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I am having a boy soon, and just learned there is a big debate these days on having your son circumcised? My husband is, and he says almost every guy his age is too, so we...



Would you / are you going to have your son circumcised? Why or why not and for those of you that have what is the aftercare like and would you recommend doing this or do you...

Started by Stevie on 01/14/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 02/02/2010 by Michelle



Im due in 5 weeks with a baby boy. My husband and I have decided that we are going to have him circumcised, but im having second thoughts. What do you think?

Started by Tara on 06/24/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 04/25/2014 by Coco



I am currently pregnant with my second child, I do not know what we are having as of yet. We have a daughter who will be two in Jan but I would like to know some opinions on our...


6 year old boy social skills

I have a boy that will be 6 years old in couple of days. He is single child, and started kindergarten last year. This was big learning and somewhat stressful experience for all...

Started by Dallas on 04/11/2012 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 04/12/2012 by Dallas



Well i am having a boy this trip and i thinking of circumcision.The baby father is not circumcised. Should i have it done or not?

Started by Anika on 08/24/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/26/2010 by Candice



I want to get my 2yr old boy done under anesthesia, of course! but, round ere in Cootamundra etc... I cant find a dr that does it!! any1 have any ideas?? Thank u,...

Started by Fiona (Fee) on 12/25/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 01/04/2010 by Kerri



just curious of all your opinions on the topic. as me and my husband are both unsure of our decision ourselves. looking for why? or why nots? pros and cons? etc.


baby boys

do any of you moms know a hospital or doctor in mississippi that does circumcision for baby boys that does not charge like 300 dollars to get it done??

Started by Yesenia on 02/07/2010 in Babies And Infants

Last update on 02/13/2010 by Sara



My husband and I are still trying to decide whether or not to circumsize our son (Due December 15). Any thoughts for or against? thanks, Lyndsey



anybody have any helpful hints for keeping him happy and diaper changes after circumcision?

Started by Kendall on 09/02/2009 in Moms Of BOYS

Last update on 05/30/2013 by Isabelbattung



http://parentingfacts.webs.com/circumcision.htm Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision; however, these data are not...

Started by Tara on 10/04/2009 in Informed Moms

Last update on 11/20/2010 by Tameka


To circumsize or not?

I am pregnant with my third child who is a boy (finally) and my husband does not want to circumsize him but I do. What is everyones' opinion on this and which would be better?


For the anti-circs/and whoever else is interested

re-posted cafemom So, yeah, here we go with the circumcision debate -- again. One of the hot button topics in Babydom ... and especially in San Francisco. We reported on this...

Started by Katherine on 03/08/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 03/15/2011 by Jenni

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