sleeping on her own

I am still rocking my 9.5 month old daughter to sleep while giving her a bottle. Does anyone out there have any tips on how transition her from this routine to being able to...



My 14 year old son is dating this girl, who has my son wrapped around her finger. My son knows how I feel about him dating. I know the Lord is trying to tell him, this is not...


What is Pdd?

Today my son was diagnosed with PDD and ADHD. I know about ADHD because my seven yr.old has it. I just don't understandPDD> Please help!!



I just wanted to say that I am glad that I have a Christian group that I can go to . It is depressing when I think about my family and I see the direction that my oldest is...

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2 questions...help

the doc put my dd (11 1/2 months) on augmentin to help clear another ear infection, she aslo put her on claritin to try and get all the mucus under control. i just gave her the...


normal or not ??

i am 16 n i am 27 weeks pregnant n i am already wantin a 2nd bub but my on n off bf dnt want one till he 25 n thts five yrs away n i neva wanted to settle down but i am goin...

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My Son is autistic

hi everyone, my names Lisa and new to this my son is 6yrs pld and was diagnosed with autism. hoping to get some ideas on controlling swearing???


My son has ADD, he has no friends.

My son is 11 years old and was only digonsed with ADD 18 months ago. His behaviour seems odd to other children his age and they tend to avoid him. He is lonely and feels left...



Ok so here we go. My son is having violent outburst at school. He has had the usual outburst that his teachers are used to. But he is off the chart now. He threatened his...


Potty training!!!

My daughter will be 2 in January and we're working on potty training. She's extremely smart (when you change her she tell you to not to forget her Desitin) but she will not use...


What world is Obama really living in?

I loved this article, it really cuts to the chase of a whole lot of the push back against this president. Conservatives already know this, but I hope this article is eye opening...


Dont even know where to start??

i started potty training my son when he turned two in january. he wasnt really showing an interest in it and then i found out that we were going to have to move from indiana to...


Reaching terrible twos early

My 18 month old is an absolute terror! He is like a little energizer bunny just ripping and running non stop. I wish I had his energy but he doesn't listen to anything or...


Terrible 2's!!!!!

My son Caeleb is 36 months old and my Daughter Caylee is 18 months old. yep 1 yr apart! Were expecting our 3rd child in May. My problem is that my Fiance is in Iraq and it seems...