What should we do???

Hi, The Friday just past we got some interesting news.... My sd was found to have gone door to door asking for money for her school fundraiser... It does not exist.. She is now...

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can babys have nightmares?????

may be a silly question, but iv gone over every single possible reason, why my 7month old wakes up screaming but stil asleep???? completly out of it. Not even his eyes open....


Instead of Universalism?

This is a genuine question. We know that there is only ONE way to salvation - Jesus. Living a good life, saying prayers & devotion to religious duties etc ... doesn't cut...

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My daughter is 4 weeks old and I am breastfeeding her without any other supplements, yet she seems to have cholic or pain in the evenings. Between 8pm and midnight she is often...

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Has anyone gone through this before?

My daughter's biological father has always denied her, from even before she was born. She's 12 months now and after the court came back saying that he is the father, it has...

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Waiting for symptoms...

My six year old son is autistic. We have him in all the therapy, play groups and speech classes available. He is making a lot of progress and my husband and I are very proud. We...


How have more confidence...

Okay..since I have had my second son 10months ago I have lacked confidence...I havent lost all of the baby weight and it is effecting how I feel about myself and other...


Stay at home mom very overwhelmed

I'm a stay at home mom which I thought would be a lovely idea but now I'm starting to feel very overwhelmed. I only have 1 child who is now 20 months old and has begun the "...


Need tips for road trips

We're taking a 500-mile road trip with our 9-1/2 m.o. pretty soon. It's been a while since we got on the road with him and I'm nervous about how to keep him occupied/happy...

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I need some advice

I have three boys and my two oldest are from a previous relationship. We don't have anywhere near an amicable relationship but it's getting to the point where I don't want my...

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Have you experienced terrible threes?

Just wondering if anyone out there has a child who is sometimes unbearable. My oldest child is three and her behavior is atrocious. She wants to say "NO!" to everything and she...

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PLEASE Help me!

My son is 8.5 months old. Since the day we have brought him home from the hospital he has slept through the night. He is an amazing sleeper. Well he has always slept in his...


Sleep, Help!!!

My son is almost 7 months old and I am having a heck of a time with sleeping for him. He doesn't take long naps or very many at that. When it comes to bedtime it can be anywhere...


children & horror

i have a six month old daughter, i also have an ex-wife & a "step-son" (not officially) involved in our lives. my daughter & her brother get along amazingly, he's five. i love...

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