HELP me think through this.... LOSING MY MIND!

I would like to hear some stories from you ladies about whether or not you got negative hpts (one OR SEVERAL times) before finding out you were/are pregnant???? I am losing my...

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Fell during pregnancy.

Yesterday I fell on some ice. I was holding my child (who is just about to turn 13 months old, on the 20th of January) I am also almost 32 weeks pregnant. My main concern when...

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I had always heard that if you have an easy natural birth, that you will have a better postpartum than someone who had a medicated birth. My first two postpartums were awful!...


any advise

I have a 5 year old little girl. she has had a hard life, growing up in a domestic violence shelter, having her father in her life on and off for the past three years. A year...


baby waking 3-5 times per night....HELP!

My son is eleven months old and he still wakes up at least three times to eat at night. I can't seem to convince him that he needs to let me sleep more than three hours at a...

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Weaning a toddler

My baby is 18-months old. I'm interested in weaning him because I have a stubborn case of Thrush that I've been dealing with for 6 months. Nothing will make it go away. I've...

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Travel Systems

I currently like in the UK but in April we're moving to Texas and need to buy a new car seat for my 17 month old daughter. I want to buy her a convertible car seat (the Britax...


Post your Birth Stories!!

I wanna her about your labor and birth stories. I was obsessed with a baby story while iw as prego.lol. so post 'em i wanna hear about them or link me to your blogs or what not....

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5 Month Old and Sleep Training

Hi, Lately, I've been really insecure about my parenting skills and my little one. He is now 5 months old and a few days. He is big baby...90% in length and 80% for weight....



I have a 10-month-old daughter who is fiercly independent - which is wonderful, don't get me wrong - but we rent an apartment and we're having a difficult time finding...


Jelous dog

our dog was really good originally with cooper ( 7 months ) but i think he is getting jelous of him now hes starting to act out and steal shoes and just then he growled at my...

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my son has to have an operation

ok well i could go on forever but to cut a long story short my son is 9months old and has an undecended testicle which will be operated on in jul time. im really nervous and i...