Opinions of bamboo

I need more inserts for my Bum Genius 3.0 because my 15 month old soaks more than the number of inserts we have. I am also considering making cloth for my second baby due in...


Bamboo diapers??

Hello - I am looking into doing bamboo diapers for my daughter. No matter what I have tried, all our cloth attempts have resulted in rashes. Does any have any recommendations...

Started by Jennifer on 04/25/2009 in Crunchy Mamas

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can I post about my diaper?

I make and sell cloth diapers. i use organic hemp fleece and organic bamboo velour. They are amazing. If you want to be more organic, what better way than to get rid of those...

Started by Vilate on 05/10/2009 in Organic Mummies

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Anyone else use cloth baby wipes?

I went to the store about 2 months ago and got a big box of baby wipes, not much later I was having to go back for more. That's a lot of money! So, I started using cloth wipes...


cloth wipes

what solution do some of the other moms out there that use cloth wipes use on there wipes before each use?


Best brand of diapers

We are in need of a new brand of cloth diapers. We are currently using Yucky Ducks that I found on eBay and they are awful. I have stuck with them from the beginning but am now...


How many Diapers do you have?

And what types? I'm curious lol. I have way more than I need but I wanted to try a little bit of everything :) I have 15 prefolds 20 flats 3 homemade fitteds 45 pockets 3 AIOs...


Mommy Diaper Distress

I use cloth diapers during the day and we use disposables at night to keep the pee. I have to change my son (or at least check him) every two hours. Does everyone/anyone have...


Bum Genius 3.0 too small now

HI all, I overall loved our Bum Genius pockets one size and used them for 2 years. Now they are too small for our daughter- I also felt they were too big and bulky for the...