minute and think about how blessed we are to be given healthy beautiful babies!! Most of them, are around 8 months now and for me it has been the most...