Want to make friends with other Christian moms

Hello to all. My name is Angela. I am a mom of three. my oldest is 17 and he's in Job corps in Indiana, my middle child, she is 14 and lives with her dad and my youngest is with...

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coincidence or manipulation????

My son is 16 months old and everytime I put him in bed for a nap he poops his pants. It doesn't matter if I keep him up later then the usual time hoping he'll go before his...


Discussing college issues with ex

My son is a senior in high school. His Dad, stepmom, me and my husband will be meeting soon to discuss college issues(tuition, college visits etc.), Has anyone been through this...

Started by Amy on 07/31/2009 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Potty Training

I have a almost 3 year old that I have been trying to potty train. I have tried rewarding him and positive enforcement but he just would rather go in his pamper. He knows where...

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Mum of a Masto Boy

My son developed Masto spots around 6 weeks old and guess diagnosed at about 6 months. I have found that not that many doctors know about this condition. He has seen several...

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Loosin my mind...

My son 2 1/2, from the time he gets up in the morning to the very last minute before he goes to bed is a ball of energy he wont listen and time outs, taking the toys away or...

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My baby wants the day to start at 5AM!!!!!

My 8 month old wants to wake up for the day at 5AM!!!!! My husband gets up at 5:45, and leaves for work at 6:30. It would be so nice if she would give us a little time in the...

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17 month old taking long time to fall asleep

my daughter is almost 17 months old. We put her to bed at 830, and she usually wakes up between 8 and 830. The issues is, she gets put in bed at 830, but usually takes almost 45...

Started by Laura on 01/22/2010 in August 2008 Babies

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13 mo crib problems

Okay, I'm terribly embarrassed to admit this. But we have never been able to get our baby to sleep in her crib. And yes, I've tried EVERYTHING...and as much as I didn't want...

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My step-kids don't respect me

Ok, I'm not sure if this is a venting session - or a realization that I can't stay in this relationship but I am really hurting today. A little background, my bf and I have...

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Hi. Planning to have a homebirth in January, so thought I would check this site out.