Anxiety issues

I lots my first child in 2005 to what they say was SIDs, she was my pride and joy and still is to this day. I did get preg again but the second one was a boy and did not seem to...


What can we do?

I know this isn't directly mommy related but it does affect my daughter. A month ago I reported a leak in my daughter's closet. The apartment complex sent out maintenance...


Mirena over 35 years old

I am wondering if anyone 35 years old or over has or is using Mirena and what their experiences are. I just got a prescription for it, but don't really feel ready to fill it....


Lupus in children!

My daughter who is 15 months old and is a twin was diagnosed yesterday with Lupus. Anyone out there experiencing the same thing? I really don't know what to do as far at...


Newborn and milk production- is it enough??

I am very new to motherhood and breastfeeding-my baby is 6 days old today. I was just wondering how much milk production is normal? I heard to get your supply up you should...

Started by Sarah on 09/20/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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My daughter leans to the right. Is this normal?

My little girl is 3 months old and I have started to notice that when ever she is sitting up her head is always leaning to the left. She is holding up her head great and...

Started by Amanda on 11/18/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Odd Stimming behaviors

I've noticed my five year old lately doing really odd things that he never did before. He used to stimm by pulling his hair (so we had to shave his head), or tugging his ears as...


sleep schedule

Hi, my daughter ava will be 11 months on the 6th. She has got in this habit of keeping everyone up very late at night anywhere between 11 and 1 in the morning. I've tried...


Partial Vaccination - anyone?

My husband and I live in New York State and have chosen to partially vaccinate our two sons (ages 2.5yrs and 15 months). We chose to give the vaccinations that we believed to...


MMR Shot

I am a teacher who is certified in special education and PreK-3. I have a lot of experience and have studied Autisim in children quite a bit in during my career, in undergrad,...


How do you respond to bad baby advice?

I have a five-month-old son and he is the first grandchild on my husband's side and the 3rd for mine. However, both of our parents come from very large families (12 siblings for...

Started by Valerie on 11/27/2010 in Moms Under 30

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I am at the breaking point!

my 6yr old son Joey has been diagnosed ADHD and I tried the med thing, I hated the results! So does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do for discipline when...


Am I A Pushover?

Every time I try to put my 2 year old down for a nap, he becomes the "terrible 2" monster. He says no to everything, kicks, wiggles, and sometimes hits me in the face. After I...


Mommy's Social Life

I invision this community to be supportive and helpful in all aspects of living with an angel. So I will lead be example. I was never a social butterfly. In high school I was...