PLEASE HELP my baby is colic what should i do? im breastfeeding is that some things i should stay away from? please help i dont want my baby to hurt or cry so much.

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How to get more breastmilk?

I have a four months old baby girl. I am little bit frustrated because i am not being able to produce enough milk for her. I am taking Fennugreek, Fennel, and Mullungay but...


17 month old hitter

My daughter is constantly hitting myself and my husband. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get this behavior to stop without spanking. We are currently making her...

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Hyland Teething Tablets recall

Looked on the FDA website last night and found out that the FDA is warning consumers that the use of them may pose poisining risk. I guess they found traces of belladonna.


kindergarten in the fall

Our deadline is must be 5 years old by Dec 31st and my little one is 5 on jan 1st2012!!! I would not be trying to fight to get her in, but her sister is 5 nov11th2012 and that...


Men and Sex!

So I JUST discovered why my sex drive is so low(DEPOVERA SHOT), but aside from that factor I want to kind of get a little personal. How do you women feel about your men...


5 year old Daughter and Discipline

I have a 5 year old daughter, starts Kindergarten in the Fall...and my husband and I are having issues with discipline. Time outs aren't working, she gets to the point of...

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My MIL doesn't speak enough English to carry a conversation, and I don't speak enough Spanish to talk to her either. And I guess since I'm the only non-Latina to join the...

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ABA Therapy

Does anyone know or have been through this that can tell me exactly what this therapy is and how it works. Thank you janell


Sore wrists??

Hello everyone- I have been doing yoga on and off for years. I have pain in my wrists and it is getting nearly impossible to practice yoga. I'm not sure what causes the pain,...

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breastfeeding advice

just looking for some tips for breastfeeding. my daughter is 4 weeks old now and we still r having trouble with latching on. she doesnt nurse for more than 5 minutes and then is...

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I have a 5 year old son that's in kindergarten, and he's been diagnosed with adhd, school just started in August and he's been suspended 6x already, he cries, fights, outbursts,...


Swine Flu Vaccine

Anybody here concerned about having their baby vaccinated against the Swine Flu? I have heard and read alot about the new vaccine and it just doesn't seem safe. My husband and...

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