Thrush - HELP!

I have been battling what I think is Thrush since my son was born. He's now 11 weeks old, and has never had any outward signs of it. However, my nipples/breasts have been VERY...

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Nappy Rash

Ok, my little 7 1/2 week old has nappy rash it is coming up 5 weeks of it. The nurse said it was thrush and we have tried anitfungal from the chemist and also are onto the 2 nd...


dreading the next two weeks

right well let me start i had a very awful pregnancy i had cholestasis and it drove me nuts then i was induced and in labor for 3 days. i then had my fella back from the army...


6mo still wont sleep ?

my son will be 6mo next week and still wont sleep well....he slept through the nite for about a week and then went back to not napping during the day at all and wont go to bed...


grocery shopping

It is tough to shop for seven children on a budget, but we do manage to do so. I have found that menu's, lists, and calculators are mandatory for not over spending. I also avoid...

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HELP!! My little girl hits herself!!

This is really quite distressing for me as a young mother...my daughter slaps herself in the head and I dont know why or even where she picked up this behaviour! She stays at...

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Any suggestions?

My baby just turned four months old. She was sleeping through the night since she was two months. She is exclusively breastfed and pretty plump. Within the last week she has...

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I want to hear your birthing experience

Hi everyone!! I want to hear your birthing experience.I had my twins all natural,no pain meds and vaginally.I went to the Dr monday afternoon because it felt weird down there...

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When to stop night feeding - HELP

I have a questions for you moms. I am looking at weening my almost 7 month son. I have heard many mixed things about doing so. I have a 18 month daughter who I weened at 10...

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22 months apart

Thinking of trying for baby number 2. If I start trying in december like a planned my daughter will be 22 months when the baby is born. Anyone have babys that close together?...



Hi everyone, I am Anna. I lost my middle child to ATRT cancer when he was 13 months old. He was dignosed in November and passed away Feb 22,2002. It has been a few years so I...


Have a serious question!!!

Ok so this is not really a breastfeeding question but I do breastfeed (and its GOING GREAT I LOVE IT!!) I am on this site to ask breastfeeding mothers because they have such a...

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Teaching about those less fortunate

Just curious what other parents out there are doing to help their little ones learn about those less fortunate. The church we go to is a small, home based church, but are...

Started by Kristen on 08/11/2009 in Christian Moms

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