Should I or Should I Not

Since September 2007, I have been at war with my ex-boyfriend because I made the decision to keep my baby and not be with him. This decision for the last few years has been...

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I have scrapbooked every day of my first borns life. I think I have 4 books up to date. He's 8. I feel guilty bc my second born only has 2 books, but I'm so busy between the...

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No desire for sex

My baby girl is almost 16 months old. I know that its normal to lose interest in sex after having a baby, but its been well over a year and I have no desire what so ever. Yes I...

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Has anyone else had to deal with their little one having croup? we just found out on thursday last week that our son Owain has an ear infection in both ears and has croup, he...

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how to stop the daycare convo

It seems like ever sense i made the choice of wanting to be a stay at home mom with my child all anyone want's to talk about is why i should put my child in daycare. No one...

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**Help please#!!

My son takes adderall xr and then clondine( .4mg). And he can't go to sleep. What other med is out there to help him sleep


My 7 year old cannot stay on topic

My 7 year old son does wonderfully in school, except for the fact that he does not want to stay on topic. When his teachers talk to him, he changes the topic to something he...


Needing some advice.. (father issues/visitation)

My worst nightmare may possibly be coming true, and I need someone to talk to. And I'm hoping there's someone out there that can lead me in the right direction because I feel...

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